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  • my child needs an mri i have no ins my spouse is un employed i make to much to get Medicaid?

    applied for chips but takes 45 days to get approved i am out of care credit where can i look for help with his medical bills he needs this done now please help thanks

    4 AnswersInsurance9 years ago
  • Joint Custody in Oklahoma?

    How many hours and how many overnights are typically in a 50/50 Shared Custody Agreement?

    Thanks so much!

    1 AnswerFamily9 years ago
  • can you spread a yeast infection to your husband?

    i have a yeast infection from taking antibiotics. i was just prescribed dyflucan and was wondering if my husband could get it from having sex with me?

    8 AnswersInfectious Diseases10 years ago
  • how to discipline a toddler?

    my son will be 3 this month and he has a temper. when he doesnt get what he wants or when he is frustrated he acts out: hitting, squeezing something or yelling til he is red in the face. i always act on the first offense. he gets a spat on the back of the leg and has to sit in timeout. he doesnt get to take anything to time out and when he crys for something while in timeout i tell him he is in trouble and cant have something he wants when he is in timeout. this just doesnt seem to work. usually he is in timeout for 2 minutes ( crying the entire time ) idk what else to do. Please help

    5 AnswersToddler & Preschooler10 years ago
  • dying a wedding dress?

    my cousin has a beautiful wedding dress but they recently called off the wedding. I'd like to buy the dress from her and have it dyed the champagne color, is this possible? if so where do u suggest i go and how much do u think itl cost me?

    4 AnswersWeddings1 decade ago
  • Which boy name do you like?

    Harrison Rhett-

    Maxum Flynt-

    11 AnswersBaby Names1 decade ago
  • Christmas gift ideas for whole family.?

    2 yr old baby boy?

    80 yr old granny?

    50 yr old dad?

    8 yr old girl?

    6 month old baby boy?

    I wanna stretch my dollar not just spend it all on one big gift per person. Please give me some ideas. Preferably 15-20 bucks per gift of less. Thanks

    5 AnswersChristmas1 decade ago
  • texas highway partol requirements vs police officer?

    Iv been curious as to what has to be done to be a texas highway partol. At my local junior college there is a police academy and i wasnt sure what the requirement differences are. Any info would be helpful. Thanks

    2 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police1 decade ago
  • toddler halloween costume ideas?

    My son is 2 and i was wondering what ur toddler is going to be for this halloween. Any ideas?

    Plus i was kinda wanting us to dress up together but cant come up with anything besides m&ms lol.


    8 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 decade ago
  • Help me with finding the square footage of my kitchen?

    it is 18 long by 15 feet wide. I know how to find the area but i need to know the sq footage to order new flooring. Thank you

    2 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling1 decade ago
  • i need to know the sq feet of a surface?

    Im gonna put flooring in my kitchen. It is 18 feet long by 15 feet wide. what is the square feet of this surface? and how do you find it?

    1 AnswerMathematics1 decade ago
  • Toddler birthday party theme ideas?

    He will be 2. Last year we did elmo he wasn't old enough to really notice lol. He is alot more attentive now. He loves cars, big trucks, the cookie monster, nemo and lightning mcqueen! We are gonna have the party at a place called jump-land. there are the big blow up houses and balls and tubes to climb in so i think it will he really fun. The ages range from 8 months up to 12 years old of the child guests we are inviting so i wanna make sure everyone is happy. But after-all it is for the Big Birthday Boy! Please help. any party ideas would be great!


    5 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 decade ago
  • seperated parents: planning toddlers birthday party?

    my ex and i were never married and are currently dating other ppl. Our son is turning 2 and im trying to plan the party. Last year his father was invited since we had just split up and it was his first birthday. But this year was filled with surprises. Since i have a boyfriend and my son is close with his family i was wanting to invite them too. On the other hand my sons father thinks this should be a big party and he wants his whole family to be invited too. Is this odd? Should the father plan their own party or is it acceptable for me to invite my sons daddy and his grandparents plus my boyfriend and his family. I don't want this to be stressful but i have a feeling if i exclude my bf and his family they will be hurt. What should would you do?

    15 AnswersParenting1 decade ago
  • The depo shot...period question?

    iv been on depo for about 8 months. it has been great. I never had spotting or any sort of a period at all. now this mornign i woke up and im bleeding. why is this? should i go to the dr? it isnt anymore than a period would be.

    2 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • For the separated parents: I need advice?

    Okay this is gonna be long but please stick with me. I dated my sons father off and on for 6 years before we got pregnant with our baby. we both agreed we weren't happy with the way things were when our son was about 7 months old. i honestly think i suffered from postpartum depression. Needless to say we broke up and he moved out. i got a lawyer and received sole physical custody. I have never stopped loving my ex. it has nearly been a year since the split. I am currently seeing another guy and my ex has been with his girlfriend for about 7 months. I always think Well l"what if". i mean i always saw myself marrying my baby's father. He was once the love of my life. so my question to YOU is.... Will i always wonder what if? Will i always love him? Will I always in the back of my mind think things might have worked out if we would have given THIS one more try? Is it normal for me to think these things or does it really mean we should try one more time? Things are fine the way they are right now when it comes to me, our child and my ex. we see eye to eye on just about everything. i guess im just worried that him and his girlfriend are only gonna get more serious and if we are meant to try this once more maybe i might lose my chance to do so. Please help!

    3 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • Compassionate mothers: toddler & bottle?

    my son is 18 months. He doesnt like milk, not 2 percent, 1 percent or skim milk. iv tried doing half formula half milk and its still a no. right now he is taking the toddler formula but he wont take it in a sippy. he has 6 oz once a day(from the bottle) which is always before bed during our story time. Iv thought about trying a different sippy only for nite time. Im lost as to what to do. i do not want to traumatiz him by throwing his bottle away. im not concerned about his teeth bc he isnt falling asleep with the formula in his mouth and the nipple has holes in it lol so he isnt sucking hard. He hasnt ever taken a pacifier. any help please??? Thanks

    6 AnswersParenting1 decade ago
  • Mothers: disciplining choices for a toddler?

    My son is almost 2 and im not sure the right way to disipline him. When i say "no" it doesnt effect him at all. I really dont want to spat his bottom but i dont think he is big enough to understand time out. What else is there to do that isnt a waste of time? Any advice is appreciated!

    6 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 decade ago