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  • What is your David Beckham prediction?

    How will David Beckham fair on his opening debut game for the MLS in 2009? All MLS hatred comment aside, guess the following:

    Goal count:

    Assist Count:


    Time played:

    Hair style:

    Posh's Current cupsize:

    And give a quick commentators possible intro to David Beckham's first onscreen appearance.

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  • Why is my A/C overworking and the temperature is still rising?

    Scenario: My A/C is set to 80 in the evening, the temperature drops in the home to 80 - 81. During the day I set the A/C to 82 while the temperature levels are still around 80. Like it should, the A/C kicks on when it goes above 82 but will not stop running nor will it lower the temp but rather the temperature goes up roughly a degree or two during that time. Even if the temperature goes up a degree and I reset the A/C to 85 so that it stops running, unless the temp goes above 85, the unit is still running and the A/C is still going.

    I have central air, a fan located outside of my house, filters have been changed and to my understanding Freon is not a necessary thing to replace unless there is a leak.

    Does anyone know what the problem might be?

    How to correct the problem?

    Quick fix?

    Quick way to check for problem?

    Thank you!

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  • Where might I find a United States television schedule for the international soccer friendly matches?

    I am looking for a television schedule of soccer futbol football matches being shown in the US. Specifically looking for the Argentina versus France match. I live in the southwest US area.

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  • Alternator or Battery Issue on my Dodge Avenger '96? What is the cost?

    I have a '96 Dodge Avenger with 120k miles and the other day while driving on the freeway, I heard some quick clicking sound like something coming undone and it seemed my power steering went out. Simultaneously the battery light indicating my battery is being used on my console came on as well. After driving for about 30 minutes towards home the car and its gauge lights started to Dim, my radio began cutting off and on, and the head lights were incredibly dim. I am fairly sure the alternator is the issue and possibly the belt more specifically. What is the average cost of repair for a new belt OR a new alternator? I have not had any major work done on the car for a while so are there any other maintenance repair jobs I should do while a mechanic works on my alternator? Again what would the average repair cost run? Thank you!

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  • Are there any "first steps" I need to take when turning my central heating on for the first time in 9 months?

    ie) any preliminary checks such as filter changes, unit inspections., etc.

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  • Who knows this song ?

    I really want to find out who created this song. It is just so loopy and all over the place that I want to rock this at my parties. You can review it all you want but please someone tell me where I can get this song and its title.

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