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  • Would a sexless marriage gets better without profesional help?

    My friend (girl) has been married for 10 months. Since she got married until now, they only have sex once a month. She's 30 and he's 31, they have been dating for 4 years before got married. She's fairly attractive, she helps him with his business so she knows his agenda and he's not cheating on her. He's not gay, and when she asked for more frequent sex, he said he's tired or not feeling well. Both of them want to have baby so they only have sex when she's ovulating. She's frustated, sad, and feel unloved. She has tried seducing him, bought lingerie but he told her she doesn't have to wear it, she has been understanding, cried, begged, sulk, get angry, and still he doesn't want more sex. I told her that he won't change byhimself, that they should go counseling or go see doctor. She said he won't go to either of them and she hopes he will get better. Will he get better without help?

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  • Please help me translate these into japanese?

    Two boxes of condom.

    Do you want a box of 2 pcs, or 6 pcs?

    For a purchase above 10.000yen will get a free box of 2 pcs.

    Delivery fee within city is 1000 yen.

    I really appreciate any help. Please write in ABC letter. Thank you.

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  • We just have a puppy and my nephews are too scared to play with him. What to do?

    My nephews are 3 and 5 years old. We just bought 2 months old labrador puppy. He's harmless & cute. My nephews like to see and touch him if he's in cage, but if we take the puppy out, they'll scream and run away. We have told them many times that the puppy won't bite and he likes kids and want to play with them, but they're still scared. What should we do to make them not scared with this puppy? Any tips and ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.

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  • What kind of sugar is acceptable for diabetic people? Is honey ok?

    Would honey be ok if consumed by diabetic people? How about sugar from fruit? (fluctosa?) Or is it better to use sugar replacement? (I don't know the name for this)

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  • Could lightning strike you through glass (window)?

    When it's raining or storming outside, could lightning strike you inside house through window glass if you were close to the window?or are you safe when you're sheltered?

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  • Have you ever be a hero? What happend?

    Have any of you did something heroic?

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  • Easy dessert recipe for people with high cholesterol?

    Some of my family member have high cholesterol. Does anyone here know an easy dessert recipe for people with high cholesterol? Thanks.

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  • My friend has a bf that is less than her. What advice could I give her?

    She's better than him in education degree, wealth, looks, earnings (she earns 4x his salary). They have been dating for 11 months, then she broke up with him because she thinks he couldn't keep up with her. He loves her very much so he keeps on trying to win her back. She loves him too but she thinks too much (about the future). She's 28, he's 29. She knows she loves him but just couldn't say yes to him again. Now she's very confused of what she wants and she blames herself for not knowing what she wants. So what advice should I give her?

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  • My 2 year old dog won't eat and only sips water. What should I do?

    I took him to vet but the doc didn't know what's wrong with him. He's usually very active (a bit hyperactive) and eats a lot. For the last 2 days, he didn't jump, only sit around,walk slowly & barely eats anything. He doesn't look sick, no bowel problems, still wigling his tail, his nose is still wet (but not running), no fever. We don't know what to do. Any help and suggestions are very appreciated.

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