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  • Mother-Daughter activites?

    Me and two of my friends and all of our Moms are going to have a hangout day. The only problem is I dont know what we should do. Were going to have a little bible study then do something afterward, any ideas? I thought about maybe going to the beach but its kind of far for them. Thanks!

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  • Beach Restaurant Hostess?

    I was wondering a few things about getting a job as a hostess. I live on the beach and I was wanting a job. I was thinking a beach restaurant would be good because it is so close. I am 15 and this will be my first job other than babysitting and caddying at the golf course i go to. I was first off wondering how to get an interview. I have not asked about getting a job there yet and I was wondering what the best way to do it was. Also should I bring a resume, and if so what should i put on it? And my last question was attire. If I were to have an interview what should I wear, also when I ask about getting a job there what should I wear? This is a casual beach restaurant. I was thinking if I had an interview of wearing a white skirt, just above the knees with a brown leather belt, brown leather sandals, and a colorful, somewhat dressy tanktop. It is all modest, I know the staple for interviews is black pants and a white buttondown but I find that boring and besides, its a casual beach restaurant! Haha Thankyouuuu!

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  • How to fix poofy frizzy dry hair that is also itch and has dandruff?

    I have poofy frizzy dry itchy hair with a little bit of dandruff every now and then. My hair is thick, ive tried defrizzing serums and things like that but im not quite sure what to do to control it because it loos bad. i straighten it before i go to bed 2 times about every month because i don't have a lot of time to get ready in the morning and it tends to turn out alright. any other day i wear my hair up because it looks bad. and i don't want to do any special relaxers or anything like that something not very expensive. i am about to get a hair but just dead ends off and trimming my bangs if there's anything you thing would help my hair like cutting it a certain way please list. thanks for your help!

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  • Cute School hairstyles!!?

    Okay so my hair is light brown and I have naturally Blonde tips it's about 3or 4 inches below my shoulders I'm trying to grow it out it is partially straight on top y'know just a little wavy and under neath it is almost curly! My hair is really weird and I can't have any like intensly distracting hairdos cus my school doesn't accept it but I don't just want to hear about the boring pigtails braids ponytails and buns I like unique things but I've run out of ideas! Please hep! Thanks!

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  • what is an HTML snippet?

    could some one tell me what an HTML snippet is i am reading directions for something on iweb and it says to:

    Paste this code into an HTML Snippet in iWeb


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  • is there a way to put a calendar on iweb without using a screen snapshot?

    i want to do this for a website one that has more than one month and you can switch months with by using and arrow button and you can edit by editing your website on iweb. thanks!!!

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  • comment which ones sound best and if you like and following...?

    What do you think of these names i am open to any suggestions about anything and whether you think each one sonds like a boy or a girl name

    Kroalenah Grace (Kor-uh-lay-nuh)

    Alessandra Saige (Ales-anrda) (Say-j)

    Ross Price

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