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  • droid x picture quality?

    hi there, maybe one of you can help me out. when i purchased my droid x a few months ago, it took decent pictures. the new program update came through and now the picture quality is greatly degraded. i have been trying to go through all of the options on the phone to find where this can be fixed and just cant find it... do any of you know how to fix it on this phone (i have friends with other droids and it seems the x is set up a little differently). thank you!!!!

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  • Virus is Spaming from my Email please help!!!?

    Hi Everyone, Im hoping that you can help me out a bit here. A few weeks ago while I was away I had recieved a bunch of emails from a friend whom I had not heard from in months. She NEVER sends emails so when I noticed my inbox full of her messages I didnt open them I just called her. As it turns out, she managed to have picked up a virus or was hacked.

    I did NOT open any of the emails, I just deleted them. Aparently all of my contacts are now getting these emails as well as spam from my mail box. Whatever this is, it has gotten through my virus protection and fire wall. Also, all of these messages were deleted directly from my phone and never opened in any way or even viewed (the inbox) from a computer.

    Any ideas on what I can do to solve this issue? Thanks!!!

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  • transfer music from ipod to pc?

    my old computer died and the only copies of my music that i have is on my ipod. i know that there are some programs out there that will transfer all of my songs back into itunes for me, but i dont know what is good or where to get it. I know that all songs purchased at itunes will transfer over, but some of my music came from cd (which my ex husband took with him when he left) and these are the songs i am worried about retrieving. Thank you for all of your help!!!

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  • Where to camp near Hershey PA?

    Hi There, I am looking to go camping at the end of June near Hershey PA. I have never camped out in the area and would like to know what is a good camp ground. I will admit to enjoying a toilet and shower, but do not need a pool and daily scheduled activities (there will be no children). If you have any suggestions, I would greatly apreciate them!!! Thank you all!!!

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  • Personal Use English To Spanish Translation?

    Hi Everyone... my spanish is touchy at best and this is for personal use, please translate into spanish for me "What makes you wake up and smile in the morning?" Thanks for all of your help!

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  • Rail Shooters for the Wii?

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for good rail shooters for the Wii. I do not want to control where my character goes... rather I am looking for games similar to the House of the Dead where the games moves itself and all you do is shoot. I have several of these games... but I was wondering if there are others. What is your fav? Can you suggest any good ones? Thanks!

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  • Basketball Fantacy Picks?

    Hi Everyone, My company is running a little fantacy Basketball game here where we choose our teams and ultimately decide who will win the final game! (I'm unsure how to describe it, but it starts with each team on the left and right side, and then you work your way down to the top two and who you think will win). For any of you who have played this is there a site where I can check the stats. of all the teams? I know nothing about this sport yet I do want to be a team player here at work and join in the fun. I just would prefer to have a more educated guess when I start making my picks. I believe that these are college teams? If you have any suggestions, please let me know... this whole thing is lost on me! Thanks a million!

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  • how to remove antivirus 2009?

    Hi Everyone, I picked up antivirus 2009 through a fake email sent by "Sally May". If you have loans through Sally May please be careful in opening your email.

    I have spoken to a tech. support agent at my school (I am an online student) and it was recomended that I download the program malwarebytes. Acording to his directions, I needed to run adaware first, then the malwarebytes program to remove this virus from my computer.

    Unfortunatlly my home computer does not alow me to search online for the proper way to remove this program. The virus itself sends me to blank pages when I search. I know that one of the infections is a "Vundo" infection followed by several trojans.

    From work, I have attempted to find possible remedies for this infection but have come up empty handed and my school tech. support has no other suggestions.

    If you have had this problem or know the proper way to remove this virus I would really apreciate your help (especially with my limited search abilities on my home comp... and I can not risk getting fired for doing personal business).

    Thank you thank you thank you! My education/grade in this class is dependant on the removal of this virus.

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  • Windows Vista What Programs Are On Startup?

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to help a friend out who has windows vista on their computer. They had put a few new programs on the computer, but had set them up to be running in the background on startup.

    Could someone give me step by step instructions to find what programs are starting on startup and how to switch them to only startup when called upon?

    A few years back I was able to figgure this out on my own computer but I have XP pro and if I mess up my own machine that is one thing... but I do not know Vista and want to make sure that I can access and change the programs (such as itunes) that are constantly running on my friends comp. These programs are causing his computer to run way beyond his available RAM and use upwards of 60-70% of his CPU. This is a new computer (purchased last weekend) and did not have these problems before the additional programs were installed. It is a mid range HP ($1000) and should run fine once these programs are re-set.

    Any assistance is greatly apprecated. Also, if you do have a web-site that is pretty reliable in trouble shooting these issues I would also appreciate it so that I do not have to bother the YA community with these simple questions.

    Thanks again in Advance


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  • PS3 Over heating... hardly used?

    I am just wondering if any of you have had this problem as well. I purchased my ps3 in June of 07'. It is a 60gb machine and is hardly used (I have played two games on it once or twice and maybe 5 or 6 blue ray disks). It is kept clean, never dropped and never had liquid spill on it. The machine now over heats and shuts off. My issue is that I only paid $90 for this system when I purchased my $3000 sony tv (at best buy and brand new). Acording to Sony it will cost $150 to repair it (even though they do not know what the problem is) and I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem. We had problems hooking it up to the tv, getting it on the internet and had game lag before and Sony told us that these things were normal. Now that it is out of warrantee they are saying that we need to pay for the repair. I am terribly disapointed in Sony as I have had a ps and a ps2 and never experianced these problems. Any advise? Is it worth fixing? I don't feel that I got my moneys worth out of it to begin with. I feel like we have had a broken product from day one... and Sony pushed us along until we were out of warrantee. This really makes me question the integrity of the company...

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  • Psychology Students or Professionals... Please help?

    This is a general research question. I have been a psychology student since Dec of 07'. I do have access to peer reviewed articles and our school's online library (I am an online student). Right now, I am not researching anything in particular. I am looking for general, reputable sites for future research. My problem is that our teachers ask us to also use internet resources. However, in order to conform to APA guidelines the internet resources I use must be from reputable sites. As a student I am a student member of the APA (and have access to their articles through my school). Sites like are not considered use-able. I am just wondering if there are any general sites that can be trusted that you use in your research. I have trouble making sure that my online resources are valid... yet my teachers ask me to use them. Thank you in advance for any help that you might be able to provide. As a student who has only recently returned and had been out of school for 10 years until my return, research online has been a difficult part of my studies.

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  • Nintendogs??? How Do I Delete A Game?

    Hi, I purchased a used copy of Nintendogs and it came with the last owners game still on it (no book included). How do I delete the game that is on the cartridge so that I can start a new one? Thanks in advance!

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  • What size speakers are in my car?

    Hey everyone, I have a 98' toyota celica gt convertable and I want to put new speakers in it. I have 3 sets in the front and one in the back (this year had two options on the speakers 4 or 6 speakers in the front I have 6) and I was wondering if anyone has a website where I can look up the sizes of my speakers so that I can research what I want to put in my car? I purchased the car used so I do not have the manual. Thanks for your help!

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  • Planters Wart Removal????

    What is the best treatment for a planters wart on the bottom of the foot (heal)? Thanks for all those who answer!!!

    4 AnswersSkin Conditions1 decade ago
  • How is the human motor system organized?

    I am looking for further information on the human motor system (as I search google, I do not get too many reliable sources). I do have the basic breakdown of the biological foundations and their placements with in the body, however I am looking for a more simplified source to help me break down the information (I am having difficulty understanding the layout itself). Please note that this is homework on a university level and I do not ask you to answer this for me, yet I do ask that if you have any reliable sources that I can use to further my research I would deeply appreciate it. Thank you in advance for your help.

    1 AnswerBiology1 decade ago
  • What are the neurological foundations of taste, touch and smell?

    As a homework assignment, I do not really want a full breakdown, rather if someone does have some reliable websites where I can get further information this would be greatly apreciated. I have been searching for deeper insight into this information and although I do have the basic foundations I would like to beef up my project with further info. Please realize that I am not asking for anyone to do my work for me, but I am asking for help from other psychology students. Thanks to all that can help me!!

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  • How to open in safe mode?

    It has been a long time since I have had to open my computer in safe mode... is it still F1? Thanks in advance

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  • Know the Title and Artist for this song?

    My mother is looking for a song with the lyric "she laughs like broken glass". Any idea who wrote it... and what the title of the song is?

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  • Turn Based Video Games?

    Hi everyone, I have played final fantasy x on the ps2 and am playing final fantasy III on the ds right now. I love this sort of turn based game... but have trouble finding others that play like these two (for example final fantasy x2 was horrible I hated it as I found having to jump and climb walls obnoxious). I have a wii, ps3 and ds... can you recommend games with similar game play (I am one of thoes who spends many hours just leveling up... I am considering Final Fantasy tatics for the ds but would like something with a little bit of a different story line. I would like find something also with the same turn based fighting style)? Thank you guys in advance!!!

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  • Final Fantacy III DS???

    For those of you who have completed this game, what is the best line up to complete the game and does it matter who has what job (I believe the main character should be doing magic... but do the others matter)? I have 15 hours invested into the game (I am only at the Gnome village... yes I am one of thoes crazy trainers) but I think I have made some poor choices job wise. Please don't throw the story line out here... Im just trying to see who/what I should be bringing with me to the end of the game. Thank you all in advance!!!

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