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  • Will it happen again?

    my boyfriend just hit me. we've been together for a while and he has been verbally abusive but he has never raised his hand on me. we have been going back and forth recently because we seem to want different things in life. i love him and want to make things work but tonight has taken me by a total surprise. is this something that could happen again? i feel pretty scared right now. i left and took a taxi home. he followed me and wanted to talk but i asked the taxi driver to walk me to my place so he did not get in. i locked myself in and he keeps calling. i don't want to talk or see him right now. i keep thinking whether i should leave or stay. i know most of you will probably say leave. i guess i am wondering about your experiences and opinion on physical abuse. thank you

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  • How to make new friends?

    My family always moved around a lot so I never had a friend longer than a few years. These friendships always fell apart and I was always heartbroken. Now, in my mid twenties I have a few friends who I hang out and talk to, but it's still not what I want. I want to make more friends and have better relationships. Does anyone have any advice willing to share with me? Thanks a lot.

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  • What is you favorite simple pleasure?

    Something you enjoy doing on your days off or in between jobs like I have to.

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  • What leads to jealousy?

    The last couple of boyfriends I had have been very jelaous. They checked my phone, questioned my every move, got mad everytime anyone looked at me, I lost many good friends because of them. The thing is I have never given them a reason not to trust me. Just wondering what you guys think leads men to act this way?

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  • HELP! How do I stop this relationship?

    I have been seeing this guy for 9 months. A month into being with him I found out that he was married with kids but separated. I should have stopped seeing him right then and there, but I liked him and I thought he was leaving her. Only I found out 3 months ago that he wasn't going to get divorced. He said he couldn't handle anyone else raising his kids. I've tried to break it up three times, but I keep going back. Once I start feeling lonely and start missing him I go right back. He has this hold of me and I don't know how to get away. He is very controlling and jelaous. When going out he freaks out even if I look at a guy. I tried going on dates but I can't think of anyone but him. I'm loosing my friends and I'm finding myself being more and more depressed. He's all I can think of and the times I broke up with him I just didn't know how to deal with the feelings I had afterwards. How am I supposed to stay away from him after I say it's over? Anyone has any advice? Thanks.

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