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  • why is car smoking but has no warning lights?

    Audi A4, after driving for 10 minutes smoke will start coming out of the hood, and it smells like something is burning. Cant find anything touching, or leaks of any kind. There are no warning lights, and the cars runs find except for the smoke.

    3 AnswersOther - Cars & Transportation8 years ago
  • whats the difference between dental discount plans and dental insurance?

    i am looking for dental coverage and i noticed there are two kinds out. discount plans and the traditional insurance. It looks like with both you still have to pay a certain amount of it yourself. but i noticed with insurance i would have to wait a year before they will cover expensive procedure and they will only pay a certain amount. With the discount plan you can have expensive procedure the day you get it with the say expense. So are discount plans good or a rip off.

    1 AnswerDental9 years ago
  • why doesn't Houston offer more entertainment?

    I lived in Houston all my life, and they say its the fourth largest city in the united states but there's nothing to do here. Sure you have your bars, and venues like the house of blues, or verizon wireless theatre but thats not much. Why don't they bring back astro world or something. It seems every weekend we end up trying to find something different to go out and do, but just end up doing the same old thing.

    3 AnswersHouston9 years ago
  • If I pay someone to fix my car and he doesn't do i still have to pay?

    The brakes went out on my car. Mechanic came to my house and said it was the master cylinder. He told me it had to be ordered and it would cost 138.00 dollars. I bought the part online for 74.00 dollars new. He replaced the master cylinder, and the brakes still don't work. Do i have to still pay him, he told me before he started that, he was 100% sure it was the master cylinder.

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs9 years ago
  • Why did my breaks completely fail?

    driving home from the store and my brakes completely failed driving into the drive way. I mean completely failed, push the pedal to the floor and nothing. 2 years ago i had the break master cylinder replaced and break booster replaced. Their is break fluid. its an 1996 audi a4

    8 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs9 years ago
  • would you mind if your husband/wife still talked to their ex's?

    me and my wife have been married 3 years. She always talked to her exes. I don't mean everyday but like once every 6 months one of her exes would send her a message like "hey what was the name of that place we went to see that band." So nothing serious. But recently my wife's first boyfriend got a job next door to where my wife works. So now hes playing jokes on her like he sets her car alarm off while shes working, and hes sending her more texts messages, and hes asking her if she wants to go get lunch. I'm not a jealous person, but I don't know how to tell her i don't want you doing anything with him.

    7 AnswersMarriage & Divorce9 years ago
  • why doesn't t-mobile get any of the cool new phones.?

    i've had t-mobile for around 7 years now. I have no problem with their coverage or call quality. But now i'm thinking of switching to a different carrier because t-mobile gets the worst phones that the other company don't want. Every time you see a commercial for a cool new phone, I already know its for a different company.

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans10 years ago
  • Should i buy a plasma or led lcd?

    I'm looking to buy a t.v. around 50'. So far i have to options a led lcd tv with cost over a thousand dollars or a plasma that cost 700. The plasma looks so much better but i know of the burn in effect that plasma suffer from. Talking to the guy at sears they told me that they haven't really solved the problem but its not a big threat like it used to be. I just have to be careful in its use for the first 100 hours. By the reviews i've read it seems the panasonic plasma are the best. But i know led lcd are more expensive just because their new.

    3 AnswersTVs10 years ago
  • I have sick pay but i can't use it. Is that legal?

    I'm a department manager at a retail store and i have 90 hours of sick pay. My store manager recently told me that if i want to take a sick day i have to get permission two days in advance or i'll lose my job. In the four years i've worked for this company i've only missed 2 days and that was because i had a miss carriage. I do i know when i'm gonna be sick? If i get fired can i sue?

    4 AnswersLaw & Legal10 years ago
  • why do i keep losing wireless internet connection?

    About once every 2 hours i'll be online and i'll just lose my wireless internet, it says i have excellent access but my computer will say can't display web page. then I have to unplug my router from my modem and wait and plug it back in and it will work. But if i go from modem directly to my computer it never happens. Then also sometimes it will say no wireless connectivity but the internet will work fine. But when i lose wireless internet as soon as i unplug my modem and plug it back in the internet goes faster than ever. I know its not my computer because it's a brand new laptop, thats the whole reason why i got a router for wireless internet.

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  • my rabbit is sick, what can i do until i get him to the vet?

    I have a Norwegian dwarf rabbit, he is almost 4 years old and has never been sick. He's drinking water/milk but is not eating. He hurt his paw a couple of days before he came sick... don't know if that has anything to do with it. But he has a runny noise and you can hear he has chest congestion when he breaths. There is only one vet in my area that even looks at rabbits, and I can't take him in until thursday afternoon. so how can i make him feel better until then.

    6 AnswersOther - Pets10 years ago
  • Why do most gun companies not put external safeties on their handguns?

    I know some people prefer no external safety, and some people say well people forget to turn the safety off in hostile situations. I'm the kinda person were if i buy a gun, i'll only buy one with an external safety because that's what i prefer. I currently own a smith and wesson m&p 40 with the thumb safety and i hate it. I know it's a good gun that's why i bought it, but i hate the trigger and i hate when you shoot the gun gsr covers your hand's. The reason i bought it was because it was in 40 and it has a external safety. I wish glock would come out with an external safety model but i know that would probably never happen. It would be cool if all gun companies would at least offer a decocker and their handguns.

    14 AnswersHunting10 years ago
  • Would i like ps3 over my xbox 360?

    I already own a xbox 360, its the limited edition red console. I bought it because my friend talked me into one over the years. So i bought it. March of this year will be 2 years i've owned it. In 2 years i've only put about 100 hours of play on it. All of the games seem to be based around online play which i hate. I have a full time job my own place and a wife. So i dont have all day to play online, and when i do some 12 year kills me in a second because all he does is play online all day. i'm thinking of going with a ps3 because it seems they have alot more games, well more games i would be into. plus x box live seem limited you cant do anything on it, it's like everything is based around giving bill gates more money.

    5 AnswersPlayStation10 years ago
  • what did you want to do after high school? are you doing it?

    A friend uploaded our class picture and i looked at it and i can't believe how life really is. Teachers made it sound so easy you go to college, you get a job and that's it. I graduated may of 05, and i still haven't done anything. I live in a garage apartment, i have a car, a job, i pay my bills, sometimes i struggle to make it. It's different than I imagined in high school, all i ever wanted to be was a pilot, now i'm an electrician.

    8 AnswersFamily10 years ago
  • How do i kick out my father in law?

    My father in law moved in with us, at the first of September with the understanding that he would be out october 1st. He doesn't work or recieve money so were paying everything for him food cigarettes etc. all he does is stay home and watch my tv and gets high on pain pills because he says his knee hurts. We stay in a one bedroom apartment he sleeps on the couch so when i get home i go straight to my bedroom to avoid him. I feel trapped in my own home. He has no where to go and my wife doesnt want him out on the street so she treats my like a bad guy when i tell her that he needs to go.

    8 AnswersFamily10 years ago
  • if its not herpes what could it be?

    it started off with my anus feeling chapped, then i saw a red bump on my vagina. a couple of days later my vagina got swollen. I went to the doctor and he looked at it he said it was herpes. But the sores never formed a cluster. and i never got a red rash. and i only have 1 pimple on my vagina. So he prescribed me valtrex and a antibotic. a couple of days later he called me and said my test results came back and its negative for herpes.

    5 AnswersSTDs1 decade ago
  • Does any one here own a hk preferably a hk45c?

    My birthday is coming up in november and i want to treat myself to a new pistol. I've been looking at the hk45c, its just sexy looking. But i have a couple of minor concerns. First the capacity i know 45 acp is big but they should have made the grip longer to hold more and to get rid of that pinkie finger extension. Second is the price it seems you don't get a lot for a thousand dollars these days. On the good side i like that you get a safety/decocker and night sights. I have big hands has anyone shot a hk usp compact with out the finger rest how did it feel. because i know the mags are inter changeable.

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  • how do labor pools work?

    lost my job 2 days ago and i honestly feel like less of a man. Because the last 2 days i've just been walking around looking for a job while my girlfriend was at work. Since i havent found anything or anyone hiring, i have to go to a labor pool, but i dont know how they work. Do i just walk into one and they send me to a job or what? do i have to pay anything?

    1 AnswerOther - Careers & Employment1 decade ago
  • How do labor pools work?

    I lost my job 2 days ago and i honestly feel like less of a man. Because the last 2 days i've just been walking around looking for a job while my girlfriend was at work. Since i havent found anything or anyone hiring, i have to go to a labor pool, but i dont know how they work. Do i just walk into one and they send me to a job or what? do i have to pay anything?

    1 AnswerHouston1 decade ago
  • Which 40 should I buy walther, or sig?

    I recently let go of my Beretta 92. It was a fantastic pistol, but it got to be to worn, it was very big, and i wanted something more powerful than a 9mm. So i've been looking around for something in 40 s&w, and i've norrowed it down to either, a walther p99 as, or a sig p229r. I'm leaning more towards the walther for price... but i know theirs not alot of accessories for them. I know alot about the sig but its a little expensive at close to 1000 dollars. Plus i've leaned away from buying a 45 just because of the price of the ammo.

    13 AnswersHunting1 decade ago