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  • Indegenes or Indigenous people?

    Why am I getting comments bout "indigene" being a deprecated word? Indigenous is also a replacement but, which one would it be the right one?

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  • How did he rec his iPhone screen?

    I've been googling since ages for a real solution to film/record my iPhone screen.

    There are many tutorial/spoilers on youtube, mostly a webcam filming any iphone screen... but there are few where you can see as if it was the actual iPhone screen been streamed as a feed, and best of all, you can see the finger action on the screen (as a circle).

    You can find a demo here, a common Angry Bird 3stars spoiler:

    Can anyone tell me how the geek did he film it? software? can't be a streamed VLC thing, no lag or similar, plus the finger action wouldn't be filmed that way. Any guide will be much appreciated.

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  • BMW "love it or leave it" music track?

    around 1999, I worked for an agency that created and managed BMW's website in Mexico.

    As part of the material to use, I found a promotional CD, which had few music tracks and a multimedia presentation for the Z3 model. The CD Cover had the "love it or leave it" legend.

    I'm just lost trying to find that tune included in the CD or at least the artist that created such a nice piece of music. Does anyone has a clue of it's name or band/composer? I'm not sure, but it could be possible that the CD came from europe.

    Any help will be more than appreciated!


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  • Qué piensan del Megane (modelo 2004)? Estoy a punto de comprar uno usado y no se que revisar?

    Hola! Para los conocedores de autos en México.

    Estoy a punto de comprar un auto usado, un Megane hatchback 2004 (no se modelo exacto ni especificaciones), tiene todo el show eléctrico, llave de tarjeta, computadora de viaje, et.c.. etc...

    Me lo está vendiendo la misma Renault, en financiamiento y de más.

    Mi duda es... ¿qué realmente debo de revisar? ¿Cómo salieron los Megane de ese año? ¿será una buena inversión?


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  • Windows y uno de sus tantos problemas?

    Pregunta casi reto...

    Tengo una laptop con menos de 1 año de edad. Sony Vaio.

    Todo iba bien, hasta que un día, por X Y o Z, al instalar nuevos programas, los iconos y links creados para ejecutar dichos programas no se registraban... es decir, me sale la carpeta nueva en el menu de "programas" y toda la cosa... pero todos los links para ejecutarlo no sirven y aparecen sin icono. Esto pasa ahora con cualquier software que instalo... No es virus, y NO se trata de decir "reinstala Windows".

    Ya use todo programa de reparador de registros, cleaners, etc... y sin suerte.

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  • How do I fix my gamma (colour profile) in my laptop? printed stuff is so much different than screen!(ASUS LC5)

    OK, here's a tough one I think...

    I have my ASUS LC5 laptop, which works fine... I use it since 1 year ago just for mailing and browsing... nothing else.

    Im a graphic designer so I had my TOP GRAPHIC laptop apart from this one, but sadly just crashed with no reparing options...

    SO.. I need to get this ASUS to do the hard work, Im a graphic designer, Im getting so different colours when printed, even old designs look very different in this screen.

    My Graphic Card : Ati Radeon 9000

    What to do? Ive tried to use ADobe Gamma, but I dont have temperature and contrast controls, just brightness, and I dont have my phosphors profile officialy defined .


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