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  • How do I get Adobe After Effects keep my movie's 16x9 aspect ratio?

    I have used After Effects 7.0 for a while, but I have been having an issue with aspect ratio. When I import my 16x9 footage (originally shot in HDV using the Sony HDR-HC1, then downconverted to DV upon capture to the computer, though still 16x9), and I select "DV Widescreen" for my composition type and pixel aspect ratio as "1.2", when I go to have After Effects make the movie, using the MPEG-2 format, it won't export it in 16x9, it wants to use 720x480. So, if I change my pixel aspect ratio to square pixels and lock it to 16x9, then if I try to use MPEG-2 it won't work. I don't know what I'm missing; I realize that with 720x480 comp and 1.2 pixel aspect ratio, then 720*1.2= 864, which is 16x9, but none the less, the output is squished to 4x3. After Effects will do 16x9 with AVI, but that is far too large for DVD or web use. Any suggestions for 16x9 with MPEG-2? Thanks.

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  • How do I rent a car if I'm under 21 and don't have full coverage insurance?

    I am planning a trip and need to rent a car at my destination. I have several car companies that are willing to rent a car to me, though I'm 19, but they require full coverage car insurance, which makes sense, but the problem is I just have PLPD insurance. Is there a way I can temporarily purchase full coverage insurance from my car insurance company or what other options do I have for renting this car? Thanks!

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  • How long to drive from LAX to Yosemite on average day?

    How long should I plan on spending driving the 375 miles from LA airport to Yosemite National Park? I've heard about 7 1/2 hours. Any locals have a better estimate? This would be in early August, leaving LAX mid-day. Also any suggestions for sights to see in California? Thanks!

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  • What graphics card will help Adobe After Effects (video editing) rendering time?

    I currently have a NVIDIA 128 MB GDDR3 6600 GPU and am looking at getting a NVIDIA 512 MB GDDR3 GEForce 7950 GT card. I'm wondering how much of an effect the graphics card has on video editing. Most of these cards are most for fast FPS for games, which is not what I need. Thanks.

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  • What is the life expectency of Mini DV tapes vs. mini DVDs?

    Although it is generally accepted that Mini DV tapes offer a higher quality recording medium than DVDs or hard drives (for video cameras), what is the life expectency of these tapes? Will they begin to fade with time? Obviously they haven't been around long enough to do a true test, but has anyone heard anything or done their own research?

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