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  • 96 Grand Am PCM question?

    I have a friend's GA trying to diagnose a starting/running problem. It frequently does not start for more than a few seconds, and when running the engine runs "off"/ not quite right when the problem continues to happen. When the engine problem is present (starting and running): The fog lights come on- which do not work with the switch; the gauges go goofy or do not work at all, the prndl backlights are erratic (dim or off) and the gear selected light switches between gears without moving the selector; and all of the dash idiot lights come on (oil, check engine, alternator, etc.). I bypassed the remote starting system because it is aftermarket and I have had problems with add ons in the past, and the problem still exists. OBD is storing no codes. Am I correct in the final belief that it is the PCM that has a failure, or is there some wierd problem that will affect these areas that I am missing?

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  • Is there a way that I can find a "covert" program on a laptop, hp?

    I have run virus, spy, and hijack programs, and nothing is found. There are no recent programs that I can find that have downloaded, and I am at a loss. It is my son's computer, and he is blind and very dependant on it to help him comunicate, so he is very lacking without it. All I can say for sure is that the task manager shows that the cpu is using 100% with only basic processes and no applications running. Everything else, including his screen reader, is so slow as to be unworkable.

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