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  • 請問鐘欣怡在康熙來了介紹她住的套房在哪?

    12月22日的康熙來了有拍鐘欣怡住的套房 有人知道在哪嗎?



    1 Answer維修9 years ago
  • 請問我愛黑澀棒棒堂錄影時間

    要去台灣觀光了 想要去看看弟弟美眉 XD


    先和答題者說聲謝謝 真的感激不盡!

    1 Answer喜劇1 decade ago
  • Any suggestions what kind of local products or gifts to buy for taiwanese friends?

    I am visiting as a tourist again this october to taiwan.

    But I am thinking of what to buy for few taiwanese friends I have over there that will be interestingly singaporean styled.

    It can be food or something interesting =).

    Some suggestions please~

    (don't tell me its hainanese chicken rice or char kway teow.. as these wont last more than a day before it turns bad)

    Will award points to the answer that I think its relevant.

    2 AnswersFriends1 decade ago