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  • Should I upload entire Mass Effect 2 suicide mission in one youtube video, or break it down by section?

    I have uploaded 154 parts of the Mass Effect Trilogy so far. Part 155 starts off going through the Omega 4 Relay. Normally, I upload one video per mission, then another part that deals with the aftermath. The Suicide Mission on Mass Effect 2, however, is over 2 hours long. Spoiler, every single crew member lives, even the minor no name throughout the ship.

    I have broken down other long missions before. Virmire was in 3 parts: Kaiden and Ashley to disable AA Towers, Wrex and Tali to assist Kirrahe's team, then Garrus and Liara to fight Saren then rescue Ashley and Kirrahe.

    Shadow Broker and the aftermath were 3 parts.

    Which option is better?:

    1. Upload the entire suicide mission from passing the Omega 4 Relay to the ending credits.

    2. Break it down by "Disable Valves", then rescue crew and biotic escort, then final reaper fight.

    Note: I save some missions to do after the suicide mission on purpose: Overlord because it's meant for Legion and Tali, then Arrival because I need full power vanguard to survive all 5 waves of Object Rho on insanity level.

    My most recent upload with actual fighting (Legion: A House Divided) is a typical video I upload.

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  • Meaning of Carrie remake ending? SPOILERS, so watch out!?

    The original ending was a Sue Snell nightmare, and the new version had the same "Carrie White burns in Hell", but on her tombstone instead of the For Sale sign. Instead of going for the cheap thrill, they went for something different.

    What do you think the ending meant?

    1. Carrie's powers kept her alive, but in a coma. Now she's waking up in a coffin 6 ft. under.

    2. Carrie's hiding in the nearby woods, and does not approve of her defaced tombstone.

    3. Sue Snell is unknowingly related to Carrie, and her own powers are starting.

    4. Sue Snell is unknowingly related to Carrie, and her unborn daughter has Carrie's powers.

    5. Tommy is unknowingly related to Carrie, and his unborn daughter has Carrie's powers.

    I personally think it's #4.

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  • Was Cain really Adam's son, or Lucifer's? Does Genesis try to tell us there are other ancestors?

    I stumbled upon some references that suggests that the REAL reason why Adam and Eve were banished from Eden was Eve being seduced by Satan/Lucifer, and became pregnant. The "apple" might refer to something that Adam and Eve were not supposed to know about, and not an actual apple.

    Gen4:1 - Eve says, "I have gotten a man from the Lord" after giving birth to Cain.

    Gen 4:15-26 - The Lord puts the mark on Cain, and allows him to live. Interestingly, Cain's lineage lists where WE got skills in the arts, trades, and crafts, while not letting us know how long that line lived. Adam's line lists the hundreds of years each one lived.

    Gen 5:1-32 - Adam's lineage traced from Seth (Eve's third son) to Noah's sons. Abel is not included because he was killed before he had children, and Cain is not listed because he is not Adam's son.

    Gen 6:2 - "The Sons of God saw the daughters of men, and they took them as wives." Does this indicate that WE had other ancestors?

    Gen 6:3 - God admits that man's time on Earth will be approximately 120 years from now on. Was our long life span bred out from us?

    Gen 6:4 - "There were giants in the earth in those days." and the daughters of men bore children from the sons of God."

    Finally, waaay near the end of the Bible (1 John 3:12), Cain is referred to as "of that wicked one".

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  • Lincoln Memorial green paint vandalism suspect. Did you already know it was a foreigner beforehand?

    I had my suspicions, but I got the race wrong. I was also about 40 years off on the age.

    Still, I'm glad it wasn't an American who did this.

    Why do I get the feeling that the newstations all stomped their feet in disappointment that the suspect wasn't some conservative right wing tea partier?

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  • Want to post a Mass Effect Trilogy "perfect" playthrough (all DLC) on youtube. Male or Femshep?

    I want suggestions.

    I am planning to record an entire Mass Effect Trilogy playthrough, then post each mission on youtube one at a time. I have PS3, so Mass Effect 1 will be the updated, nonprimitive version. It will be an INSANITY playthrough.

    I want to show where all of the hidden stuff is, like that couple hiding in Eden Prime.

    I want to show when is the best time to do each side mission.

    The best time to explore a solar system.

    The best squad members to take for each mission.

    1. Would people rather see a male default Shepard, or my custom Femshep? What she looks like:

    2. Do you want INFILTRATOR or VANGUARD?

    3. Should I have Shep romance anyone?

    4. Total blue paragon or go the mainly paragon path with a few renegade choices?

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  • "Immigration, student loan top congressional agenda" article. Isn't one affecting the other?

    I can't feel sorry for people drowning in student debt pursuing their Philosophy degrees. Don't most of them cheer illegal immigration, vote democrat, then wonder why they can't find a middle class job?

    I Like how the article won't allow comments. Do they have something to hide?

    I can see no problem getting a student loan for perhaps the remaining one year of school, but ALL FOUR YEARS?

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  • Mass Effect 3: what is the best weapon MOD to take down a brute or banshee?

    I never use the weapon mods increase penetration, but lowers damage, and I don't use mods that increase weight because I like a recharge speed of 200%.

    I use male infiltrator with the Indra sniper rifle, and the pistol Tali gives you.

    I do not carry an assault rifle, a shotgun, and I ditch the submachine gun the infiltrator can use.

    By traveling light, my cloak comes back almost immediately, and my incinerate is almost rapid fire.

    My bonus power is the Geth shield boost I got from Legion way back in Mass Effect 2.

    I may not necessarily use the mod myself, but I might have a squad mate use it if it works.

    What's better on brutes and banshees, disrupter ammo or cryo ammo?

    Is the increased penetration worth losing the extra damage?

    I'm good enough to make it through as is, but if there is an easier way, I would appreciate it. I don't like having to keep hiding, running away, and having to revive unconscious squad mates.

    I'm about to attack the Illusive Man's base, throw the party, then finish the game with male Shepard, but my femshep vanguard is still on ME1, so I want to be prepared when she gets to ME3.

    I have finished the saga with both, but this is my first time being able to do it with ME1. I've always been afraid to use the ammo that goes through shields and armor but at the cost of lesser damage.

    I over heard that woman outside your apartment talking to that vorcha about types of ammo. to use.

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  • The Udina/Kai Leng situation in Mass Effect 3? Can you get the best outcome without playing ME1 and 2?

    I had just finished "Priority: The Citadel II" mission, but this was the first time I did it with imported saves from both ME1 and ME2. I have some questions about that mission for those of you who started Mass Effect 3 fresh without ever playing ME1 and 2.

    My first time playing Citadel II last year, I thought ME3 simply picked up where ME2 left off, so playing the other 2 weren't necessary. ME1 didn't even exist on PS3 then.

    I didn't know unfinished Citadel side missions expire after Priority Tuchanka, so I missed some of them. Kai Leng killed that counselor, and I picked the "R1" button which killed Ashley. I was so mad, I went out and got ME2, and didn't even finish that 1st playthrough. I now realize that if I didn't press R1, one of my squad mates would've shot her anyway.

    When I played ME2, with a nearly perfect ending, I had Thane show up in ME3 to stop Kai Leng's assassination attempt, I got the blue dialect option to slowly convince Ashley to take our side. I believe she was the one who shot Udina. Later, I had to do some convincing to get her to turn down Anderson's offer, and rejoin the ship.

    Now, I just finished Citadel II yesterday, but I imported a nearly perfect ME1 playthrough (I only messed up Conrad Verner's missions), and a perfect ME2 playthrough (all loyal, no deaths, not even any of the abducted crew), with every downloaded content for all 3 games. I also completed all side missions before doing Priority Tuchanka.

    This time around, after Thane saved the counselor, I got the "L1" option when I ran into Ashley. I didn't even get into any type of argument with her, and I got the "R1" option and shot Udina myself.

    When I ran into Ashley outside the ship, I didn't even have to convince her to turn down Anderson's offer. Before I could really say anything, Ashley said that she would rather rejoin the Normandy, and I got her back without trying. She wasn't my love interest, Liara is.

    QUESTION 1: Did it matter that I took Garrus and Liara with me, Ashley's squad mates from Mass Effect 1? I took those two specifically for that reason. I remember at the end of the Mass Effect 2 Horizon mission, Ashley goes off on both you AND Garrus if he is present. If he's not there, then you face Ashley's wrath alone.

    QUESTION 2: What if I had taken EDI, who now occupies the robot body that sent Ashley to the hospital for over a month? Does Ashley say something about that?

    QUESTION 3: If you start off with Mass Effect 3, Is there a way to get the same result I just did?

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  • Mass Effect 3 default: Is Kirrahe alive or dead?

    This one is for all of you who played Mass Effect 3, but without the Mass Effect 2 imported save.

    I was wondering about the Kai Leng assassinating the counselor scene.

    1. If you played ME2, Thane might come in and stop the assassination (my playthrough).

    2. Kirrahe might step in if you saved him in ME1, and Thane died in ME2.

    3. If both Kirrahe and Thane are dead, then Kai Leng succeeds in killing the counselor, meaning you are probably getting Kaiden or Ashley killed pretty soon.

    So, if you have only played ME3, what was the outcome? Does Kirrahe come in, or does the default have him as dead, and Kai Leng kills the counselor?

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  • Why am I very relieved that the Boston Bomber is a foreigner from the middle east?

    Likewise, I'm sure the liberals all were very angry that It wasn't caused by a right wing white supremacist.

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  • Are all ethnic groups wishing "I hope the Boston Bomber isn't one of my people"?

    The Muslims are praying to Allah that it's not one of them.

    The Chinese, Japanese, North Koreans, etc., are hoping it's not an Asian.

    The Hispanics are hoping it's not an illegal alien.

    The blacks are hoping it's not yet another black crime.

    The white liberals are hoping democrats aren't the cause.

    The white conservatives are hoping it's not a white supremacist.

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  • Your hardest Mass Effect mission, where you died the most?

    On Mass Effect 3, I got killed 13 times on that last mission where you (with Javik and Garrus) fight by the missile trucks, yet I died 11 times during the rest of the game combined.

    Now, as an ME veteran who has played Mass Effect 2 twice (once on veteran level), and Mass Effect 3 once, I got killed 18 times on Mass Effect 1's Therum mission. It's the one where you spend the first half in the 6 wheel Mako, then the rest of it in the caves looking for Liara.

    My problem was I (with Garrus and Tali) did that one real early, and didn't have high enough skills built up.

    Mass Effect 2's Horizon mission (with Mordin and Garrus) and Derelict Reaper mission (with Tali and Grunt) were the hardest for me, but I only died maybe twice each.

    For you ME fans, which missions were the most troublesome back then?

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  • Could you consider the Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC the REAL ending?

    When you finish the game, you return to just before assaulting the Illusive Man's base, but I believe you keep whatever skill you reached plus any weapon upgrades.

    With that Citadel DLC, you take your whole squad with you, and you can actually see the other two teams off in the distance.

    In your final confrontation with your evil twin, he/she has your exact skills. I was a level 58 infiltrator with all of the skills maxed out except missing one on sticky grenade, and two on sabotage. I don't know about you guys, but my twin was super hard. It kept turning invisible on me, and the cloak not only lasted a long time, but it regenerated only a few seconds later, and getting hit with incinerate had me reaching for a medi gel after one hit.

    I did like that public arena where you can invite any past or present squad member. It was nice to see how people like Miranda, Jacob, Kasumi, and Zaeed fight in ME3, plus having odd team ups like Grunt and Wrex on your team at the same time, or Miranda with EDI.

    The party, however, was how it should've ended, and since I had everyone survive the end of ME3 (EDI can always get another body), I think I can use that party as the true ending, can't I?

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  • Citadel DLC: Can you play it after finishing the game, which puts you back on the ship later?

    I haven't played the Citadel DLC yet, but I have finished the game.

    I noticed that after I finished the game, ended up back on the ship, and that was how I was able to sample all endings.

    Am I able to just load that old game save, and play the Citadel DLC without going through it all?

    Im on ME1.

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  • High school: Did you cringe when you hear people refer to high school as the best years of your life?

    When I graduated years ago in 1986, an old woman teacher arranging our graduation practice said, as we were walking down the aisles, "Stand tall! These are the best years of your life, look back at them fondly!"

    I felt like someone stabbed me when she said that. I remember thinking, "The best years of my life? This is it?!?!? This is as good as it's ever going to get?!? These past 4 years sucked! I couldn't stand them, and I can't stand half the people I go to school with!"

    Now looking back 27 years, I know for a fact she was dead wrong, and might even suggest she knew she was lying to all of us.

  • Mass Effect Citadel DLC: Best way to get max number of guests at the party?

    When I get to the ME3 Citadel DLC, I want to be able to have EVERYONE that I (we?) knew from all three games attend party.

    However, when is the best time to play that mission?

    If I play too late, won't I miss getting Mordin and Legion? Thane?

    Also, presume:

    I'm saving Ashley in ME1

    I had all 12 loyal squad members survive ME2.

    I saved every abducted crew member in ME2, including Kelli, Ken, Gabby, and Gardner.

    I chose Samora over Morinth.

    Dr. Michel was my ME3 doctor, and I got Ken and Gabby to rejoin the crew in ME3..

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  • A houseful of girls want to go see OZ tonight? Is it worth MY money to let them go see it?

    Before I waste almost $100 tonight, is OZ any good?

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  • Would a real life "Walking Dead" catastrophe be an improvement to your life?

    I'm so tired of the rat race. Although I'm 45, and have a retirement after I quit working, I would look forward to relying on my wits in an empty, depopulated world, with a group of family and friends.

    I know safe areas to live, can shoot a gun, can hunt, know where food is, and grow food.

    So, would a Mad Max, Terminator, zombie apocolypse, or alien invasion ruin your life, or give you a rebirth? Especially those of you with a police record, or a dead end career?

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  • Mass Effect 1: Assign powers to a single button like parts 2 and 3?

    Although I played ME2 and 3 and did everything right, I have PS3, so I never actually played ME1.

    I'm on the first mission, where you and Kaiden meet Ashley, and where Nihlus gets killed by Saren.

    I'm so used to the button set up from the other two games, that I'm doing stupid stuff like throwing grenades when no enemies are around, and wasting medi gels when our health is already 100%.

    In ME2 and 3, I just press the triangle button for my main power (cloak), and a quick tap on the trigger for the other (incinerate). So far, I can only use my power if I hold down the wheel, and select the power.

    Is there a way to assign a quick button activate power in ME1? I looked online, but I keep getting long pages of stuff I'm not looking for.

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  • King of Country A marries Queen of Country B. They have 2 sons. Does the oldest inherit both kingdoms?

    How does it work?

    Let's say the King of Vulcan marries the Queen or Ork, and they are both absolute rulers of their kingdoms.

    They have two sons.

    Which one is correct:

    1. The first born inherits both kingdoms, and by effect, becomes an emperor.

    2. If the firstborn accepts the crown on Vulcan, then Ork falls to the younger son.

    3. The oldest prince gets Vulcan, but the Queen of Ork can will her kingdom to her younger son if she prefers.

    Going by history, what would the people of Ork prefer? Would they prefer their kingdom to automatically go to their queen's oldest, or would they prefer their king to not have two kingdoms at the same time, and would rather have the younger prince become King of Ork if his older broher becomes King of Vulcan?

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