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  • Is it common to develop moderate aortic stenosis less than 1 year after valve replacement?

    I had my open heart surgery in Jan of this year and now my echo's are showing moderate aortic stenosis. I'm still having chest pains, shortness of breath etc. I spent 9 hours in the ER a few days ago and that's what they found moderate aortic stenosis. I just can't stand the thought of another surgery; even though since I have a tissue valve, I know I would need surgery in the future, but if this stenosis progresses to severe I know it will put me having surgery allot sooner. I'm just wondering if anyone have dealt with this kind of problem after OHS.

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  • Depression after open heart surgery?

    How common is depression after open heart surgery. I had OHS Jan. 3rd I'm only 39 years old and had to go with the tissue valve instead of mechanical, due to other health issues. This means I will have to face another OHS in approx. 10 years, but to be honest I just can't see myself doing this again. I feel guilty for feeling this way, but this surgery was HARD, VERY HARD. I'm wondering if this depression is from the surgery or from knowing that I will need to do it again, per my surgeon. What causes the depression anyway?

    Thanks for any comments, suggestions.

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  • Aortic valve replacement surgery?

    I was told Wed. that I need to have my aortic valve replaced. I was wondering if anyone could share their experience with this surgery good or bad. I am meeting with the surgeon on the 26th, and am very nervous. Any tips and or suggestions appreciated. I'm a 39 year old female.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Thornwadlt cyst?

    Yesterday during my follow up MRI to check status of arachnoid cyst in brain, they also found a thorn wadlt cyst, does anyone know what this is?

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  • Disability Benefits?

    I have an on going application for Social Security Disability. The paper work itself is stressful. I was just wondering what my chances will be if anyone is familiar with any of the following conditions in regards to disability:

    I am a 39 year old female:

    1) miagraines with visual disturbances, dizziness, black outs and an arachnoid cyst on brain left middle cranial fossa (which was discovered after I blacked out while driving.

    2) Heart problems specifically moderate aortic regurtitation, and all other valves also regurgitate mildly. Dylistolic dysfunction grade 3. I currently take 5 pills a day for congestive heart failure.

    3) Digestive problems, diverticulitis, ischemis colitis, on going abdominal pain and complications.

    4) Spine- transitional vertebre causing problems and pain, a buldging disk laying on a nerve root. Forminal stenosis, arthrits and facet joint hypertrophy.

    Life for me has become a living hell. PAIN, PAIN everyday.

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  • 20 year old with back pain?

    20 year old male with shrinking disk in thoriac spine also rotation in lumbar region, so far one visit to chiropractor.

    What does this mean?

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  • Is it dangerous to have a high diastolic blood pressure?

    All my valves regurgitate and lately the diastolic readings have been high. Aortic valves leaks moderaterly. My last echo showed a diastolic dysfuction grade 3 or 4 with restrictive inflow pattern.

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  • Cymbalta for back problems?

    I have several back problems, bulging disk laying on a nerve. Arthritis, stenosis etc. I went to the pain management doctor today. His recommended treatment was spinal injections with physical rehab, but as both of these are so expensive and I have no insurance, he is going to write a letter for me to take to local hospital to see if they will help.

    Meantime he put me on Cymbalta, how does this work with back pain? I've never heard of an anti-depressant for pain? He swore it would help with the pain and numbness, I guess we will see. Just wondering if anyone has any advise or experience with this drug.

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  • Spine MRI_ anyone who should I see next Rehab doc. or Neurosurgeon?

    He is the MRI report- ordered by digestive doctor, when he suspected that me continous back pain was not associated with my digestive disorders.

    There is a transitional vertevra at the lumbosacral junction. For this examination this will be designated as S1. An abdominal radiograph series from May 11 showed 6 nonrib bearing lumbar type vertebrae with the lowermost vertebra having a prominent left sided tranverse process that forms a pseudoarticulation with the sacrum. If surgical intervention is planned close attention to the lumber levels is needed.

    Signal within the vertebea & spinal canel is normal. Disc signal is preserved with the exception of desiccation at the L5/S1 level. The cord terminated at the L1 level.

    L5/S1 A disc bulge is present that is more prominent to the left. Facet joint hypertropy is present. The combination of disc and facet arthritis results in moderate stenosis for the left L5 nerve root. Mild foraminal encroachment is produced on the right side.

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  • Heart disease?

    One year ago I had mild to moderate aortic insufficency, this years echo showed that the aortic regurgatation is now moderate; also all of the other valves are regurgating mildly. Basically all of the valves in my heart are leaking, I am 39 years old and taking 5 pills a day for my heart; 3 hydralazine and 2 clonidine. Just how serious is this condition? I stay tired all the time. I do have a history of heart disease in my family. Anyone familar with this condition or medications to treat it?

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  • digestive tract went hey wire.?

    In Oct. of last year I passed blood in stool, had a colonoscopy done found ischemic colitis and diverticulitis. Pain persisted, then diagnoised with inflammed gallbladder, had that removed in Feb. Still no relief, during this time all my blood work was also showing pancreatitis. Next step is to have EUS and ERCP procedures done on pancreas. Does anyone have a clue what could make all of this go wrong all at once? Never had any digestive problems before.

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  • Procedures EUS and ERCP?

    Does anyone know about these procedures; it will be to treat chronic pancreatitits? Also wondering about the cost, if anyone knows.

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  • To the gentleman who answered the question about what would cause the gallbladder to scar.?

    I stated that I just had my surgery today, needless to say I was not fully awake when the doc. told me this. I was just wondering if anyone had dealt with this. What I was not looking for is a smart a** like yourself to give me any opinions. If you can't be helpful why waste anybody's time. But thanks for the attitude.

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  • Why do I need a beta-blocker before surgery?

    I am a 38 year old female with multi- valve regurgatation, I am having my gallbladder removed, they prescribed a beta-blocker for me to take for a week. They also said I was approved to go to suregery with a mild to moderate risk of peri op cardic effect, does this mean my heart may malifunction during surgery?

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  • How common is it to remove "normal" appearing gallbladder to treat pancreatitis?

    All of my gallbladder studies came back normal, but my pancreas is always inflammed, not a drinker. I've been asked that a hundred, but I guess they finally ruled that out. I am scheduled for gallbladder surgery, but the surgeon say he or the antheslogist will not touch me until I get clearance from my heart doctor. I have aortic insufficency in addition all of the valves in my heart regurgate. What would be the concern for the doctors in regards to my heart, before they will perform the surgery?

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  • How dangerous is it if all the valves in your heart leak?

    Last year after I blacked out while driving, I had alot of test done that's when they found an arachnoid cyst on my brain, but they looked at my heart also. Last year my echo report was that I had mild Aortic Regurgitation, thickened aortic valve, and false pattern of lv diastolic filling. One year later, the echo was as follows: moderate aortic regurgitation, restrictive pattern of LV diastolic filling. Mild tricuspis regurgitation, Mild mitral regurgitation, boderline dilated right ventricle, mild pulmonary regurgitation and mildly elevated pulmonary artery systolic pressure.

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  • Does anyone know much about Chronic Pancreatitis?

    I have been having abdominal pain since Oct. 06 after many test they found the following I have ischemic colitis, diverticulitis and the pancreatitis. The doctor feels that my gallbladder has to come out after several high lipase readings, last reading was 271. The only confusing thing is all my gallbladder work has come back normal, but he says that since I am not a drinker it has to be the gallbladder. The pancreas being inflammed as also inflammed my small intestines. I had just posted a question about coccyx pain, between this digestive problem and the pain in my tailbone. I am truely at my witts end. I am scheduled to talk to the surgeon on Tues. about the gallbladder removal. Just curious if anyone else has experienced anything like this?

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  • Coccyx pain after injury 24 years ago?

    For the past 6 months the pain has become unbearable. I had xray, if anyone could help me with the results it would be great. AP and lateral views of the coccyx show a metallic clip on the AP view to the right of the midline. No sacral or coccygeal abnormalities are seen. The coccygeal curve is somewhat accentuated but within normal limits. What is the metallic clip all about. This normal limits thing worries me also, if normal how in the world can it be soooooo painful?

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