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Just some kid who asks too many questions and loves animals and would do anything for them. I aspire to be a vet some day, and possibly run some sort of rescue for all animals especially those who need it the most.

  • Nerdy roommate ?

    So I have a roommate who is very nerdy but I love her. The issue is she has all of these action figures and anime posters and I would hate for them to be hung up around the house. We also share a room. What place would be the best place for her to hang them up where they wouldnt get seen so often? The bathroom? If you're a nerdy roommate how would you react to someone asking you to not put your nerdy stuff every where? To me it looks very cluttered and tacky and I literally cant stand the sight of it. I like more clean walls with the occasional picture and I dont like a bunch of stuff on my dressers, tables, shelves, ect.

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  • Animals in the shelter obese, anything I could do to change it when I've asked the shelter multiple times?

    I am the wellness health Officer at a shelter for exotic animals. I have noticed that a LOT of the animals there are obese, most of them didnt come to us that way either. A lot of the animals are developing obesity related health issues because of it too. It's not even because they are getting fed a cheap diet it's because they are getting fed WAY too much pellets. I've tried asking them nicely for MONTHS to feed less pellets, about 3 of the volunteers have listened to me but 90% of them arent, I still come in all the time to find that the already oversized bowls are overflowing. I feel really bad for these animals and I really want to help them but nothing I have tried is working. I had a huge argument with one of the volunteers today on the shelters private group chat and then the owner of the shelter even said that nothing needs to change, at this point I dont even feel like I'm not even needed as a medical wellness Officer there because they do not listen except for like 3 of the volunteers, most of them use me as a free way to get health advice for their animals, which I dont mind but I really wish they listened about the animals in the shelter. I will post the argument as one of the answers below

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  • If you're going to a college for a specific thing that youre really good at but are bad in other subjects will they decline you?

    I'm wanting to be a vet, I get straight As in science and some math classes but in other classes I dont do so well in, my GPA is a 3.0. I do 4 hours+ of volunteer work every week at an animal shelter, and work at a dog boarding place, with so many strengths in the specific category I want to work in but so many weaknesses everywhere else will it be likely i get accepted?

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  • When you get a cat spayed can you request they not crop her ears?

    I do not want my baby's ears cut, I don't think it's right to crop a dogs ear so not a cat's either

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    Opinions on this X pen for rabbit?

    It still needs some work, the puppy pad box wont stay in there (there are puppy pads under fleece, made sure bunny wont have contact with the plastic on them) and neither will the carefresh bedding package (I will be adding in a litterbox in it's place with wood pellets and bedding on top) I am also adding in more rabbit safe toys and a wooden hidey house that are on their way from Amazon rn, and I'm buying one of those neck rest things to give to bun as a second bed cause the first one wouldn't keep him warm if he got cold (first one is for comfortabilty reasons). The cat dish wont stay in and I'll add a ceramic water dish, and you can barely see it but there is a hay rack above the carefresh. The cage is about half of my room, 48 inches tall all around and each panel is two feet long, I have 10 panels but they arent in a perfect square as shown below.

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    What breed do you think these rabbits are?

    At the shelter they are labeled under Rhinelanders, which I could see but the two brothers (left) look a bit too fluffy, so maybe they're mixed? They are all siblings of the same litter.

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  • Do rabbits need to eat organic?

    If it's a mixed answer what foods can they eat nonorganic and which ones do they need to eat organic?

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    What breed do you think this bunny is?

    Hes pretty fluffy but not super, hes white with some black spots, and his ears are black, hes pretty small

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  • Do rabbits still need memory foam or any kind of blanket on the floor if its carpet?

    My carpet is softer than most, I'm planning on keeping the rabbit in a 6x6ft exercise pen (no flooring on pen) until they're litter trained. The place I am planning on adopting a rabbit from I have actually been volunteering at for a little now and I've noticed that they dont litter train the rabbits so that's why I'm waiting for them to be litter trained. After they're litter trained I plan on free roaming them and just keeping the pen as a home base which will have their litter box, hay, water bowl, toys, hidey house, and snugglebun bed. If you have seen anything else wrong with my set up please point it out, I've had tons of experience with dogs, cats, and ferrets but none with rabbits outside of volunteer work and extensive research so any tips are welcome🤗

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  • I have too much energy to go back to sleep. Good or bad thing?

    Yesterday I pulled an all nighter, then today I went to sleep at 10pm but woke back up at 1am and havent been able to go back to sleep, I'm wide awake. I have been eating a lot healthier lately so idk if the food im eating is just giving me more energy. Buy I actually completely dropped most sugary foods (all except fruits) and have never liked coffee so it's not either of those. I've had past issues with insomnia but then I would still be tired when I woke up so idk.

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  • I heard that corporate dietitians aren't allowed to change a clients diet without permission from a physician?

    why is this? where should a dietitian work in order to avoid having to deal with this? I mean dietitians are the ones who specialize in nutrition.

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  • Is fruit or citrus infused water better than regular water?

    I want to cut down on soda to be more healthy but I still enjoy a bit of taste from time to time

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  • What should I get a bachelors degree in to better prepare myself to become a registered dietitian?

    So I really want to attend this one school because I heard their master degree in Dietetics is amazing but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what I should get a bachelors in. The options are: Agricultural Business, Anthropology, Computer Science, Economics, Fire and Emergency Services Administration, Horticulture, Human Development and Family Studies, Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts, Journalism and Media Communication, Natural Resource Tourism, and Psychology. None of which I really seeing having much to do with health at all. Like maybe Psychology because it might be nice to know how to talk to people before I tell them what they should and shouldn't eat but idk😅😂 possibly agricultural business or economics so I could further learn how industries trick/persuade people to eat unhealthy? Idk. This college is also pretty affordable so that's another reason why it would be so good to do. Should I try going to a different college for bachelors and come back to them for masters? If so what are some good affordable colleges for nutritional studies in bachelor degrees and which degree should I go after?

  • Are colleges as strict with requirements for online school as they are for in school? If not, how much less strict are they normally?

    I want to become a registered dietitian, I have pretty good grades as a high schooler but last semester I did a big goof. I missed like 10 days which took a toll on my grades a little and a huge toll on my attendance (obviously). I have a pretty good work ethic however, I work at a Steak n Shake and know almost every position (I dont know grill) and am at work 30-40 hours every week, even when school is going on. Everyone loves me and I've even had a manager tell my boss that I'm his favorite employee (a lot of the waitresses dont do their job so I will buss the tables and everything when they dont and the managers have all noticed) I'm in a quite poor family however so an in-school college isnt really my best bet.

  • How do I find out if I'm of lineal descent.?

    Ok, so I think I might be of lineal descent of the Miami tribe but in order to join the tribe and be federally recognized as a native American I need to have proof that I am of lineal descent to a previous tribal member since the 1980's. But see, the problem is my dad (the parent of native American descent) was put up for adoption and all the papers say is that his biological mom was a native American, 5'10", and some medical related stuff. My dad was born in the late 1970's and idk how to be sure that his mom or his grand parents were in the tribe since the 1980's.

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  • What race is more likely to have large ribs?

    I have very large ribs and am trying to figure out where they come from, I'm over half native American then the rest is made up of Irish, Welsh, Dutch, and British

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