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  • Who do you think will be Finals MVP?

    Kawhi Leonard, Duncan or Parker? Of course I'm just assuming that is if the Heat doesn't win, which is likely.

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  • After the OKC-LAC and Miami-Brooklyn games, should the NBA change rules?

    Yesterday, it was Thunder-Clippers and tonight, Heat-Nets games where questionable calls at crucial moments of the game may have affected the result.

    I'm talking about the no-call foul, out of bounds call.

    Pierce was clearly fouled by Lebron, there was no foul called, the ball clearly went off of Pierce. The refs review the play, saw what really happened, but since they cannot call a foul after an original out of bounds call, they just award the ball to the Nets to make up for the no-foul call.

    Should the NBA allow the refs to call a foul after review? Isn't that more proper?

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  • Awards prediction time. Who will win?

    MVP -

    RoY -

    DPoY -

    Sixth man -

    Most Improved -

    Coach of the Year -

    Sportsmanship Award -

    Twyman–Stokes Teammate of the Year Award -

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  • Why do you think the Nets are so successful against the Heat this season?

    Nets are 3-0 against powerhouse Heat. What are some reasons why the Heat can't beat the Nets this season?

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  • Who are the toughest enforcers in the NBA today?

    I'm talking about guys like Anthony Mason, Charles Oakley and Xavier McDaniel who sets bone-crunching picks, gives very hard fouls you won't forget and intimidates players who like to drive, making them think twice before going hard to the basket.

    Are there still any of those guys in the NBA now?

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  • Which Lakers team is worse, 93-94 Lakers or current Lakers?

    93-94 Lakers (record 33-49)


    Sedale Threatt

    Van Exel

    (old) Worthy

    Elden Campbell

    Doug Christie

    now (14-23)


    Nick Young


    Jordan Hill



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  • What do you think of the Heat and Net's "nickname jerseys"?

    Allen: J. Shuttlesworth

    Lebron: King James

    Kevin Garnett: The Big Ticket

    Paul Pierce: Truth


    Does this undermine the game in any way? Or should other teams try it out too?

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  • What NFL team would be a best fit for Johnny Manziel?

    Johnny football looked for real tonight against Duke. If he'll go to the NFL, which team can he perform best for?

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  • Do you agree with the 50k fine slapped on Kidd?

    In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, Jason Kidd took to an oldschool coaching trick, trying to get more more time by spilling a drink onto the floor in the last few seconds of the Nets-Lakers game.

    The czar Mike Fratello himself said coaches back in his day do that all the time.

    Do you agree that Kidd should be slapped 50 thou for that? I thought it was a bit creative :)

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  • D'Antoni's questionable decisions?

    The Lakers have built up a 27-point lead against the Nets mainly due to Jordan Farmar's hot hand in the 2nd quarter (he was like 4/5 from 3 in the quarter). So what does D'Antoni do? He took out Farmar. The Nets responded with a 15-0 run, no Laker scored in 5 straight minutes and the Nets are back in the game.

    This is why some (or maybe a lot) of Lakers fan like me are frustrated with this coach.

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  • GOP and Democrats aside, I'd like to say thank you America.?

    I'm a Filipino who has witnessed the catastrophic devastation brought by the super typhoon. America has always been an ally of my country, but now you proved to be a brother. Thank you.

    9 AnswersPolitics7 years ago
  • How about a prisoner exchange program? US prisoners to 3rd world prisons?

    I'm from a 3rd world country. I would say I'm middle-class right now, but I used to be poor. I saw a few 'prison' shows in the US (cable TV) and I got a few ideas.

    US prisons are filled with riots and violent, disobedient, disrespectful prisoners.

    From a citizen of a 3rd world country, I find it quite amusing. US prisoners are afforded clean, beautiful (from a 3rd world perspective, again), air-conditioned, organized, well-lit, hygienic and sanitized facilities. AND...prisoners get 3 meals a day. I saw their trays and it contained more than 3 dishes!

    Yet they still feel they need to rebel.

    We have those same facilities in our countries; here, those are called CONDOMINIUMS.

    I have personally been to (a city) jail here once. The size was about 20 by 40 feet. It is ideal for around 15 prisoners.

    There were around 190 to 210 prisoners when I arrived. The temperature was around 97 with 90% humidity. There was no windows. Within 30 minutes I was robbed of my watch and shoes. When I needed to go to the toilet, I saw a broken, very dirty clay toilet filled with feces (the floor around it were splattered with crap as well), in short, there was no flush and the toilet was broken. The first meal came at 11 am - half a cup of foul-smelling rice and a small cup of sour broth with a piece of rotted meat.

    Like in the states, there are also a lot of violence (gang-related etc), but you have to contend with the police also. You see, the jail guards use the prisoners for robberies, extortion, kidnapping and murder. They let them out, let them do those stuff and come back to jail. In exchange, they get a good meal and some cigarettes. If they say no, they simply 'disappear' (forever).

    My proposal - All US prisoners who keep on breaking US prison rules be exchanged with our good-behavior inmates.

    Not an exaggeration - A lot of street people here would kill (literally and figuratively) to get in a US prison because of all those privileges. They would simply think it is a blessing from heaven.

    I know my proposal crazy, but wouldn't it be great? hehe

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  • What are the chances of a Heat 3-peat?

    Now that the Heat are back-to-back champs. Can they replicate what the Bulls and Lakers (among others) did?

    6 AnswersBasketball7 years ago
  • If Spurs win the championship, who should be finals MVP?

    Supposing that the Spurs win and Duncan, Parker and Green had equally good games in game 6. WHo wins finals MVP?

    Does Green have a legit chance?

    6 AnswersBasketball7 years ago
  • How about that old guy from the Spurs?

    Parker played great but the big fundamental continued to defy time. Although Parker was the player of the game, I think Duncan is the their most important player.

    12 AnswersBasketball7 years ago
  • Classic game 1. What adjustments must the Pacers do to win game 2?

    What a great game. Like a boxing match, these two teams went toe to toe. Great play designed by Spoelstra at the end (was that by design?).

    Predictions for game 2?

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  • Why can't Filipino media use proper words?

    I was just watching a news program. The anchor reported that Angelina Jolie got rid of her "dalawang dibdib". As far as I know, people only have one "dibdib", women have two "suso".

    So why can't they say "suso", it's in serious news context anyway. Would that word really offend people? Are Filipino viewers not mature enough to hear those words and automatically think of sex? Even in medical programs, doctors would talk about reproductive organs as "ari" and not as "titi or puke". In the US, everyone can say 'vagina' or 'penis', even in comedy programs.

    I know that Filipino culture is conservative, but are those words (even when used in the right context) a question of morality and not propriety?

    5 AnswersPhilippines7 years ago