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  • Genichi Gembutsu in English?

    This is another term being thrown around in our fab in our pursuit of Lean Manufacturing principles. It's being used as "go and see."

    What is the actual literal translation into English. I know gembutsu means something like "actual thing" but don't have a clue about genichi.

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  • Poka-yoke pronunciation - Japanese?

    Poka-yoke is a term we are using in the Lean transformation of our factory. It means "error-proofing."

    My question is the pronunciation. All of the English speakers telling me the word pronounce it using English language rules.... they assume the "e" on the end of "yoke" makes the "o" long and the "e" itself is silent.

    But that's hiragana, not English, so how is the final syllable "ke" actually pronounced?

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  • What are they chanting at Mile High Stadium?

    When you listen to the radio broadcast of the game, you can hear the crowd in the background chanting something. It's short, and sounds like three words. All I can make out are the vowel sounds.... Ahhhhh,Ooooo, Ay.

    What are they actually saying?

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