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  • How to secure my router?

    I have a Belkin wireless router. There has always been a password for connecting to the router but I did not have an admin password until today. Until now I didn't need one. I have a roommate who decided that since the router did not have an admin password he would go in and change all the settings giving him top priority for everything. He even set it up so the router read as two separate networks. Long story short I restored factory defaults and set up an admin password. This guy considers himself a hacker though so it won't be long until he tries to get passed it. How do I keep it safe for the moment?

    2 AnswersComputer Networking7 years ago
  • Will America join the EU?

    Yes I know the EU is for European countries but it makes sense that as it grows that may well change. I for one think that it's a good idea. As an American I'm tired of being hated (as I'm sure I'll feel from many responders to this post). I'm not a wild west cowboy, I don't think America should police the world and I believe we are becoming more and more ignorant as time goes by. The EU could help change America for the better. Yes we are in decline but we could become a powerful ally to the EU if we changed our ways.

    So to sum it up in a sentence I'm asking Europeans to help us because we seem incapable of helping ourselves right now.

    9 AnswersInternational Organizations8 years ago
  • Windows 7 "XP mode"?

    I have Windows 7 and an old game that only runs on XP. On the net I found a way to run the game in XP mode and the game works. My questions are 1: I thought XP Mode wasn't available for Windows 7 Home. That's what I have and it has XP mode. 2: I thought you had to download XP mode. I didn't download anything and I bought this computer brand new so I know no one else did either. 3: What exactly is XP Mode and how come it will even allow me to select which service pack I want to run?

    1 AnswerSoftware8 years ago
  • Assassins Creed and phoning home?

    I recently bought the first Assassins Creed and it wasn't long before I started having trouble with it. I noticed the game would pause for 3 to 5 seconds after every kill. I tried turning down the graphics as my PC is no powerhouse. This didn't work so I went online for help. It seems the game phones home after every kill and I was told to disable my internet connection. I did and that solved the problem but is there a way to play the game while online without it phoning home and ruining your game? Ubi Soft is evil.

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  • Different types of atheists?

    In recent years I've developed a somewhat negative opinion of atheists not because they don't believe in a God but because they seem to mock anyone who does. HOWEVER it appears I may be wrong. From what I've been researching there are two basic types of atheists.

    1. The type who does not believe but won't mock you for believing or argue as long as you don't argue or mock them.

    2. The type I have the most experience with who says things like "You believe in the sky wizard! HAHAAHA! I don't because I'm too smart for that. Do you believe in Santa too? HAHAHAHA!!!

    From my short research it would appear type 1 atheist does not get along with type 2 atheist because type 2 atheist gives type one atheist a bad name. If this is the case then I guess my opinion of atheists needs to be reassessed.

    12 AnswersReligion & Spirituality8 years ago
  • What are my rights as a temp employee?

    After being laid off at my full time job I found a temporary to permanent one at a warehouse. I was told I would be working at least 37.5 hours per week if not more. The first week went okay but then work slowed down and they began sending people home early. Then today I got a call from the temp staffing place saying there was not enough work and that I did not have to come in to work tonight and maybe not tomorrow either. To add insult to injury the company keeps hiring more and more temps despite the lack of work. That way if they have a busy night they have enough people. In the mean time we get sent home.

    I tried talking tot the staffing agency who copped an attitude and asked me if I wanted to quit (I sure do but then I can't get unemployment so I'm not going to.) They won't willingly release me from my contract so I can collect unemployment but instead want me to work whatever limited hours they throw my way. What are my rights? I live in NC.

    3 AnswersLaw & Legal8 years ago
  • How well will my computer run The Secret World?

    It has a 2.7 Ghz duel core processor, 4 gigs of ram, a 512 meg on board video card and runs Windows 7. I'm asking because it seems the recommended specs for the game are pretty high.

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games8 years ago
  • USB mouse and keyboard not working?

    I've been trying to get an old IBM Lenovo to recognize my mouse and keyboard. I had some trouble with the software and thought the easiest way to solve it was to use Rescue and Recovery to set the machine back to manufacturer specifications. It's now like it was when it came out of the box back in 2006. Everything worked fine except the USB mouse and keyboard stopped working. They work fine when the PC is booting up but once XP starts to run they go dead. Any ideas how to fix this?

    2 AnswersAdd-ons8 years ago
  • Is it okay to leave my laptop plugged in?

    Three days ago I bought a brand new laptop. I've never been a big fan of laptops but for a few reasons I ended up buying one. I decided to hook it up to a 22 inch flat screen TV for a monitor and I plugged in my old keyboard and mouse. I am using it as a desktop and so it is always plugged in. Will this wear the battery out over time or is it okay to keep it plugged in?

    6 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks8 years ago
  • Why has Google Chrome become a memory hog?

    Granted my PC is not state of the art. It's an IBM Lenovo with a Pentium 4 3.0Ghz processor and two gigs of ram. XP is the operating system. For a long time I used Google Chrome with no problems and I loved it but last night that changed. I went to Youtube and streamed a video only to have it stop and stutter and long story short run crappy. I checked the resources and it said my PC was using 100% of them. Google Chrome was the hog. Normally a Youtube video even at 720p uses about 50% and no more than 60 or 62%. I went back to using Firefox and problem solved. Everything works great again. What's up with Chrome?

    3 AnswersSoftware8 years ago
  • In a 2007 Suzuki Reno where does the transmission connect to the engine?

    I know it's front wheel drive and I think the transmission sits on the drivers side. Am I right?

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • Why do people snap and go out and kill?

    This is not an anti-gun rant so please don't scream at me. My question is what leads people to go out and do what somebody did in that theater last night. I'm sure the man didn't go from being an OK guy to wanting to shoot up a theater full of people over night. What leads to this. This is an important question. Asking it does not mean I am saying people like him are innocent because it's society that makes them that way. They must take responsibility for their own actions. However finding what the contributing factors are would go a long way in preventing such incidents in the future.

    5 AnswersPsychology8 years ago
  • Engine idles up slightly when coming to a stop?

    I have a 2007 Suzuki Reno (yes I know bad car blah blah blah). Anyway I have noticed that the engine idles up slightly when coming to a complete stop. The tachometer goes up for a moment and then back down. It happens just before the car completely stops. Is this normal or is the transmission slipping?

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • will a faulty tire pressure sensor cause you to fail inspection?

    I live in NC. My tire pressure light blinks from time to time and then stays on. According to the manual the cause is not a low tire if the light blinks. The manual says I have a faulty sensor in one of the tires. Will this cause my car to fail a state inspection?

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • Are we doing away with privacy?

    I just finished a computer game called Don't Take it Personally Babe It Just Ain't Your Story. For those who have not played it and would like to please note, spoilers ahead...

    The game takes place in 2027. you play as a teacher who is secretly (as far as he knows) reading private posts by his students on a social networking site similar to Facebook. The game attempts to make you feel guilty about this and it does so quite well. However...

    At the end of the story you find out it was a hoax put on by the class who knew all along their teacher was reading their "Amie Connect" posts. It's revealed that the students have no understanding of what privacy actually is. Even a parent of one of the students refers to privacy as antiquated. My question is this: Is this game really that far fetched or are we slowly losing a sense of privacy in the new "Facebook" world? Are people really blurting out more things on social networks that we used to see as private?

    3 AnswersFacebook8 years ago
  • Question about Steam software?

    I recently downloaded a few games from Steam. When I access them the Steam software accesses Steams website. Does this mean that if my internet connection goes down I will not be able to play any games I have downloaded from Steam?

    4 AnswersSoftware8 years ago
  • Intel Pentium 4 HT duel core or not duel core?

    I have read several articles about this processor some claiming it to be a duel core processor and others claiming it as a single core processor. An old article by Lenovo from 2005 lists it as a duel core while Wikipedia lists it as a single core. Which is it?

    2 AnswersDesktops8 years ago
  • Question about my ancient PC?

    OK it's not ancient by historical standards but it was built in 2006. It's an IBM Lenovo. Today I decided to see if it would play Morrowind and it actually did. However I was having some glitches so I decided to look at the diagnostic the Morrowind game has built into it. It's telling me I have (quote taken directly from diagnostic software) "Number of Processors: 2" This thing is way too old to have a duel core processor and if it did I'm sure the guy who sold it to me would have wanted a lot more for it. So what exactly does this mean?

    1 AnswerPC8 years ago
  • Windows won't update?

    I have Windows XP. It says there are updates for it. When I download and install them it says it was successful however soon after the little shield icon pops back up and tells me that I have updates to install. If I look at the restore point for today it also tells me that the update took place. So why does my PC keep insisting I have updates to install and then try to install the same updates I installed ten times already?

    3 AnswersSoftware8 years ago
  • Question about Amitriptyline?

    I suffer from insomnia. In the past I took Ambien and then Restoril. Both eventually lost effect. Today I went to my doctor and she prescribed Amitriptyline. One of my worries about the other drugs losing their effect was that I was becoming more dependent on them. My doctor told me Amitriptyline is not addictive but when I researched it I found reports of euphoria going all the way back to the 1970's. Does Amitriptyline produce euphoria and is it potentially addictive?

    2 AnswersOther - Health8 years ago