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  • What Does Being a Double Libra Mean?

    I took a look at the decants and it says that from the date Sept. 24 to Oct 2nd, these are full Libra's or "double Libra's" and I'm confused as to what it means.

    I am Aries Rising, Libra Sun, and Capricorn Moon. Born on September 24.

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  • Girls: What color walls do you like in a guy's bedroom?

    I was thinking of getting the color black because it's pretty classy. Cool Gray is also another option. Any ideas?

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  • Can Astrology Predict Genius?

    It predicted the traits that Stephen Hawking has such as: Visionary, Innovative, Clever, Quick Wit, Interested in Metaphysics, Bit of a Genius, and a hard and dedicated worker (Black Hole Research) as well as being tactless (supporting the stereotype that a genius is "mean"). This makes me question the validity and the standards that people set for "genius" as well as IQ Tests because one doesn't need to be arrogant to be considered "genius". I ask because I'm classified as a gifted individual and I have things on my chart that seem to support the claim that astrology may predict intelligence (using Stephen Hawking's chart as a reference and baseline for "genius".

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  • What House influences mental intelligence?

    What are the best signs to be in that house? Does it influence IQ and success?

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  • Girls: What is your ideal guy?

    Include your zodiac info!

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    What do you girls think about libra men? What do you like about them (if you do)?

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  • How would the relationship of these two be?

    Libra man and Sagittarius woman.

    If anyone of you are sagittarius women, what's your experience with libra guys?

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  • What should I do about this girl?

    So there's this girl that I really like. She has the works; funny, beautiful, smart...

    There just one thing. She has a boyfriend. They've been together for almost a year.

    She and I have flirted on multiple occasions while she was still in the relationship with him. It doesn't mean she's unfaithful or anything because she doesn't do anything, she's just the flirty type. Anyways, I'm in love with this girl and I don't know how to approach the situation.

    I think I'd be a better guy for her because we get along really well and have great chemistry.

    As reference, her sign is Sagittarius and she's with a cancer guy.

    I'm a libra.

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