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  • What's a fun Christmas song to sing?

    So the youth band in our Church is gonna play a song at this special program and I wana play a fun Christmas song. Any ideas? Especially one that has like audience involvement.

    ( like saying one part of the song while we sing another) if i couldn't explain that part well then nevermind that part xD

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  • what do i do? I'm so confused ?

    ok so i like this girl. I've only seen her twice and the last time was about a month ago. But we've been talkn a lot lately through txt. She kind of likes me too but the thing keepin her from wanting to be more than just friends is that we live in different towns. I live about 20 min away from her. I'm 15 and she's 14 so we can't drive. So the only time i could probably see her is on weekends. We both haven't told each other that we have feelings for each other even though we both know from other people. Should i tell her how i feel? Should i just drop it since we won't see each other a lot? I'm affraid that if i just keep talking to her casually and without doing anything it will eventually get old.

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  • Can a freezer contain liquid nitrogen for a long time?

    If not could someone please explain what dewar containers are?

    3 AnswersChemistry1 decade ago
  • which air jordan shoe should i get?

    im trying to decide between the air jordan force fusion 5 in the white and red or the black and white air jordan 1 fathers day. iv had my heart set on the fusion 5s cuz i really like the red and white color. but i think the air jordan 1 fathers day are really nice. let me know what you think, thankss.

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  • I've got questions about joining an aau team?

    i'm trying to find an aau team in my area. i live in nothern california, in the central valley. anyways, i've really been wanting to join a team. does anyone know exactly how to find one and how to try out for one?

    2 AnswersBasketball1 decade ago
  • do i like her??

    dang so i used to like this one girl. i moved on after a while even tho i really rely liked her. now i think i might like her again. but wat im worried about is if im bein desperate. i havent liked anyone that much or been with anyone since her. its been like 4 months now. but im startin to think about her a lot more now. her cousin said she probably stil likes me a lil cuz she talks about me a lot. so im not sur if thats like the main reason i might like her again. al i know is that i really dnt like her that much as a person cuz shes not that down to earth. but wen i see a pic of her or even js hear her name it gets all my atention. nd everytime i get a txt or a cal im stil hopin its her.

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  • how do i manage a convorsation??

    whenever i talk to the girl i like on the phone after like 4 min i have no idea wat to say. i can't ever think of anythin! it always ends up bein all akward and quiet or either of us sayin that we have to go or me sayin sumtin really stupid. i mean how do u keep a convorsation wit a girl u really like on the phone??

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  • do u think i like her?? im soo confused!!?

    i like or liked this girl. i think that she likes me rite now. but anyways ive been so confused about my feelins for her. i want to figure it out so i can tell her. i mean i keep on thinkin she has all these great things about her but wen i see her its like i cant believe that this is it. but wen she leaves i feel so bad and i want to be with her. rite now i kinda felt uncomfortable around her and wasnt sure if i would like talkin to her. but i hate not bein around her!! but wen we talk on the fone i kinda enjoy it. well kinda as in i dont want it to stop.

    please do u think i like her??

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  • i cant decide please help!?

    ok so theres these 2 girls. i liked one of them for a while now. like a lot. and she used to like me. she broke my heart like 5 times though but sumthin keeps pullin me back to her. last time i saw her i didnt really have feelins for her. but she still hurt me bad. wen i saw her laughin with one of my friends. i couldnt get her outa my mind. i duno if she likes me now though. life without her seems so wrong and empty. and whenever i think of a really nice place i wana go to i just want to go with her. but i dont get to c her very often.

    the other girl is a pretty good friend of mine. but only lately iv kinda felt feelins for her. i noe her much better than the other girl but dont find her as attractive. but i do like i wen our eyes meet. shes one of those girls that everyones friends with. shes so easy to talk to though. i see her like everyday. please help! which one do u think i should choose?

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  • how do i know if a girl is flirting with me?

    and wat are some good ways to flirt with a girl?

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  • do u think i love her? (im only 13)?

    ok so theres this girl ive bee likin a whole lot for a while. just now though ive felt sumethin different. i realized shes not perfect. i think that many other girls r more attractive and easier to talk to. but they just dont matter. all i can think about is getting to see her again and spendin some time with her. i feel happy and complete wen shes with me. and im not as sad as before. when she didnt like me i was miserable. now i just really want to spend time with her. although the thought of being just friends really hurts. plus i start to like her even more for all the things she does. and wen our eyes meet .... its like everything gets quiet and shes all i can see.

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  • does anyone know the name of this song?

    im not sure about the lyrics but i know it has the word colorful in the title. it has two people in it not sure who. and im pretty sure its r&b. its about how two people's lives were in black and white but when they met it brought color.

    2 AnswersMusic1 decade ago
  • how do u put a video on your phone to your computer?

    the video is pretty long and i cant seem to send it because its oversized. please some help!!!

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans1 decade ago
  • do u think i can move on?

    i liked this girl for a pretty long time now. she used to like me but it was only cuz she felt bad for me. even after i told her not to. ive tryed many times to move one but sumthin keeps tellin me that i should like her and wont let go of her. wen i try to find sumone else all the other girls i think are hot seem to look like this girl. just about every girl i see reminds me of her. and the ones that dont look like her i end up comparing to her. when i see sumone who reminds me of her i cant stop looking at them because they make me feel closer to her.

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  • am i doing the right thing?

    i like this girl who used to like me. but ever since i called her and her dad saw the id and she got in trouble shes stopped liking me. i thought i could move on. then i saw her again. (we hardly see each other) i tryed to avoid her cuz i just didnt want to get in her way. i assumed that she would feel uncomfortable around me. but man i realized that i wouldnt be moving on any time soon. people think i did(including her). but i havent. ive looked for other girls but none make me feel the way she does. its been 8 months since i started liking her. i thought the way i liked her would just be a stage. but everyone time i see her i know that its going to last. ive decided to still like her but i wont try to get her back. im happy if she's happy. seeing her smile and face and hearing her laugh is better than being with some other girl. i know she wont be happy with me. am i doing the right thing? or am i just being stupid?

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  • why the heck do people still call kobe a ball hog ?!?!?!?

    ill admit it kobe was a ball hog his first couple seasons. but now he averages more assits and takes less shots. he puts more trust in his teamates. i mean look luke gets the ball when they need a point against the warroirs. sasha gets the game winning three instead of kobe agaisnt the mavs. because of him putting more trust in his teamates the lakers are in the 4th seed in the west. (coarse that could change cuz its really close but still) i mean just cuz he made some mistakes and WAS a ball hog people that arents lakers fan automatically hate him. people who call him a ball hog don't watch any of his games. so y do u people label him a ball hog?

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