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  • Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    I have been telling a lie since third grade which make kinda sick. Is it woth telling it now after all these years.

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  • Have you ever met a freaky virgin?

    This guy i know is a virgin but he just say the wildest things that gets me hot! We always have phone sex and its better than real sex sometimes! Why is he like this?

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  • Which one should i stay with?

    I knew this guy 4 a long time since like third grade. i just stareted talking to him in my softmore year and he is a senoir. I was going out with his best friend but didnt really like him.I knew i wanted to be with my senoir friend.So my senior friend started to get intimate with me even though i was with his best friend. we kissed and every thing! After i broke up with his best friend staarted taliking 2 this other guy that i soon fell in love with we talke about every thing i was so happy being with him. Then i started talikng back to the senoir and i ended up cheating on the boy i fell in love with cant trueust me even though he knew i still loved the senoir.we broke up and he moved on . what now

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  • How can i get a patent or make one?

    I want to find a website where i can get a patent

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