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I'm 32 years old and live in Wisconsin. I have 6 cats, and am working on starting an in home daycare. I love camping, nature, museums, photography, music, reading and more!

  • Will accidentally looking at a reflection of the eclipse hurt you while driving?

    I see a lot of questions on if it's safe to drive during the eclipse on Monday. My fear is reflective surfaces such as store windows, other cars, rear view mirror, and passenger mirrors. Things you may see inadvertently or while driving. If you accidentally look at a reflective surface that shows the eclipse will it still hurt your eyes?

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  • How to get nail Polish to stay on your nails for at least a week without chipping?

    I work in child care and I have to wash my hands many times during the day. I have a hard time with my nail polish staying on. Usually it starts to chip within 24 hours. I've tried expensive nail polish and cheaper nail polish. I also have tried base coats and Seche Vite.

    Is gel nail polish the only way to go? Thanks!

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  • Can anyone help with identification of ring?

    We bought a car at auction a few months ago. And while cleaning out the car recently for restoration we found a ring. Pretty sure it's 10KT Gold. There is a hallmark on the upper side of the ring. But it's really small and hard to make out. I think it's a 10KT gold hallmark, but not 100% sure as it's hard to make out. Not sure on the gemstone type or even if it's real. By the size of the stone and the surrounding stones I'm guessing it was lab created. Though I could be wrong. Just would like more information about it. Whether it may be vintage/antique or current style. I know it's hard from pictures to tell. Would just like a rough guess.


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  • Cultrual Grocery Store Books?

    I'm a teacher of preschool. Our theme is Going to the Grocery Store. I'm looking for books that show how people around the world in various countries shop for food or obtain food, or other items.

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  • How to get mold from concrete brick walls?

    I need to clean a wall in the basement which is full of mold where moisture comes in. I know bleach works but it doesn't stay where I need it to stay. Is there a mixture I can make which is like paste where I can put it on those spots of mold and it will stay there until I need to clean the area off? Everything else runs down the wall and it doesn't work. Thanks!

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  • Cheap Meals with Leftovers for a week?

    Looking for super yummy recipes that are cheap to make but make a LOT of left overs. Enough for a weeks worth for one person. Looking for budget recipes with two or three ingredients. My fiance is gone for most of the week for work, so it's just me. We make the big meals on the weekends, and would help if the meals were big and would feed me the rest of the week too!

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  • Sedatives for a Cat with a heart Murmur?

    My cat was diagnosed with a murmur this past Saturday. I'm going in for a 2nd opinion and my cat needs a sedative. Before knowing about the murmur my current vet prescribed 10mg of Acepromizine (sp?) And she came through it fine. Now the new vet for the 2nd opinion wouldn't give her any sedatives at all because of the cardiac effect. But gave her some HomeoPet Anxiety TFLN. I doubt this will do anything for her as when I rescued her she was part feral. I've had her since she was 5 and is now 17. It takes some pretty heavy sedatives to sedate this cat because of how wild she gets at the vet. Seriously she could be on the show "My Cat From Hell". Anyway is there a sedative that you can give to a cat with a heart murmur? If so what is it, because I'm going to tell the vet doing the second opinion to give it to her because my fear is if she's not sedated with the murmur it's going to cause more damage to her heart or cause her to go into a cardiac arrest. I don't need that. I want her safe, but also need a 2nd opinion.

    Is there a sedative for a cat with a murmur. My current vet did not give it a grade, but I've been looking up online, and I'd have to say it's a 3 as I listened to it at the vets office.

    Any help would be appreciated as this is seriously stressing me out. She needs a 2nd opinion and blood work as she also has Hyperthyroidism and possibly extremely early kidney disease and need confirmation on that too! Her appointment is tomorrow 5/6/14.

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  • Studio 1558 Over Heating?

    A few days ago I was doing a full virus scan and the computer just shut down in the middle of it. I then did a short one and it went fine. Looking it up many that had the problem was due to over heating.

    So I downloaded speed fan and noticed that even idle my computers temps were running at around 110 or so for both cores. When I ran a movie it would jump to 129-139 and show that it was running hotter than normal. The fan would run as long as I had the movie running. Any program I try and run the temps jump up and down. Usually between 100-115 which shows it being okay. But anything over that it is running too hot. I've tried blowing a can of air in all the ports but they are so small it's so hard to know if you're getting air in there or not.

    Is it normal for a computer to run that hot or do I have a problem with the fan? It may just need a deeper cleaning than I can give, or the fan may need to be replaced. How much would it cost to get the fan replaced?

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  • Hidden files on 3.5 floppy ?

    At work they have to format one computer and start fresh over. Hover a program they use for billing comes on CD but has a 3.5 floppy for CD installation Key that has to be used with it. The computers are newer and don't have a 3.5 floppy drive. I was going to copy what's on the 3.5 floppy and put it on a USB drive for them. However when I put it in and select the drive, nothing comes up. I went into dos command prompt on my computer and it says that there is nothing on the disk. It's empty. But there is a Volume Serial # on the disk. Could there be hidden files on this disk? If so, how to I go about finding them? When I look at properties on the disk, it shows that used space is 0. So it looks like there's nothing on it. Could the installation CD just be using the Volume Serial # for the CD installation?

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  • How to Clean the Keyboard on a Dell Studio 1555?

    I have a Dell Studio 1555. Two keys are having problems, and thinking it may just be a cleaning it needs as I have 5 cats at home and it's probably full of cat hair. I know the front part where the keyboard is, comes off. Had to have my hard drive replaced on it within 5 months of getting it and saw the guy replace it. So I know it pops off, but not sure if I have to follow the video on how to take it apart (on youtube) to get to the keyboard it self and clean underneath.

    Once I get to the keyboard is there a special way to clean it? Can I use a soft computer brush to brush cat hair away?


    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks7 years ago
  • Free font manager that lets you install fonts from external sources?

    Looking for a FREE font manager that lets me install fonts and keep them at their location. I have an external drive where I keep my fonts so they don't clutter up my hard drive. I want to keep them at that location but install them onto my computer so I can use them for my designs. I did find one font expert but it's $50 and can't afford that right now. So hoping there is a free font manager that can do the same thing. Anyone have any that they've used?

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  • How do I watch video files from my external Hard Drive on my TV?

    I'm sure this question has been asked before. And couldn't quite find the answer I needed. Let me start out by saying that I have a "dumb" tv. Non LCD or newer. It's probably oh 12 years old. So it just has a coaxial cable and that's it. Not even RCA jacks on the TV. I'd ideally like to be able to access my digital movies on my external hard drive on my "dumb" tv. Dvd r's are expensive, and the time to convert to put onto dvd is time consuming. I have a DVD theater which has a USB port so that you can put movies on to flash drives and play. However, they must be MPG files which means I have to convert a lot of my movies that are mp4, or AVI which takes time. Don't want to have to convert them. Would like to just plug and play. I realize that I have old equipment, but I'm sure there must be a device that isn't horrendously expensive which allows you to connect to your home network and find movie files on hard drives and then plays them on your tv. Or lat least hooks up to your tv and sees your files to play them. I realize that i may need some type of converter for this. As a lot I see is USB or HDMI. The closest thing I have to that is my computer monitor which is 21 inch and has an HDMI port. Any ideas? I don't want to have to go buy a new TV when the one I have works perfectly fine right now.

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  • Android App does not update?

    I downloaded an app from a different app website other than Google Play. Google Play also has the app. It shows an update for it, but when I go to the app page, the icon says open. I do not get the update icon to update it. I have it set to automatically update the app, but it doesn't. Is it because I did not download and install it from Google Play? Google Play says I have it installed, and shows it in my list of apps. Just wondering? If there's a way so that I can have it automatically update that would be great. My phone is a Galaxsy S3.

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  • What would a doctor do for a sprained foot?


    My fiance was cutting wood at the cabin and part of the trunk fell on his angle and rolled down his foot. After it happened he had brusing, his foot and ankle are swollen. He can walk on it without too much pain. This happened Wednesday september 4th. When he has his foot up and iced it feels better. He can walk on it without much pain. But when he's on his feet too much the swelling comes back up. We are also noticing more bruising that is coming out as well. Nothing black. Most of it looks like red bruses normal nothing black. I don't think it's broken, but just wondering what a doctor would do for it? We don't have the money for the doctor bills right now. And if all the doctor is goind to do is put an ace bandgae on it and tell him to stay off of it, it's not worth going in. Unfortunately his job entails him being on his feet all day. He really doesn't have pain unless he is using his feet a lot.

    Any other suggestions?

    2 AnswersInjuries7 years ago
  • Can I put a new hard drive in an old computer?

    My current tower computer a HP a1640n has a fried motherboard due to a power outage. Hard drive inside is still good an usable. I have an old tower unit Sonia Vaio PVC RX752 which has an old IDE hard drive which crashed, and I went out and just bought a new computer. Everything else still works on it but the hard drive. I was hoping to take out the HP hard drive and put it in the VIAO so that i could transfer all the information I had on it to my external USB hard drive. Can I use the new hard drive in the old computer? I realize that my new computer probably won't be Windows 7 Compatable with drivers and such. But all I want it to do is boot up so I can get the information off the hard drive. The new HD in the HP uses a P10 connector which the old computer does not have. How would I go about getting the right connectors if I can? Here are some pictures of the VIAO and the HP

    Old Sony VIAO (I know it's a bit dusty as it's been sitting in the basement for 7 years getting dusty)

    HP a1640n:

    Is it even possible and if so, how do I go about doing it? What do I need from the new computer?


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  • What Language are these children's books in?

    Picked these up at Goodwill, but not sure what language these are in? Anyone know the title of these books and the Stories?

    Book 1 :

    Book 2:

    4 AnswersLanguages7 years ago
  • Does anyone know if this is catnip?

    I have a ton growing in my tree line area. I think it's cat nip, but not 100% sure and don't want to give it to my cats if it's not. Planted some two years ago and at the end of the year threw the rest of the plant back in that area.

    3 AnswersCats8 years ago