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  • My dog is acting a bit weird, or maybe im paranoid?

    My dog is a pug, 9 years old. For some reason I have been noticing recently that he never actually closes his eyes, he is fully alert, even at night. Tonight I was on the laptop in bed, and my dog was just laying there not licking me, not trying to get my attention, but he would never actually sleep. He makes the snoring noises the pugs do (like he is sleeping) but if I put my hand in front of his face, and move it around he follows it like he is alert. One thing I notice which I am not to worried about is the fact that he will never sleep until I go to sleep. I believe that is normal but just wondering. Anyways I could be overreacting, but thought why not ask here.

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  • Why do I feel like something terrible has to happen to me for myself to be close to God?

    I always hear stories on how people went through trials, and that is the way they found God.. like a family member dying, and in church they always say your going to face hard things.. So I am now paranoid something terrible is going to happen to me and that’s the only way I will have a strong relationship with God. I feel like I am going crazy.

    4 AnswersReligion & Spirituality2 years ago
  • Why do I feel like God is going to take something away from me to build my relationship with him?

    I always hear stories on how people go through trials like a family member dying, and how that brought them to God.. and in church people say your going to face hard things. So I am now paranoid the only thing that’s gonna make me have a relationship with God is something terrible happening to me.. and I really don’t want that.. am I going insane?!?!

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  • I don’t know what to think about later life.?

    I’m still a kid and I always worry about things like what happens when you die do you just forget everything and u never talk again and ur family is just gone, I go to a Christian school and identify as christian but im still worried about what will happen when I die, or if I die young. I know this isn’t something a 12 year old kid should worry about but I do. Anyone have any recommendations to kinda keep this off my mind. I also just am starting to have a huge fear of anyone dying I’m always aware of things more. Like if my dad drops me off at school i never forget to say love you because I never want my last words to be bad. So anyone have any ideas on how to help that fear go away?

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  • You answered a question earlier about my interests changing.?

    So I had one more question, I think it also could be because I took a break from medicine. I take guanfacine and methylphenidate for adhd and I stopped for 4 days because we needed to reorder them. On the first day of camping I was having fun and I hadn’t taken my medicine but the past today and yesterday it’s been pretty bad I notice when my medicine wears off I start feeling better. I think that the dosage may of been high so when I came back it blew me out. I’m not sure if you know about medicine and all that but does that maby give you anything on what may of caused it?

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  • I’ve been camping with my dad and brother for 7 years at the same spot every summer it’s always been fun but this year I’ve just been bored?

    All the things like going to the pool I used to do a lot I just don’t want to do also biking. Idk if it’s im older or what. But literally everything just seems so like just meh. Like it’s not killing me but it’s not super fun it’s just meh.

    4 AnswersMental Health2 years ago