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  • How much will it cost us to replace HVAC system?

    My fiance and I are currently in the process of bidding on our first house. It is a HUD property in amazingly good condition, except for the fact that the furnace and A/C unit are missing. The duct work and wiring are all there, but the units themselves will have to be replaced. There is a built-in $2200 escrow allotment for the replacement of the HVAC, but I need to know how much more, if any, we'll need to pay out-of-pocket. Can anybody out there give me a standard ball-park estimate of the price of each unit? It can be wholesale, as we have a contractor friend who will do the installation for us if we provide the units.

    Some background info on the house specs: 1900 sq. feet, no basement, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, about 10-12 windows, north-facing. How big/ what kind of a furnace and A/C unit will we need to adequately heat and cool this house? Sorry for the lengthy question, but this is the first house we've ever bought and we don't even know where to begin with the HVAC thing.

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  • Where can I find a CD of classical music mixed with dance beats?

    I am looking for classical pieces- namely Canon and Eine Kleine Nachtmusik- that have been remixed as dance tracks by adding electronic drum beats and sped up a little. I know such tracks exist because I hear them occasionally in movies or on TV shows. I am particularly looking for the Canon remix because I would like to use it in my wedding- it fits my personality so much more than the traditional symphonic version. Thanks in advance for your help!!

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  • Do you guys think leggings are inappropriate for work?

    My boss just came and told me I wasn't dressed appropriately for work. I'm wearing a knee-length skirt with gray leggings (the ones that go all the way down to my ankles) and flats. I don't think I look inappropriate, but now I feel like a skank. I was just trying to follow a trend...

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  • Oops...I think I just pissed off my boss...Can you help?

    One of my supervisors just called me up to see if I could work overtime on a project I was supposed to be helping her with all afternoon, only she's just now done with her end of it and it's 30 minutes to closing time. Normally I would stay and help, but I have plans tonight and I can't stay. I told her I'd come in early tomorrow to help but she said it has to be finished by tonight. Then I made the mistake of saying, "Well, I've been ready to help you all afternoon, and you weren't finished yet." So now she's mad. What do you think I should do? I don't want to get fired...

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