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I play violin and bass. I'm addicted to music, I listen to it 24/7. I like knitting, and I'm damn good at it. I go on random adventures with a few of my friends. Reading is exciting. I'm an environmental science major, I am a sophomore at U of I.

  • Which Kindle, the Wifi or the 3G model?

    I have decided that I am definitely getting an Amazon Kindle, since I am an avid reader, but I am not sure which model to get yet. Anyone out there have recommendations of whether the Wifi model is sufficient, or whether I should go with the 3G model (free 3G, no contracts). The price difference is $139 for the wifi and $189 for the 3G.

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  • Best word processor for netbooks?

    I use my netbook to take notes in class. Currently I use Open Office, but the toolbars take up a significant portion of the screen. What word processor do you use with a netbook, and what do you recommend as the best one?

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  • Anything to do about scratched sunglasses?

    My good pair of sunglasses for work got dropped and now has a small nick / scratch on one of the lenses. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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  • external drive not recognizing extra space after file deletes?

    I have an external hard drive (fat32), with 250GB. It was almost completely full, but i just deleted about 40GB of files. Now, however, anytime I try to add new files to it in WindowsXP, it says I have insufficient space on it, and it can't transfer the file. It works perfectly in Ubuntu linux, though, so I know there's nothing wrong with the hard drive. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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  • Ways to paint a violin?

    I have an old violin. It's a cheap instrument, has bad sound, doesn't stay in tune, and is basically useless to me. I have a far better one that I have played for years. Anyways, I thought I could at least make it look nice with a cool paint job. Any tips on types of paint, or how to go about doing this?

    I'm fully aware that it may not be playable after it is painted. But I have a high quality violin (not this one) that I play. I do not use this one. Haven't in at least seven years. It's a very poor quality instrument, I doubt I would even be able to sell it. But I have seen pictures of beautiful painted violins online, and seen several at various music events, and I would love for this violin to be like that. If it doesn't sound good, at least it can look good.

    Any input on how to actually do this is much appreciated!

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  • What's an interesting psychological disorder?

    I've got an assignment for my psych class to "diagnose" a fake patient with a disorder, then discribe the symptoms and treatment. And it can be as weird as possible, as long as its a real disorder. Any ideas anyone?

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  • Organic chemistry help sites?

    I'm in intro to organic chemistry right now. I'm really struggling. I'm going to be thrilled if I get a C in this class. Does anyone know any helpful websites for organic chem? Either for naming compounds, or how the reactions go? By the way, it'd be nice if it was higher level, I'm a sophomore in college.

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  • Car engine revs excessively when humid outside?

    I have a '99 Contour SVT, manual transmission. It runs perfectly, except for one small problem. When it is humid outside, the engine revs a lot more than normal. So much that it sometimes stalls itself out, just from revving. Anyone know what can be causing this? And how to fix this?

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  • Need a challenging violin solo for lessons?

    I'm taking violin lessons this semester. I've played violin for almost 13 years. I'm looking for some more contemporary, not-classical songs/solos to play. I'm up for anything, from bluegrass to more traditional songs. I just need some new music besides all my old Suzuki books. Any suggestions?

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  • Challenging, not-classical violin solos?

    I'm taking violin lessons this semester. I've played violin for almost 13 years. I'm looking for some more contemporary, not-classical songs/solos to play. I'm up for anything, from bluegrass to more traditional songs. I just need some new music besides all my old Suzuki books. Any suggestions?

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  • How can I deal with stress around exams?

    I have a hard time with exams. I stress out, get really anxious about them, and almost make myself sick thinking about them. Even with plenty of studying, I get ridiculously worried about midterms. The rest of the time I'm fine, I can get all my homework done, and everything else. I can deal with most problems, but exams freak me out for some reason. How can I calm down, and deal with all this stress better?

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  • How do I get rid of a rootkit?

    I think I have a rootkit on my computer. How can I find it and get rid of it? I'm running WindowsXP.

    3 AnswersSecurity1 decade ago
  • How can I watch videos on my computer on a TV?

    I have a laptop that I want to be able to hook up to a TV to watch videos on. On the computer, all there are for inputs/outputs are USB and a VGA port. On the TV, there are AV ports, and I also have an RF Mod with S-Video, and I think I can buy one with a VGA port. How can I make this work?

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  • How to install a DOS game on Windows XP?

    So, I've got an old DOS game. I'm trying to get it to work. So far, I've tried Windows Compatibility mode and MS-DOS Prompt. Neither have had much luck. Any tips, or other way to get it to work?

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  • How do I install the NDIS wrapper on a Linux laptop?

    I have an Acer laptop with a wireless internet card built in. I recently put Ubuntu linux on it, but Ubuntu does not recognize the wireless card. To get it to work, I need to insall the NDISwrapper program, but I'm not sure how to do this. Can anyone help?

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  • Is it better to partition drive from Windows or Ubuntu Linux?

    I currently have WindowsXP, and I am going to make my computer a dual boot with the latest version of Ubuntu Linux. I have two drives, and I am putting Ubuntu on the secondary one, since I barely use it. Should I partition the drive in Windows before installing linux, or should I do it through the Ubuntu installer? Which way would work best?

    3 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • Tips on dual booting WindowsXP and Ubuntu?

    I'm fairly tech savvy, and I really want to set up my WindowsXP computer to dual boot with Ubuntu. Any tips on how to get this to work?

    2 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • What is a good, inexpensive stick shift car?

    My car died, and we are buying another used car this weekend. It needs to be a manual/stick shift car, and preferably $4000 or under. It doesn't need to go long distances, just around town. And 4 seats, it is shared between a 19 and a 17 year old. Any recommendations of some cars to look at?

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  • Is there a way to translate a website?

    There's a band I like, but their website is all in Hebrew. Is there a free way to translate the site? The site is

    2 AnswersInternet1 decade ago
  • School is stressing me out. How can I deal with this!?

    This school year at college, especially this semester, has been far too stressful. My classes are hard as hell and I'm having trouble keeping up. I have midterms coming up that I am still completely confused about. Then on top of that, I have a few family issues to deal with, and so many other things to worry about. And at school, I have a few friends I hang out with, but I have problems actually talking to people about my problems. How can I deal with all this stress? Right now, getting through this semester seems hopeless. Any advice is welcome!!

    7 AnswersMental Health1 decade ago