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  • Where to stay in Chicago if...?

    My 14 year old son and I are going to Chicago for a few days, and we really don't have anything planned out to do, we are just going to go and see what happens. We will probably be staying for 3 or 4 days, we might want to make a visit to Navy Pier and maybe see a game at Wrigley. So any suggestions on hotels and/or areas to stay in with good food and a good atmosphere as well as being somewhat close to Union Station would be much appreciated!

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  • What's your favorite classic book?

    Our class has to do a pretty in depth book report on a "classic" book of our choice. And I really dread it because I just really can't stand reading old books...not because they are that hard to understand, but because I just get so darn bored with any I have ever attempted to read. So if someone could recommend a classic book that has plenty of stuff going on to keep me reading that would be awesome! I'd like it to be pretty long and a relatively well-known book that can't be debated whether it is a "classic" or not.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Help with choosing new tennis string?

    Hi! I'm getting a Head Youtek IG Instinct racket for christmas, i'm getting it from tennis warehouse, and before you order it you have to pick a string and there is like a hundred of them. I have read some articles and stuff about the different kinds of them but i still don't know what i should get...

    I am a freshman guy. I am pretty much a counter puncher... I don't really use some spin, but i do use a decent amount of power. i have never changed my strings with my current racket, even though I played 4 times a week during the summer. And i know that i need to change them...blah, blah, blah, but i never got around to it. I do plan on changing them at least once in a while with this new racket, but still probably not as much as i should. So i need a string that is really durable, but still gives me some good basic features...

    So if you could recommend a specific string and/or a specific type of string that would suit my needs that would be awesome! Thanks!

    P.S. What is a good average string tension?

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  • Tennis racket switch advice?

    For about two years I have been using a Slazenger racket that is pretty decent. It's 118 sq. in. and it has a beam width of 30mm. I am looking for a big step up because I got a lot better during the summer and I am planning on being on the boys tennis team at my high school this spring. I am just a freshman and I am about 6 feet tall. I have been looking at the Head Youtek Speed rackets and they are all right around 100 sq. in. with beam widths of 22-23mm. Is this going to be a really hard switch for me? I feel like I am so used to using my big stable super sized racket that this will feel so small in my hands and just kind of flimsy. Also I am worried I will frame it all the time because of the smaller head size? Will I have to find time to practice during the winter an extra lot with this new racket before tryouts because it is so different?

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  • What does IG mean when in the names of tennis rackets?

    like in Head Youtek Speed IG

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  • How do I choose what applications I want on my Mac dock?

    When I try to drag application off of my dock they just zoom right back to the dock...I would like to not have pages, keynote, and numbers on my dock because those aren't things that I use on a daily basis. Can you take these off of your dock? and also how do you add apps?

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