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Hey I'm Sarah. I'm 19. I'm a christian. I love music, writing, sketching, reading, tv, and sleeping. I've abandon my account a little but come back here every so often.

  • Reading excersized for 1st grader?

    I just got a job tutoring for a company and my first student is this 1st grade girl with reading problems. She knows how you're supposed to read, she sounds out each letter then says it faster to hear what the word sounds like, but she has trouble when its a combination of letters like words ending in -ght or silent e's are what she has most trouble with but that's just what I've learned after one session. I'm trying to explain that when they are together they make a whole new sound but I'm not sure that made any sense to her. Are there any exercises online that I can give her or any special rule or trick to help her learn and remember this? Thanks so much!

  • Am I still in love if I don't feel it in the same way?

    I don't really get butterflies with my boyfriends anymore. I used to but I don't anymore. I still love talking to him. I still love being around him and hes still my best friend and the one I go to with everything and who understand me. I love the idea of spending the rest of my life with him but the thing is I always question myself and about 2 months ago someone posed the question to me if I was really in love. Ever since then its been bothering me, keeping me up nights, not letting me enjoy my time with him and i keep trying to figure it out. I mean my gut usually tells me I am but i wonder if my gut is just me being stubborn or thinking that I could never find anyone else like him. No one who understood me the way he does. Hes the first real friend I've ever had. If i don't feel all those movie cliches like "falling in love more and more each day" or "waking up and falling in love all over again" or just getting butterflies whenever you see them is it still love? or are you just desperately hanging on to something that's not there anymore?

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  • My speakers aren't working?

    Alright I've done nearly everything to fix them! They were working fine in the same day then I took my desktop to CompUSA to have some RAM installed because I tried doing it myself and it didn't work (also CompUSA SUCKS they didn't even install it right they did the same thing I did so I got the same result and the only way they will "test" it is if I pay another $30) so I had to unplug it and take it back out and when I plugged it back in again suddenly my speaker DON'T WORK!!

    I'm going a little crazy because I've browsed the internet and have done nearly everything that I have been told to do! I checked the soundcard it says its working fine and enabled and everything, I have them on and turned all the way up, plugged them in the same exact way I do every time, I don't know whats happening and I'm going nuts!! For the love of all that is holy help me!!!

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  • Should I drop out and get my GED?

    I'm in the 11th grade. I've been having a really tough time socially in high school for the past three years. I have depression and social anxiety. What my therapist has told me is that I'm not quite on the same level as most teenagers and that things will get easier for me when I get into college. I'm finishing up my year and been debating whether I should go ahead and finish my last miserable year or skip the year and go onto college. I'm not an overachiever or anything. All I plan on doing is going to my local community college for my first two years. I want to study creative writing (to become a writer) and nursing (because I know writing novels doesn't really pay the bills). Then hopefully attend University of Iowa (I want to join the Iowa Writers Workshop, hoping that I'm good enough).

    If I dropout and get my GED am I making a huge mistake? I'm not sure I can stand another year in high school.

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  • What is wrong with me?

    I have this thing were sometimes (maybe once or twice a month) I will try to fall sleep but something wakes me up. Its like theres a live wire shooting through me and I can't stop it. So I try to fall asleep but it keeps wakinig me up. Generally the only way to make it go away is to move or twitch my legs. Sometimes it will be so hard I have to get up and run laps around my house until I'm too tired. Even then sometimes I go back to bed and it will come back. It kept me up til 4 last night and I had to miss school. Please tell me whats going on.

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  • Reasons why summer is the worst season?

    1- For the past two years I have picked up a new bad habit during the season. 2007- self mutilation; 2008- a mild eating disorder; 2009- so far only nail biting and really hoping to keep it that way.

    2- I had a major panic attack in front of a fairly large group of people where I overused the word f*ck.

    3- Called to wish my father a happy fathers day and told him that I wasn't sure if I could go to his house considering my state of mind (I've cut this week) and that I would rather go later or if I get better soon for a shorter amount of time on the planned date. He got upset emphasized how disappointed he was and ended the phone call with "It's like 'Yeah happy father's day but I would rather not see you'. I better hang up before I say anything I regret."

    I have now vented and if you like you can vent to me about anything pissing you off or just depressing you. Thank you for reading.

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  • I'm finally rejoining society...?

    And finding myself utterly depressed (and having a small breakdown where I cursed at the heavens and collapsed in a puddle-filled parking lot in front of a group of people).

    It's been two weeks in this new therapy camp my psychologist suggested. I'm stumbling down the same path I escaped over a year ago when I started homeschooling. I can't live like this forever. I'm not really looking for advice more like a comforting word or two.

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  • Would you mock me if...?

    I told you that I'm 16 and I am obsessively watching eBay for a cheap dyson DC 15 vaccum? I want it so bad!!!!

    I'm such a weirdo... if I'm gonna be one I might as well be proud of it.

    POLL: Would you rather spend a day doing nothing but brutal (but rewarding) exercise or spend the day sitting happily on the couch watching tv and eating all sorts of junk food which eventually you will probably feel like a fat tub of lard afterwards.

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  • Beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice!!?

    Hiya! If you could be in any Tim Burton movie (the guy who made Nightmare before Christmas and a bunch of other really fantastic movies very few people know of or remember) which one would it be?

    Don't choose your favorite choose the one you'd want to live in for the rest of your life.

    heres a list

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  • Should I be really pissed?

    I have been friends with this girl since the 7th grade. We used to be really close but over the years crap has come between us to pull us apart. We are still good friends but recently I feel she is avoiding me. She's been with her boyfriend for a year now and I have been really understanding about that. She makes a commitment to do something with him every week. I will ask her 3 weeks in advance to do something and she will say she's already going out with her boyfriend. I haven't actually done anything with her in a month. One problem is her mother kind of hates me so she has lied to me a few time to spare my feeling when she has had to exclude me from things. I have told her repeatedly to stop and just tell me the trust because she's a terrible liar and I always figure out and it hurts more than the truth. I tending to assume half the things people say are a lie so this doesn't make it any easier to believe anything that comes out of her mouth. Since summer is coming I went to her right away to see if I could do anything with her. She said she was volunteering with another friend at a hospital most of the summer (weekdays and weekends?) and the rest of the time she was spending with family and her boyfriend all the way until July 17! Every time I found a tiny window she would give an excuse or would have to check. I decided to give her sometimes to "check" and then I would confront her to see if she was avoiding me. Today was kinda the last straw. I invited her to go to a concert with me in August and she said she was busy that day! WTF!!!! So she has time for everyone else but the person she calls a best friend?!?!?!? I have a tendency to be paranoid so I rarely trust myself in these situations am I overreacting?

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    All my favorite bands are going on tour this summer and maybe only TWO are coming here!!!!

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  • Are you feeling particularly devious today?

    I am. I find myself answering nearly every question where I either destroy, desecrate, or kill something/someone. Joking around of course (or am I???).

    POLL: Would you rather have some sort of worm (round, flat or otherwise) in your brain or bugs crawling under your skin?

    I think I need to lay off the horror movies...

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  • If a person has various emotional problems is it a turn on or turn off for you?

    Are you the kind of person who likes to fix and take care of the one you love or can you just not deal with that kind of thing?

    Nobody judge. If I see someone thumbs downing everyone who answers a certain way I'm gonna hunt you down and kill you!

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  • Whats more important in (your) life?

    The things you do that have little value to the people around you but have meaning to you (such as a personal hobby).


    The things that others see as meaningful but are just requirements for you (like being a doctor just to help others even though you don't enjoy it).

    Asked this in P&S where I usually hang out but hardly anyone cared...

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  • Whats more important in (your) life?

    The things you do that have little value to the people around you but have meaning to you (such as a personal hobby).


    The things that others see as meaningful but are just requirements for you (like being a doctor just to help others even though you don't enjoy it).

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  • Do you use smileys when typing?

    like XD or :P?

    Well I used to think they were kinda silly but I'm growing very tired of the fact that I cannot use my facial expression to express myself... that sounded redundant. I've started to use them sometimes.

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  • Whats one silly misunderstanding you believed in when you were a kid?

    I thought the boxes for the keebler ice cream cones came with the ice cream already inside the cone. It was on the box! Blatant false advertising... so what was yours?

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  • It's a work in progress but I would still like some input?

    hello old friend we haven't spoken

    hello sweet thorn in my side

    hello numbing drug I don't need to search for

    you live on my skin and await my return

    I told you I wasn't coming back again

    we both knew that was a lie

    you didn't have to be my opposing current

    a kind word or two would have suffice

    I suppose though that is what you are

    you are not my friend you are not my aid

    I shouldn't expect so much from one so selfish

    but despite your grave flaws I still see you as my savior

    you will sit in my head and stain my arms

    you will scream every time I see your tools

    I will change over the years you will not

    you will sit and wait for my return

    just itching to see me fail

    maybe some day I will leave and not turn back

    I can let you fester and grow small

    your screams will die out

    and your marks fade away

    I fear I am not strong enough to take hold

    But now all I can do is pray I won't turn back

    There may be a few typos I'm very bad at going back and catching them so tell me if you catch any.

    I'm kinda proud of it but maybe its not as good as I thought.

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  • Do you think there was ever a time when P&S was used for it's original purpose?

    Polls and surveys? You know instead of the BS we put on here and the avatar games?

    I love them both but I was wonder if it was ever just polls and surveys...

    POLL: If you had to to survive would you rather eat your arms or your legs?

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  • Are there any words in the human language worse than "you have no new email"?

    Someone email me!

    haha I know I'm being melodramatic but I'm bored. Maybe I'll just go to bed.

    POLL: Do you like looking at old pictures like picture of your parents or grandparents when they were young?

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