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  • Why do old movies have such bad acting?

    I was watching a few black and white movies lately and the characters acting was not believable in any way, no real emotion shown, and any emotion that is shown is over dramatized. Don't get me started on the accents. Casablanca? Germans with British accents. Why do you suppose acting was so unrealistic back then?

  • Is movie2k blocked in ireland?

    I load the page but don't get my provider saying it blocked the site, but when i try to load it I'm either bumped back to the google search bar, or it asks me if i would like to retry or try a cache version.

    I tried american proxys with the same results, but when i go onto sites which tell you if its offline or if its just me, it says just me. England blocked movie2k but did ireland do it too?

    Provider: vodafone.

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  • Ireland: did vodafone block

    My internet's been down for a week and when i get it up i go on movie2k, but it won't load, it just oddly bumps me back to the google search page, and when i use a proxy site to load movie2k it won't load? even some of the proxys bump me back to the google search page.

    I read that in england some broadband providers blocked the site? is that the same for vodafone broadband?

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  • Road wars, over exaggerate everything?

    Am I the only one who thinks the narrator over exadurates everything and adds a 'could have died' or 'could have been hurt' to almost everything. I duno if it's just me but i think they over exadurate everything.. what do you think?

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  • Survivalist question?

    you were on a cruise with your parents, a storm comes in, you and your parents get blown of deck, you awake on a remote island where there is no food only a small stream, a few days in your father dies, a few days after that your mother,

    would you eat one of your parents in order to stay alive?

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  • The host movie addaption, a flop?

    The book was well detailed and brilliantly written but the movie felt like it was showing clips from an actual movie.. I mean (not to sound odd) but the ending of the book (before the ending chapter) made me cry, but i felt nothing in the movie.. what are your opinions on the movie?

    I believe Stephenie should be forbidden from adapting her books to movies, and instead of focusing time and energy on the movies, which turn out to be not even close to the books, actually spend time on working on sequels.

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  • name of employees at Psychiatric hospital?

    I've seen them in movies, they are called to pick someone up and take them to the hospitals, normaly wearing all white, males, carrying restraint jackets? what is their name? (like doctor, fireman, security guard, names like that)

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  • I'm looking for a multiplayer/mmo style game with these features?

    Must have:

    Must be 2D



    Monsters (zombies will also do.)


    Perma death

    set in wilderness or post Apocalypse

    Surviving the night type game.

    (Please don't post the games you like which have nothing to do with what I'm looking for, people have a tendency to do that *sad face* )

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  • My dog shreds so much hair: anyone else have this problem?


    so It was about a month since the room was hoovered.

    and.. well.. Hair everywhere, I'm not talking about the strands of hair all over the floor, I'm talking about piles and piles and piles of dog hair. like right under my table, nothing but clots of hair, when I was done I had to empty my hoover 2 times, nothing but hair, I mean honestly: what the ****. anyone else have this problem with their dogs?

    2 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • my dogs urine was orange?

    My dogs urine is allways yellow, but today i saw urine on the ground and it was orange? I never see my dog drink liquids, only when she's trying to catch her breath. why doesn't she drink more water?

    4 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • Is there any application both on ios and android to use eachother as a game controller for the other..?

    What a mouth full..

    I mean, is there an application that is on Ios and Android, I want to use my Ipod as a game controller for cs portable on my android tablet, Ik it's possible to do it, but no idea of what apps

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  • Can we please stop posting feminism and masulinism and sexual oppression questions on yahoo answers?

    I mean cmon, from 7 am I'v seen over 15, from the occasional visits. 1 woman makes a topic, then a man complaining about it, then a woman complaining about the mans topic, and it just leads to hell. can we please stop this now?

    3 AnswersSociology8 years ago
  • Why did my spaniel go mad at africans?

    --------------------------Read bellow dam it--------------------------

    When I was a kid we had a female dog which was a spaniel, she wasn't trained in hunting, but when she would see a black person she would attack them (not bite them, but definitely chase them and make em think she would) even if she heard them from 2 houses down.

    (confession: I there was this African kid I hated, he always annoyed me, one day I brought the dog out for a walk and spotted him.. let go of the lead. he ran so fast. *laughs*)


    (No 'owner trained them, or was racist answers' please.)

    10 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • Small white lump on my Scrotum?

    Iv had them for a while now, normally ranging from the size of a dot from a pencil, to almost half the size of a cent coin.. I'v tried poping them, but when i tried with the bigest one i couldnt get it to pop, had to suffer for a week with it in pain, and i think it grew due to that.

    they don't normally hurt unless i go at them hard. (hahaha. I mean try to pop em.) I'm fairly sure they're solid... any diagnosis people?

    2 AnswersMen's Health8 years ago
  • How do computers store information, surely It's stored on something physical?

    Computers can store Information, and wipe it for what must be like forever. but I don't understand, information has to be stored on something physical, wouldn't that physical storage device become brittle over time?..

    4 AnswersOther - Computers8 years ago
  • Beginners guide to rooting nook hd?

    I'v rooted my android phones before, but all the rooting nook guides are beyond me, they appere too complicated and i cant get any youtube tutorials, can i get help? i need a list of programs i will need and a guide on how to implement them.

    I'm prob just going to get a troll answer aren't i..

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design8 years ago
  • Where can i buy a Barnes & Nobels Nook tablet in Ireland?

    Been searching, saw online on a news post that they are selling the Nook now in england & ireland, Please only reply if you know where, I've checked a few places myself.

    2 AnswersPDAs & Handhelds8 years ago
  • System idle process is runing at 95% and IS CAUSING the lag?

    Today when playing minecraft for the first time ever system idle process shot up and began using 95% of my computing power, maybe my computer is backwards, but for me that is a very bad thing. I can no longer play minecraft now, not even on the lowest settings.

    Things I've attempted.

    -Disabled all none windows start up programs. (except antivirus)

    -Disabled all none essential process's from task manager.

    -Installed the latest windows updates.

    -Already had windows update disabled.

    -Restarted computer.

    -Pulled battery out of laptop.

    Look this is very concerning, whenever idle process uses high pc I normally run a game that my computer can barely run and it normally does the job (fix's it) but it's not doing it anymore.

    So can someone tell me any ways, other than specified, that can fix the system idle process 95% computing power usage problem?

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks8 years ago
  • system idle process is destroying my pc!! 95% pc ussage!?

    Please i need it to stop, YES I KNOW IT DOES NO HARM, but its using 95% of my pc!! and i cant run anything withouth extreem lag! eg. minecraft. i've disabled all none essential startup apps. and still no luck, iv stoped all none essential process's in task manager, no luck. system idle process just went extreemly high for the first time, and it wont stop. i'v taken the battery out of my laptop, restarted, installed latest pc updates, and still it rages on! ik ppl say i should be concerned if it used 0% but i liked it like that, no lag, runs fast, and plenty of computing power to spare. now i can do nothing without lag.

    Please someone tell me how to get system idle process to use less of my pc.

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  • Why Isn't it up to the individual to end their life.?

    It's their life, their body, so why Does society get to dictate weather they Have to stay alive.

    Just a debating question, most sound answer and opinions gets best answer.

    1 AnswerOther - Society & Culture8 years ago