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Hey whats up I am 23 years old, I will try the best I can to help.

  • What do you think?

    Met this girl Online dating site that I like and want to meet. She has also agreed but never does when I ask her. We talk all the time and she will start a conversation with me and reply when I text her. Yet she is always busy when it come to meeting me in person.

    What do you think?

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  • Need some guidance...?

    I have been talking to this girl (Who I do not know in person) I like her and when trying to get to know her she always replies back to me, but never takes initiation to start a conversation or ask a question about me. I feel like I am over barring her with questions and always leading the conversation without getting much back.

    Maybe I can get a Female perspective on this or some good advice.


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  • Girlfriend Cheated on me Need Some Advice?

    So I have been with my Girlfriend for 5 years now. I have done a lot for her and treated her right. I found out she was cheating on me for a while. We both live at home with our parents. I live accross the city but close enough to drive up everyday to see her. I found out she was cheating on me with her next door neighbour. Her mom, brother and his girlfriend all knew about it. In fact I found out that her mom wants her to date diffrent guys.

    She loves me but I feel she is getting board with me and is starting to like the other guy. I did brake up with her and I told her that if her plans or relationship with the other guy dose not work out. I am done and that we would never get back togeather.

    She was so devistated. From her reply it sounded like if she dated the other guy and it did not work out she wanted to get back with me. She also wanted to stay friends and I told her I don't think I could do that if she was with someone else. Now we are going to sit and talk about the situation and I do not know what to expect.

    I love her and I do not know how to get by with out her. The cheating really hurt me and I really do not like her mother anymore.

    Any advice to help would be awesome

    Also it is not easy for me to get a girlfriend it could be 3 or 5+ years and I really don't want to be alone again. My girlfriend on the other hand has always had guys wanting to go out with her . We were planning a trip again and it seemed like she was going to wait until after the trip to brake up with me.

    So to sum this up she cheated on me and wanted to be friends and for me to be there for her if she needs me, and at some point if her relationship with the other guy dose not work out she would want me back.


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  • Can't wake up to my alarm......?

    I need some real help. I can't wake up to my alarm....... My alarm clock is very load and it looks like a mini ghetto blaster. I have it very load and I can not hear it when I am sleeping and not able to wake up to it. My dad has to yell at me every morning to get me up, with my alarm blaring. Even that can take a while.

    I am starting to get in trouble at work I now have a 90 day probation/discipline period, where I can not be late. I do not know what to do or if I should go to a sleep clinic for help. Any suggestions or help will be appreciated

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  • How to Handel Adult bullying and get them caught in the Act?

    My sister who is 28 years old is having issues with other adults at her complex. She lives in a housing unit and a lot of people there are single parents, People with psychological problems, or people with needs like welfare etc.

    My sister has 2 younger children 7 and 10 and is a single parent. The problems are with 2 other people living there and they are swearing around her kids picking on them as well as my sister. One incident happened where one of the people living there on purpose waited for my sister older daughter to get behind her car then started backing up. These issues are very serious and someone will end up hurt. The cops have been called multiple times, my sister has called the housing unit she lives at owned by the government or the city and they can't do anything. The cops don't have any proof of the stuff they are doing and my sister can not video tape them because it is a privacy issue and would end up in trouble.

    I suggested that she video tapes right when they start doing stuff and film her kids, that way she can just say to the cops she was filming her kids playing and they would be caught.

    How can this issue stop? Or any Ideas? Talking to them will not work or stop the bullying

    Thank you

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  • How do I let her go...... or what should I do..... I need help plz?

    Ok well I have been dating the love of my life for 2 years, and we have had somethings happen in our relationship that really broke my trust in her but she worked on it to give me that trust back then took it away again. She has not cheated on me from what I know of but she is always flirting with other guys and it hurts when I would never do that to her. I found stuff out by looking in her phone saving chat history.... you know the first class @sshole mistake, but I do have the right to know in my opinion also she has lied to my face about it when I confronted her about it and just ended up getting pissed off and I ended up doing all I could to make things up again and we kept on getting back together. Things were good for a while and now I checked again just to be sure I can trust her and be happy and I found more flirting stuff saying. I wish I was single..... You are good looking...... You will be my next bf...... etc. Then we got in a big fight about it when I just said I know u are doing stuff behind my back and I am hurt. She started crying because of it and that I said I don't have trust in her again. Someone called the police because they heard her crying and sent me home for the night but then we talked on MSN and she was telling me she just wants me and she loves me and wants us to be together and I asked her why she did that and said those things and she said "Because I am stupid" but things got out of hand and she got pissed off at me and now won't even talk to me. Before all this we were so in love, happy and so perfect for each other but she always causes problems. Now I can't put my phone down or stay off MSN when I go try keep my self busy I can't and go back to getting my phone and checking to see if she is on MSN. I feel I can't loose this girl and I need her all my ex gf I let go of or broke up with me is not as hard then with her. I need her I can't just let her go.

    She is a very sweet, shy, quite, beautiful, friendly girl. It is almost shocking she would do that to me.

    I always do sweet things for her too I even took her to Disneyland for 10 days and I live in Canada and so much more. I have always done things for her that were above and beyond to show my love and be the sweetest guy alive.

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  • How to get a red stain off of a black shirt?

    In the place I work at I am required to ware a black shirt and a Orange safety reflective vest (Like they would ware in Construction). I think the dye from the vest got onto the shirt from sweating and rain and now have red on my black shirt in the shoulders and neck areas. How can I get it it off I have tried stain remover but did not work. Thank you

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  • How would you feel if......?

    How would you feel if your Husband/Wife, or Boyfriend/Girlfriend spent a day with their Ex boyfriend or girlfriend without you knowing and you just showed up and saw them leave.

    How would you feel?

    What would you think?


    What would you do?

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  • What Sends A Chill Up Your Spine?

    What are you afraid of or fearful of

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  • What Do you do for a living?

    I am 22 years old and stuck on what I want to do for a living. I am hopping to get some ideas......

    What is your Job occupation?

    Do you like your job?

    If you are in School what do you want to be when you are out?

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  • Should I Be Laughing?

    I was at work at a grocery store and I had like 5 minutes before I was off and my girlfriend started the time I got off and her Mom and her moms b/f drove her and was shopping so I was walking with her, and she stopped at the baby food and said "Here you want some" and I said sure yum Raspberry - Apple and grabbed the baby food. As soon as I did her Mom and moms b/f walked by and saw us looking at baby food. I can not stop laughing but a bit concerned on what her mom thinks lol.

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  • How do you...?

    How do you find the strength and will, to believe or trust and forgive someone you love and means the world to you. That hurt you?

    Serious and heartfelt answers will have better chance for best answer

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  • Plz... Help what do I do?

    So my g/f was off school for a holiday and I had to work. She promised me she was going to come see me at work but then told me she was going swimming for a couple of hours and might not be able to come see me at work. I was off at 6 PM and she had to start work at 6 and we both work at the same place. I left right at 6 and did not see her nor hear from her since. When I went to go pick her up at 10:15 PM I waited for half an hour then the supervisor came out and I asked if my g/f was still in there but her reply was "She did not show up". At this point I was freaking out thinking something happened to her and rushed to her house come to find a guy leaving. My first reaction was "Are you cheating on me?" She said no he is just a friend. Today She text me telling me that she was going to talk to the supervisor because she did not show for work and our supervisor knew about what happened and talked to her. Turns out she spent the day with her Ex. And I am getting a call from my g/f later

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  • Where Did He Go Now?

    Have you seen my friend Waldo?

    Description: He is about 6'2" with a slim build and brown hair and eye's. Last seen Waring A red & white striped shirt and tuke, blue jeans, and brown shoes. He also wears glasses...

    This is a resent photo of him

    If you have any where abouts of waldo please contact me or the police

    Thank you

    So now where is waldo..........

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  • What is the sweetest song.............?

    That someone could dedicate to you that will just bring a tear to your eye. And make you feel so special.

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  • What drives you nuts that............?

    Name as many things as you can about the opposite sex that drives you nuts

    Really what is it?

    And out of all you came up with what is the worst to you

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  • What Is On Your Background?

    What Picture do you have for a background on your computer?

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  • A question for all!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    Hey ladies what would you give or do to brake this boarder between you and me, so we can be together at last?

    For the guys who wants to hit the bar and have a few while I wait for the replies?

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  • What happened to your face?

    Didn't you know that no means no

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  • In times of trouble do you?

    Fight with all you got


    Surrender and hope you will make it

    This goes for both Mental and physical situations

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