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  • Should my dad kick my brother out of the house?

    I'm 25 and don't live at home, so this isn't something that affects me directly.

    1. He is 23 and is unemployed. He seems unwilling to work anywhere but a restaurant, and he just can't seem to hold a job in that line of work.

    2. He drinks a lot (daily), smokes pot, and is addicted to xanax.

    3. He threw a bunch of parties in the house when my dad was out of town (with people drinking a shitton and passing out, vomiting, etc). He was told specifically not to. He also drove my dad's car drunk at least once after one of the parties.

    4. He is incredibly disrespectful when he is high/drunk.


    1. He has psychological problems. I have similar problems, but I don't deal with them by self-medicating. He has OCD and anxiety (which is why he had a xanax prescription(sp)).

    2. My dad is concerned that he might become commit suicide if he loses the safety net of living at home. He's never seemed to be suicidal, but he fits the profile of someone who would be at risk. In addition, my sister's boyfriend's brother was similar, was thrown out, and did commit suicide.

    What does YA think?

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  • What does it mean if her "private area" smells like BO?

    I've been seeing this girl for a few weeks now, and we've started fooling around a bit. (we're both mid 20's).

    Anyway, we were fooling around last night, and her vagina quite frankly smelled like BO. The last time we fooled around, it still had a smell, but it just smelled like pussy, not BO.

    Is it possible that her having been wearing tight pants and panties since that morning (this was at 9 PM'ish) could be the reason that things weren't so "fresh" down there?

    I like this girl quite a bit, so I have no intention of leaving her over this, but I'm afraid it may need addressing if it hinders our intimate life.


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  • Should I reveal my lack of friends to women I date?

    I'm 24, guy

    I'm trying this online dating thing, and am trying to meet girls. I've been out with five so far, and nothing as clicked. I always worry that even if something does click and I date someone for an extended time, that my lack of friends will eventually become obvious and make her freak out and leave me (or at least feel sorry for me and uncomfortable/unhappy with the relationship).

    Should I just tell them this early on?

    I don't have any friends. I play sports with some guys, but they are all 10-30 years older than me and don't want to hang out with me outside the court/field (not would I hang out with them). I rarely do anything social outside of work and family because I have nobody to go with. That's why I "have" to do online dating. Don't meet any girls.

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  • What is the best way to let down a girl that really likes you?

    I went out with her a week ago and we had a good time. We set something up for Sunday night, but between then and now, I've experienced a change of heart and don't really want to continue things with her. That being said, I'm not going to stand her up because that would just be a dick move. As things progress when we go out the second time, what should I do/say in regards for me just not feeling "it" anymore?

    I'm 24, she's 21 or something like that.

    I'm pretty sure she likes me and wants to keep seeing me, but that's not going to happen most likely.

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  • what's the best way to let a girl down?

    Online dating makes it harder to screen these girls.

    I went out with her a week ago and we had a good time. We set something up for Sunday night, but between then and now, I'm pretty sure I've experienced a change of heart and don't really want to continue things with her. That being said, I'm not going to stand her up because that would just be a dick move. As things progress when we go out the second time, what should I do/say in regards for me just not feeling "it" anymore?

    I'm 24, she's 21 or something like that.

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  • Would you consider it a deal breaker if the person you were dating had no friends?

    I don't have any friends, and while I'm trying a little online dating to meet people, I have this anxiety in the back of my head that my lack of any friends (I have none) will cause any girl to be instantly turned off.

    I'm 24 by the way, and I've always been more or less friendless. I still live in the same area I was born in.

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  • how do I get over my sexual shortcomings?

    here's a tough one

    I've had sex with one girl, my first girlfriend, probably 15-20 times over the course of a short relationship.

    Terrible terrible premature ejaculation problem. 10 seconds is/was about the average time I lasted. Maybe 15-20 seconds on round two. Could never go for a third round.

    Every time it was soul crushing. To give the girl credit, she was very outwardly supportive and reassuring to me, but I could see the disappointment in her eyes every time I came after a few seconds. It came out towards the end that it really bothered her because she couldn't enjoy intercourse with me.

    oh, and my dick is like 4 and a half inches erect... just to top it all off


    Mentally, I'm pretty screwed up about this. I almost don't even want to have sex (not that opportunities have been banging at the door) because of my poor performance. Inside I "know" that I will be a disappointment.

    How in the hell can I realistically get over this?

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  • How can I ask my girlfriend if she actually likes me?

    I'm 24, she's 23

    I get the feeling every so often that she doesn't really like me that much anymore. She still calls me on her breaks at work and comes to visit me, but I just get don't get the same vibe from her that I did a couple months ago.

    Now; she's a people pleaser and because of that stayed with her ex whom she did not like at all for quite a while. I would feel absolutely horrible if she was just staying with me to make me happy (and also not make my sister unhappy, as they are coworkers and my sister set us up).

    In light of all of this, I want to ask her where "we" stand and get into how she really feels about me. I don't know how to ask though. My ex used to ask me all the time and it was very annoying and off-putting. I want to do it casually but maintain a serious tone so she knows that I'm not just joking around. (I'm prone to joking around a lot)

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  • Would a woman put up with premature ejaculation?

    I'm with my second girlfriend and things are progressing nicely. One day I hope to make love to her

    It won't be for a while, as she prefers to move slowly.

    The problem is this. I was intimate with my ex and I am not good at "it."

    I can knock it out of the park during foreplay, but as soon as my pecker gets wet it's basically over. I don't think I ever lasted more than 15 seconds, and it was usually closer to 5.

    In my mind, I'll never be able to satisfy a woman long term (not to mention my lack of satisfaction due to intense disappointment after my cannon misfires early)

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  • Is it unfair to my girlfriend that I have no friends?

    I'm 24, she's 23. We've been going out for 2-3 months. We see eachother 2-4 times a week.

    She's got quite a few friends while I have none. I do things with family on occasion, but other than that I'm never busy (because I have no friends).

    She's acutely aware of this, but hasn't really dug into it. I can sense that she feels bad sometimes when she's doing things with her friends and knows that I'm just sitting at home alone.

    Is that unfair to her? It's not an issue now, but I imagine that it would be in the future. Especially if we lived together or even got married (though that would be years out)

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  • Should I lie or tell the truth about my lack of friends?

    I'm 23 and I have no friends. I know a lot of people through work/school (I graduated over a year ago from college), but never hang out with any of them or anything.

    To be honest I've never really had friends. I have had a girlfriend who considered me a friend for the 3 months we were together, but that's it.

    Once and a while people will ask me at work about what me and my friends like to do or something, and I've found myself making up stories about having friends just to not look pathetic. I don't get into real elaborate tales, just enough to satisfy the asker and kill the conversation.

    Should I continue lying? Would it be worse to tell the truth and have my coworkers or family confirm that I'm a loser?

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  • What can I do about my "speed" in bed?

    It's extremely disheartening to go into my girl, only to *** after 10 seconds. Every single time.

    I don't get the pleasure I want, and I get the feeling that she doesn't either (I get her off by hand every time no matter what cuz I know I'm gonna be very fast)

    I'm 23, she's my first, it's been 2 months.

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  • What to do? What would you do? She has herpes... I do not?

    Me: 23

    Her: 22

    She REALLY likes me. I like her too, but not as much. We've been seeing eachother for a couple weeks now. She told me yesterday that she contracted the Herp from her boyfriend when she was 19 (he had one on his lip and had gone down on her).

    She was crying like a baby when she told me because she was afraid that I'd just leave her because of that. What would you do?

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  • How can I get myself to go to therapy, knowing that I'll cry... A LOT... when I open up?

    I've got some issues that I really think that I need therapy to clear up.

    I'm awkward in social situations, have never been able to form meaningful relationships of any kind, and have junk self esteem.

    As a result, I have no friends (thankfully I have family I see often) and no girlfriend. I get very lonely at times, and certain things have been known to make me cry (for example, a late night radio DJ giving her thoughts on loneliness made me cry in my car).

    I'm scared to death of crying in front of someone else (a therapist), and have already blew one off because of that fear. I've never verbalized these issues, but just thinking about them can almost make me cry.

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  • How can I overcome fear of failure?

    I'm so afraid to mess up at work sometimes because I've made mistakes in the past.

    And before you think, "it doesn't matter," etc.

    It costs money (Thousands of dollars) when I mess up, and that comes straight out of the boss' pocket. Not some corporation's bank account (it's an 8 person company)

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  • Realistically, how would I make friends?

    I'm 22, live alone, have no friends, and everyone at my job is 20 years older than me.

    I'm not good at just walking up to people either. Otherwise a guy as sexy as myself would be too busy making out with his girlfriend to be on YA!

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  • Has anyone else ever lost the will to go after the opposite sex?

    Not talking about gayness here.

    I mean, I still appreciate seeing a nice looking girl, but I'm quicker to just put my head down and walk past than even make eye contact and smile, let alone stop for a chat and get her number.

    At 22 I've only been on two dates and am shy and easily embarrassed around women my age. I don't even think about trying anymore.

    It doesn't help that I have zero regular contact with any females in my age range these days either (since I graduated from college and all).

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  • Can you go and measure your condoms please?

    I'm trying to figure out what the average size is (inside diameter of the ring).

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  • What is the diameter of a typical condom? (Adults please)?

    I'm worried that I'm not big enough to fit snugly into one.

    (I'm definitely done growing by the way. I'm a full grown adult)

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  • Should I just have a cigarette already?

    I have this fixation on smoking. I've probably smoked one cigarette total in the past 5 years (ages 17-22) a few puffs at a time.

    If I get addicted, so be it, but I don't plan on smoking often (maybe just bum one off someone at work every couple months)/

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