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  • What kind of day will Big Ben have against JAX?

    He is listed as Questionable but should be able to play according to sources. I hear Pitt is going to the No Huddle this week, in which he seems to excel. What kind of numbers would you expect him to put up?

    2 AnswersFantasy Sports1 decade ago
  • Santonio Holmes or Hines Ward this week?

    I have both and one needs to start as my third option.

    4 AnswersFantasy Sports1 decade ago
  • Random piece of gaming triva for oldschool gamers. What is a Hubologist?

    What are their teachings, and where would you find one?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • MLB players should decide the All-Star teams?

    If it wasn't bad enough that baseball had to deal with the fallout from the steroid era under Bud Selig's watch and the gimmicky interleague play, now for the last few years the fans have to resort to what a complete mockery of the World Series that Selig has made with the All-Star game deciding who gets home field advantage. What makes it even worse is the way MLB has basically implemented cheating on the part of the fans by deciding who the starters are. All-Star balloting was never perfect before, but it has become intollerable now since Selig got the hair up his but to make it mean something, with opening up the vote to the internet. The result this year is probably the worse National league lineup I have ever seen (certainly as far as the outfield goes) and two rookies from the Cubs who haven't even earned their stripes.

    8 AnswersBaseball1 decade ago
  • 1979 Phantasm Movie Question?

    Does anyone know where the first Phantasm Movie was supposed to take place? I know it is supposed to be in Oregon as the license plates to Jody's Cuda are Oregon plates, but did anyone (maybe Coscarelli) ever state a specific name for the place where Mike, Jody and Reg live? Some people say that the name of the town is Morningside, but that doesn't seem right to me considering the Dunes Cantina scene were Jody is talking to the bartender and says he was messing around up at Morningside, and the bartender replies "The Funeral Parlor?" Also The Tall mans name before he became "The Tallman" was established as Jebediah Morningside later in the series, so it seems highly unlikely the Tall Man, the Funeral parlor and the town would all carry the name Morningside. I have heard some people also say the name is Colton, due to the scene where Jody says "On Colton in the groves" , but I don't think that is the name either as the way he says it denotes that Colton is the name of the road.

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  • Anybody else looking forward to " The Triumph and Tragedy of World Class Championship Wrestling" ?

    If it is half as good as Heroes it should be an awesome video. It would be something good for all the little kiddies who want to know more about the history of the business too. From my point of view it will be interesting to see just how much credit Vince gives to World Class for alot of what we know as wrestling today. I have heard that everyone who reviewed it said it wasn't a hatchet job, which really makes me surprised that Vince in releasing it in the first place.

    7 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Stephen Jackson or Joseph Addai (Week 8)?

    In addition to Lynch, who should I start at RB for week 8 Jackson who is coming back from injury or Addai who has a sore shouler?

    7 AnswersFantasy Sports1 decade ago
  • Joe V Christian 5 Star Match?

    It had everything you could ask for in a match. It even had some rest holds that Meltzer loves so much. The only thing I could see him taking off for was where AJ and Tomko tried to get involved. If he doesn't give that at least **** 3/4 somebody better check what's in his medication.

    3 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Help with a Fantasy Football trade.?

    I have been offered a trade of:

    I get RB Stephen Jackson or RB Rudi Johnson, TE Jason Witten and QB Vince Young in exhange for:

    RB Frank Gore and QB Phillip Rivers. Do I pull the trigger?

    Ive got Romo as my QB and would like to have Witten there with him. I have a fairly strong RB corp featuring Joseph Addai, Frank Gore, Willis McGahee,Marshawn Lynch and Brian Leonard (at least for a couple of weeks) Gore's yards per carry are horrible so far this year, and at this point he is slowly starting to move down my depth chart. Rudi and Jackson haven't had some hot years either, but I wonder if they might not be better over the long haul than Gore in that pathetic SF offense.

    I know why he is wanting this trade other than those 2 his RB's are attrocious and he has Marc Bulger and is starting to panic. We already talked about other backs and I said the only one I was willing to part with at this point was Gore because of the bye week. So what do you think?

    5 AnswersFantasy Sports1 decade ago
  • Need a Defense for Week 4?

    Miami, NYJ, Houston, Indy, Oakland, Tampa.

    7 AnswersFantasy Sports1 decade ago
  • Should UFC come out and say final round more important?

    This has been somewhat true for boxing and other contact sports for a long while that if a fighter who is a heavy favorite(Fan favorite, Vegas Favorite, hometown favorite) is somewhat behind in early rounds comes out and has a decent final round the decision often goes to them. It really is a shame that this type of thing goes on, but I have lost count of how many fights seem to follow this script over the years in all contact sports. As a fan would it be refreshing if UFC would just come out and admit this? Just say hey even if you are losing the fight by a decent margin and you have a good final showing you win? It would certainly be more accurate to what occurs very often in the fighting world. Or should the fight world continue to labor under the delusions that all rounds are weighted equally?

    9 AnswersMartial Arts1 decade ago
  • I don't like needy people. Anyone agree?

    Long story short. So I am at a friendly 4th of July get together last night, my wife introduces me to a couple who she knows from her girlfriend work. Then she runs off with her with her friend and leaves me with the guy that I don't know from Adam, putting me in an awkward situation with nothing to really talk about. I hardly think I was unfriendly. We made small talk with a few other people, but I wasn't going to sit and entertain the guy one on one all day. He basically just didn't seem to have much in common with any of us, so he mostly stood there and didn't add much to the conversation. Today my wife tells me she talked to her friend and the guy feels like we weren't very friendly to him. Now my wife is mad at me because I won't call this guy and apologize. Apologize for what? People like this infuriate me, and the guy too. Sorry Honey LOL. I just don't understand people like this. What do they want you to do roll out the red carpet for them? Geez.

    6 AnswersEtiquette1 decade ago
  • Am Drag , one of the best in the world or most overrated?

    Why is Bryan Danielson one of the bests wrestlers in the world, or why is he the most overrated?

    1 AnswerWrestling1 decade ago
  • What Horror movie are you watching tonight?

    I have kind of a Friday ritual. If I don't go out, I stay home and watch a horror movie late night early morning. If was rainy tonight so I said screw it were staying home honey.

    Tonight /morning whatever, I am getting ready to watching Don Coscarelli's "original"Phantasm. What are you watching or what did you watch?

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  • Does anyone remember Blind Melon?

    They released 3 new songs in November of last year and were supposed to be releasing a new album sometime this year, but I have yet to hear anything more about it. Does anyone know if it is still on, or what?

    3 AnswersOther - Music1 decade ago
  • Does anyone remember Blind Melon?

    They released 3 new songs in November of last year and were supposed to be releasing a new album sometime this year, but I have yet to hear anything more about it. Does anyone know if it is still on, or what?

    4 AnswersR&B & Soul1 decade ago
  • What if WCW and ECW never went out of business?

    For all you old school fans, and maybe even a few knowledgeable younger ones too.

    What do you think professional wrestling would look like today if WCW and ECW never went out of business? What would be the dynamics of the current state of the business in North America. Now for that to happen there we would have to assume that either WWE had lost the War and went under, or maybe WCW and ECW were able to hang around even throughout the WWE attitude era popularity? What are your scenario's. No right or wrong answers really, just no I like so and so promotion, They would kick so and so's 4ss stuff. Support your conclusions. What is 2007 like in this alternate reality?

    2 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • 12 or 20 gauge for home defense?

    I am looking to purchase an affordable, simple shotgun for home defense No pistol grips or other tactical B.S. , Preferably a Remington since it is my prefered Brand. I have an SP-10 and an old Browing Auto 5 16 guage which are great guns for what use I have for them but don't seem to me to be ideal because of their weight and unweildy nature in tight spaces. I was kind of leaning towards the Remington 870's synthetics with the 18" barrel although I have never actually held or fired one, and I was wondering how light and weildy they are and how is the balance? Also Im kind of undecided on whether or not to go with the 12 or 20 gauge. The twelve would be ok for me, but the twenty seems like it would be more ideal for my wife, but I have never really been big on 20's and kind of worry a bit about the power.

    6 AnswersHunting1 decade ago
  • Who messed up your bracket?

    Butler messed up my Midwest region royally. Oh well nice to see at least one mid major advance to the sweet sixteen. I thought for sure that since Butler had been playing down lately that Old Dom would be the one to get past Maryland like Butler did.

    7 AnswersBasketball1 decade ago
  • Saddest Story in Professional Wrestling History?

    Wrestling has had it's share of bad times, especially recently with the loss of so many before their time due to drugs and steroids. But in your mind what is the saddest moment in wrestling History.

    A) Death of Owen Hart in the ring after a fall from the rafters in Kansas City Missourri at a WWF/E event at a time when he was finally stepping out of his brother's shadow.

    B) Death of David Von Erich and the subsequent series of tragedies that followed the Von Erich family and WCCW, that slowly killed the hottest wrestling promotion on the planet in the mid 80's.

    C) Death of Eddie Guerrero followed by the heartless exploitation at the hands of World Wrestling Entertainment after finally overcoming all of his troubles with drugs and alcohol.

    Or maybe there is another dadder story in the history of professional wrestling. Well now is your chance to speak up about it.

    38 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago