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  • Pay for Respiratory Therapist in Florida?

    I am a respiratory therapist in California. I have worked a few years in the field. I make good money here in California(28 per hour) but I am moving to florida soon. I will be moving to the panhandle, emerald coast area. Anyone know the salary range there for a therapist there? I have lived in this area before but not as a therapist. Thanks

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  • Breastfeeding Station?

    Just want to know if your local mall had a place where you could go breastfeed your child for say 2 bucks, would you use it? It would have several private and comfortable rooms for you to breastfeed your child. I am breastfeeding mother and would love something like this to exist. As it is now I use the bathroom, or go out to the car. My friend and I were discussing a place opening in malls to combat this. She said, they would probably charge money. Obviously it's a business, but would mothers pay to use nice, quiet, private , clean facilities? I may, not sure. Just curious. Thanks....

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  • Dog abuse?

    I was visiting my mother's home today. The nieghbors dog had escaped from the yard. She has done this many times. She is the sweetest little dog. Whenever i see her I give lots of love because I feel so bad for her. When she sees people she slumps down into a little ball, with her tail between her legs and shakes. I have herad the neighbors yelling at her and beating her. I feel so bad but don't know how or if i should get involved. They would mostly assume it was my parents considering the proximity to their house. I don't want my parents getting grief but I cannot let this poor little girl get abused any more. I thought of offering to take the dog of their hands if they don't want it. They leave it in the backyard and only talk to her when they yell, or beat her. What can i do?

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  • I am moving to Pittsburgh from southern california....?

    The house prices I have seen on the internet are amazing compared to california. What I want to know is what are the good and bad areas of Pittsburgh? Basically is there a reason some houses are so cheap?

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  • Make the Ultimate Christmas song list.....?

    Whoever has the list with the best songs wins 10 points-it's about quality of songs, not quantity.

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  • Husband lied?

    My husband lied to me about the stupidist thing. He bought a dell DJ from but he told me that his mom bought it for him. Actually when he first told me about it, he said he didn't know who was sending him a Dell DJ but when it came yesterday, he said his mom sent it. I don't know why but I did not believe him at all. I checked his email and there was an order confirmation from dell with his credit card, and the shipping and billing to him. I could care les if he bought it. We have looked at many MP3 players at stores including IPODS. My reaction is always the same, if ya want it, buy it. He never did. Now he buys it behind my back and says it was a present from his mom. I am so tripped out by this. I have yet to confront him since it just happened and he is at work, but I am so pissed. Why would he lie? Now I feel he lies about much, much more. Can and should I trust him?

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