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I surf for a living, and play softball....well, other than going to school. I paint, too. It's the greatest. Yes, my dad is the CEO of Toyota Financial Services. I want to swim for the Coast Guard someday and become a rescue swimmer. But for a major job, I want to be the CEO of Disney. Yes, I am going to do it. Watch me.

  • Anyone have an old Neopets account not being used & willing to let me have it? (:?

    I'm looking for old accounts that people haven't been using, and don't plan on using it. Looking for old items that aren't around as much that used to be common along with spare Neopoints. Please let me know.

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  • Know of any "foreign" secluded beaches?

    I'm looking for a beach that has little huts or something on the beach to stay in. Somewhere close enough to a city to get what you need, but far enough to still have that secluded feel. Not a resort. Fruit trees would be nice too. Also, not an American beach.

    Anyone know of a place like this?

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  • Something unique for fiance for Valentine's Day?

    I want to get my fiance something unique for Valentine's Day. Any ideas? We're going to be in St. Lucia that weekend, but I think a cool gift would top it off! =)

    2 AnswersValentine's Day1 decade ago
  • Best Disney Wedding?

    I recently got engaged, and my fiancee and I have set a wedding date about fourteen months from now. We are having our wedding at Disneyland. Money isn't really an issue. So far, the wedding is going to be about $500,000. My parents have told me that they want to give a lot of money to me for the wedding. They asked me to tell them how much I need. How much should I be asking for? (because I could even pay for the whole thing myself, they just really want to help out a lot.) THANKS!! :]

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  • What is Pete Wentz's Fan Mail Address?

    I was watching a show from Fuse, and it was about Fall Out Boy. There was a scene where they are in Pete's room, and he says he LOVES to get mail from fans. So...does anyone know the address of his fan club or whatever? I would like something official and something that I'm can trust will get what I want to send to him. Thaankkss..

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  • Could someome refer me to a good boarding school in Germany? (For a 15 year old)?

    I'm 15 years old, and I really want to go to boarding school. My mom and everyone else in my family doesn't want me to go, but I really want to. I can't stand this state (California) and this country. I want to go to Germany. I'm 3/4 German, and I would love to be there in Germany. Could someone please give me a website of an address of a good boarding school? I'm planning on only going for one year...just for a change. I searched some, but I didn't find anything too good. Thanks.

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  • Who Dies In Harry Potter 7? Has The Author Released Any Of This Information?

    Could anyone give me any information about the seventh book? The author has said that three main characters die, but who are they? One of the Weasley's die, and there was an article in the paper and the boy who plays Harry Potter said he would rather die than to have his best friend, Ron, die. PLEASE, does anyone know this information? Please tell me what you know! Thanks. :)

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  • My friend has a crazy sweating problem! Can someone help her?

    My friend sweats like crazy, she wears anti pespirant deoderant, but no matter how much or what she uses, she always sweats through her clothing. She hasn't always been like this, but I've been trying to help her. Any tips please?

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  • What does the name Chandee mean?

    Could someone please let me know? That is my name, and it is pronounced Seandee. I have heard many things: Goddess; Child of the moon. I was wondering if anyone had a source or knew. Thanks

    2 AnswersLanguages1 decade ago
  • What should I get my boyfriend for his 17th birthday?

    My boyfriend is turning 17, he's a Junior in High School, and plays Varsity football. I'm not too sure on what to get him! Any ideas?

    22 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • How can you be certain if someone is possessed by the devil?

    If someone is possessed, how could you know for sure? Does anyone have any information. I study exorcisms for a living, but I would like to know what the general public thinks.

    8 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • When you're at Knott's Scary Farm, are the creatures and monsters allowed to physically touch you?

    Are you monsters allowed to grab you, or push you, or do anything that has to do with touching you? I am going tomorrow (Monday, October 30th, 2006), and I would like to recieve as much information as I can about THIS YEARS Knott's Scary Farm. Please supply me with any information you know. Thanks.

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