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  • Are our bodies physical manifestations of our thoughts?

    How much power does positive/negative thinking have

    7 AnswersPhilosophy8 years ago
  • My little brother told me he picked up a dead mouse and was throwing it around outside, a few hours ago.?

    I've brought him out for pizza and he's been playing his xbox and touching things since this had happened , like any other day. Should I be worried? What are the chances this mouse had diseases? What diseases? Likely hood of these diseases compromising his immune system? Should I be worried? All non ridiculous answers welcomed=) PS: he didn't tell me about his play time with the dead mouse until after I brought him out for pizza and he was touching things like xbox 360 controller etc etc... Should I be worried for him? How long after interaction or catching the disease will he show symptoms of the disease(if he gets sick at all, will he?)? Are the diseases he can catch from it treatable? All this over a little dead mouse? Yes, I care for my little brother

    4 AnswersInfectious Diseases8 years ago
  • Will every dead tooth discolor?

    I got a front tooth that was bumped very hard and was told its nerve is dead, and was wondering if brushing regularly will prevent it from turning yellow, brown, or black? Any special things the dentist can do to it to prevent/ or whiten after it has discolored?(Besides root canal, already had it taken care of) Details please:) I know its dead and there isn't much to do at this point except for take care of it, just looking for a little comfort

    1 AnswerDental8 years ago
  • Can someone who is water intoxicated be helped?

    I drank like 6-8 cups of tea, is this enough to get water intoxication?

    2 AnswersFirst Aid8 years ago
  • How exactly does fermenting/oxidizing tea leaves change the benefits?

    White, green , oolong and black tea are all the same leaf just processed differently yes? How does the process of black make it better/worse than white?

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness9 years ago
  • Are there any philosophy's that involve the invisible nature of life? No not "gods invisible nature"?

    I mean like trans-dimensional, inter-dimensional , extra-dimensional , and multi-dimensional ways. **** like quantum physics, metaphysics , and just general "invisible" nature of things. Consciousness and the power of it, souls, spirits, entities , energies, whatever you want to call it. No deities . No ultimate power . Perhaps a "higher" power than our current understanding of ourselves? I was leaning toward Satanism but I realized its pretty conceited to believe there are no forces greater than ourselves (our current understanding anyways) and that life after our CURRENT life does not exist is pretty depressing . Any philosophy's that have all these wrapped up into one that you know of? Enlighten me:)

    6 AnswersPhilosophy9 years ago
  • Can a contaminated mushroom substrate pose risks to human health?

    I have a few partially contaminated mushroom substrate iam trying to save, will the bacteria already on them kill the mycelium? Or pose a risk to my health ?

    2 AnswersBiology9 years ago
  • Can my teeth shift the wrong way and fall out?

    My teeth are crooked but their getting straight. I can feel them shift when I chew or poke them with my tongue . My question to you is can they shift the "wrong" way and fall out? Or cause damage? Iam making a appointment ASAP with my dentist (probably tomorrow , hopefully )

    3 AnswersDental9 years ago
  • A car gets clipped driving down the street and flips , I need the complete physics of a car crash .?

    For grade 10 science, i know i should know this but iam having trouble .

    1 AnswerWords & Wordplay9 years ago
  • What was my cannabis laced with? If at all?


    I know this has been asked time and time again but Monday night(now its Thursday), I smoked a couple bowls and my heart rate was up to 135bpm and stayed there up until now. I don't have a history of anxiety or anything but I do smoke weed daily, never had anything like this happen. So my question is this there something the person I bought the weed from could've put in there that a urine test could not get a positive reading from? Would having some of the bud I smoked help them figure out what was in it? Symptoms : Clammy , Increased / fluctuatuing heart rate, anxiety, restlessness, ZERO appetite, (The smell of food actually makes my stomach turn) dizziness , nausea . I took a urine test and only came up positive for THC and I know what THC feels like and this is not it. Iam just a little concerned that I'll never come down. I know thats silly, but its been 3 days and its a real concern of mine .. Iam a 15 years old, male if it helps. Anything that would NOT show on a drug screen that could keep me up this long?

    1 AnswerOther - Health9 years ago