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My love of horses has driven me throughout my whole life. They are my motivation, my stress relief and my best friends. I have been blessed with so many things in my career with horses. Barrel racing, team penning, roping, eventing, jumping, competitive trail, cowboy races/challenges, pleasure, showmanship and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve trained, bred and helped with rescue and abuse cases. My true dream though is to open my own rehabilitation center for the disabled kids. You've never seen a child smile until they look down at you from the back of a horse with their wheelchair nowhere in site! I am also happily married. No kids yet but we have fun with our 2 dogs buddy( rescued min. pinscher mix) and Chloe (Boxer). They both keep us entertained.

  • Looking for an equine planner?

    Hello everyone,

    So I went shopping today and saw the cutest day planner at a local tack shop. It had monthly and weekly pages along with tabbed record/reminder sections for farrier, vaccinations, purchases, worming and addresses in the back! The one I saw was over $40 (really cute western leather cover with conchos) !!!! Do you guys know of anywhere that sell these planners cheaper? This kind of "horse" planner would help me out so much but I can't seem to find any online! I dosn't have to me fancy, have leather or bling conchos on it... A plain loking one would be fine with me. Can you guys help me find some? Or do you know of any good places to purchase them?? Thanks everyone!!

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  • Whats you opinion on sports medicine boots?

    I've recently bought a Leopard Appaloosa mare and Im try to decide which brand of sport medicine boots Im going to purchase. I usually go for Professionals Choice SMB's (right now most of my horses are wearing the smb-3 style I wondered if you guys had any input on the new Elite style? My eyes have also been drawn to the Classic Equine Legacy boots I've never tried them and Im just wondering what you guys think of them. Please do not answer/ reply to this if you have no experience with the brands Ive listed above! I really want you first hand reviews... Thanks everyone and I look forward to you answers!

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  • One more horse isn't going to hurt a thing!?

    Hey guys! I need help with some a horse name. I may be picking up a 16.2 double registered leopard appaloosa mare tomorrow! However I dont like her given barn name... (Sissy?) Any ideas? I'm really into to western and indian names but am completely brain dead tonight! Help?

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  • O The Insanity! Vet Check Question?

    I asked this question a few months ago but I wanted a second opinion from you guys. How much does a vet check cost these days? I live in Ohio.

    I may be considered crazy but Im 5'3 and thinking about purchasing a 17.3 hh OTTB gelding. He is 6 and was too slow to run, has already been retrained. I know I'm going to have to get x-rays, the thought already makes me sick to my stomach of how much I am going to be charged. Also, do the majority of vets allow you to make payments these days? My current vet does but he will be unable to do the vet exam for me. (Horse is about 6 hours away!) Anything will help and thank you!

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  • What do I do about a husband who can't hold down a job?

    We were married in December and I was laid off 2 days after the honeymoon and his job of 6 years completely shut down. Since then he has gone through 4-5 jobs! Quitting them all within a month of working. He blames it all on anxiety and stress (which he is even taking medication for!). Last month he found a really good job but we still couldn’t hack all the bills on his paycheck and unemployment alone, so we decided he would transfer through his job and we would move 2 hours away to live with his parents! At the time I was ok with it. I love my in-laws!! But after being here only 2 weeks, he quit! He just quite and blamed it once again on stress and anxiety! Now we live in the middle of nowhere, with an even smaller job market and Im really worried about being able to find another job. Im at my wits end! I love him with all my heart but I want a husband, not someone I constantly have to fight with to hold down a job. The sad thing is his parents are starting to see what Im going through and aren’t to happy with him either. Im torn on packing my stuff and telling him to either straighten up or just ride this out and see if his parents can help me get him back to the guy I married. What should I do? I don’t want to leave but I’m not going to live my life like this!

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  • Bill of sale/ Legal horse document?

    I'm hoping you guys can help me! I'm selling a horse for $500 and have agreed to let the buyer make payments to me. The horse will remain in my care until everything is paid in full. (I am selling the horse to a teen, but the parents will also be required to sign the papers as well.) I need help writing up a bill of sale for this. She will be putting $100 down and paying a minimum of $100 a week. For some reason I am having writers block and can't think of how to word it lol. Links to other similar bills of sale would be great as well as I'm not having any luck with my searches. Thanks guys, any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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  • How much does a vet check run these days?

    Alright, here's the deal, my usual vet has been a life long friend and this coming Saturday he will be retiring. His equine expertise will be sorely missed. He has been working with my horses for so long he only charges me gas $$ for vet checks. I have a horse I'm going to look at next Monday and am going to need a vet check from a local vet. How much have vet checks been running these days?

    I've posted a link to the horse I am hoping to buy. He is not a show quality gelding by any means, just a grade paint with the possibility to be registered. He hasn't been ridden in awhile and needs some basic training. I plan on purchasing him to give my 15 yr. old niece her first taste of finishing a saddle broke horse. ( I will be there to supervise the whole thing as I have trained horses for the past 10 years.) I think with some good conditioning and elbow grease this guy could be a very attractive trail mount. He is 16.1hh and built like a tank!

    (the last pic is the best)

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  • I need a new saddle! Maybe you can help?

    Alright everyone, I need a new or used All Purpose or Dressage saddle for my husband. I don't want to spend a lot due to the fact that he has just started riding english and I'm not sure he is going to stick with it (he is more of a western guy). I would like to spend around $500 on a saddle that preferably comes with leathers and irons. Bridle and pad would be a plus but not necessary. He needs a size 17.5-18" seat and wide tree. NO SYNTHETIC unless it is really nice! I've already looked on ebay but wasn't impressed. Any good/cheap horse websites? Used tack shops? Anything will help! Thanks!

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  • Fly spray with sun screen?

    Does anyone know of a good fly spray with a built in sunscreen to help keep black horses coat from fading? Just bought a friesian and don't want to take the chance on him fading out this summer. Any other tips would be great for black horses too! Thanks everyone!

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  • Sewing surcingle's and leg straps into horse sheets?

    I just bought a fleece show sheet and fly sheet for my horse and need to sew in surcingle's and leg straps (I paid almost nothing for them!). However, I'm really unsure how to do this? I was wondering if anyone had any good tips or know of any websites that sell complete kits to do this? I plan on using them for shipping or when the horses are in their stalls or at shows but would like to make them as heavy duty as possible. Any tips would be great!

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  • Any good recipes for pork chop seasoning?

    I'm making pork chops tonight for dinner and am out of the prepackaged seasoning I usually use. Does anyone have a recipe for one? I need something fast and easy! Thanks!

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  • New to growing seeds, can you help?

    I love gardening and everything about it, so this year i decided to try and grow seeds myself indoors. Ive been having good luck so far although a few didn't turn out so hot (foxglove and 4'o clocks! I think I planted the seeds too deep). Anyway I have Columbine, Lupine, Asters and Canterbury Bells that are doing fairly well so far. They don't have there "true" leaves yet. So my question is would it be safe to put the ones that have already started growing in my 4 tier greenhouse outside. It has a clear cover and I'm not really sure if that will harm them being in direct sunlight. Its been in the upper 60's here the past few days so it should be warm enough in the green house. Any other tips would be really helpful too! I'm new to this part of gardening and am constantly wondering if I'm doing it right lol. Thanks everyone!

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  • English moss?? What could this be?

    Hope someone out there can help. Ive recently found a seed package of my sisters that is labeled English Moss (it also has por + sh. written by it) with no other info. Does anyone know what kind of moss this can be? Ive tried looking it up and have found nothing! My sister is recently deceased so I am really curious as to what it can be! Thanks!

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