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  • Can vaginal creams give you false STI results?

    I've been having uncomfortable vaginal symptoms for a couple days. 

    I used monistat 3 day 2 nights ago and last night I put on some hydrocortisone cream. Will the hydrocortisone cream for itch that I put on externally last night at 1 am give me false positive results if I take an STI test today? 

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  • Did your tetanus shot cause side effects?

    I need a tetanus booster because I stepped on metal yesterday. I'm not an Anti- Vaxxer but I am scared of side effects of everything since I have hypochondria. I don't want to feel sick. I've already had stomach problems that are really bad for a while now and the fact that I have to inject myself with random things is scary. What I faint? or go into anaphylactic shock or feel really ill after.

    Please be nice. I know I am a hypochorndiac and being mean won't help that I just need to stay calm and get the vaccine and I want to know of any experiences others had so I can relax

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  • Do I have an Ulcer or Stomach Cancer???? ?

    I am 22 years old.I have been diagnosed with IBS for a while.I have been having abdominal pain for over a month now. I had been having acid reflux on and off and was feeling bloated one day then within 2 days during a car ride I threw up a little. Ever since then I had acid reflux that was causing problems swallowing because it didn't feel like food was going down and constant burping with on and off stomach pain. One day I had really sudden stomach pain that subsided when I ate and now for weeks I've been stuck with this burning shabby gnawing pain under my breastbone that comes and goes CONSTANTLY.It gets better with a big meal and is was not persistent like I would have it for. day and then it would go away for a few days.  I have had no bleeding in stools or big changes in bowels. I had diarrhea one day but that was it. I am too scared to get checked out because I don't want it to be something serious. I am worried sick and now have freaked myself out and am crying thinking things 

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  • How long after starting AZITHROMYCIN for strep throat am I no longer contagious?

    I toke 500 mg today and am gonna take 250 for the next four days. I read somewhere that you are no longer contagious after 24 hours of antibiotics?is that true?

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  • Will a toliet splash on my lip cause an E coli infection?

    This is a Tmi, but I had a bowel movement and some was stuck on the bowl so I cleaned it with one of my dirty toilet cleaner brushes that had fecal matter on it from a while ago and then I used my clean one with lysol and when I was cleaning it with the clean one like a couple seconds in it a splash landed above on my lip. I immediately cleaned my lip with a cotton pad and antibacterial soap multiple times and then swished with some mouthwash. But I am so paranoid now because I used a dirty brush that was sitting in dirty water with fecal on it from a month ago and now I'm thinking since right after I was cleaning with the cleaner one that the bacteria from the dirty one was in the toliet still and now I'm going to get an infection :( help. PS im a vegetarian

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  • Birth control! I MISSED A PILL what do I do????

    I'm on birth control I have been almost a year I do have sex almost every other day and today I saw I missed a pill but it was the pill right before the placebo. I toke it now am I okay? I don't see why I would have to double up if the next pill was a placebo? I'm on lo Loestrin Fe

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  • Should I be Concerned about HANTAVIRUS?

    Today I was at my boyfriends parents house and he s been having a rat problem in his walls and attic for a while now

    This horrible smell has been filling the house since yesterday and I m not sure what it is and where its coming from but my boyfriend had been telling me its prob rat poop in the walls

    I didn t see or come in contact with any rat feces or urine but this smell is pungent and its been said to be in dust

    It was probably coming from his attic

    his dad went in the attic today but didn t clean anything but im scared the dust could have traveled out

    I googled rat feces Inhalation and came across HANTAvirus and now i m fearful of possibly contracting it since the whole down stairs smelled and the dad opened attic and I passed the attic like 10 mins after.

    I live in Southern California, Redondo Beach to be exact so I don t think its common but i m still scared because hantavirus is super deadly

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  • What's wrong with stomach? Pressure below ribcage?

    I have IBS and a couple days ago on Tuesday to be exact I held in my bowels for a little too long the day before. I usually always to the restroom but did not go Monday and held it at my boyfriends house started to get side pain. Since Tuesday when the back ache started I've used the bathroom multiple times I have this weird dull pressure pain on and off right below my rib cage and in my abdomen right side. Every time I use the restroom # two it gets a little better. I don't have a UTI(already checked) and I have a lot of gas today. I don't have appendicitis so please don't suggest that I already have health anxiety. I have an appetite and no fever and no pain when coughing and it is not severe pain. What could be the cause of this? its on and off as I said the pressure and dull ache are starting to get annoying no pain though just annoying. My bowel movements are healthy as well not constipated nor diarheaa

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  • UTI's Need advice please?

    Hi, I Just had my first UTI a few weeks ago. I'm 21 and have been sexually active since I was 15 and never had a UTI before. When I first presented symptoms it was pain and tightness in pelvis area and pain in my back and legs. No burning or anything. My urine test showed white blood cells but no UTI and my urine culture came back clear but I toke antibiotics anyways. I've been with my boyfriend in a committed realtionship for three years and we always had a lot of sex i usually always would pee after. after antibiotics I didn't have sex for 2 weeks for precaution and just had sex with my bf a couple times this week. I've taken precautions such as drinking water, blueberry juice, vitamin c 1000, D-MANNOSE twice a day and right after sex in the past two weeks to prevent a uti and I wipe with baby wipes VERY WELL after bowel movements. Now today I've been having pain when I pee like stabbing on and off no burning and some side tightness but I think its related to my stomach. I already have health anxiety and I don't understand why this is happening. I'm not just "one of those girls" that's prone to UTIS I've been having lots of sex for a long time and in grosser conditions and never suffered one nether the less 2. This is so weird. Nothing has changed if anything I use to be A LOT LESS cleanly and always had loose bowels and never would wash my hands before touching my vagina sometimes would even sleep right after sex and not pee (very rarely) and no UTI. I'm so confused

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  • If I have a UTI does that mean I will keep getting them in the future?

    I had my first UTI last week. I didn't present with normal symptoms. I had body aches and pains in my pelvis and back and no actual burning or anything. I have been sexually active since I was 15 and this is my firs Uti. I have had the same partner for 3 years. My urine test only showed white blood cells but no UTI and my urinalysis was clear. I toke antibiotics. I'm nervous to have sex because Im nervous now that this is gonna be a ting evrjytme I have sex and its gonna become a chronic issue.

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    This is my first UTI, I never had any pain when I peed and I usually pee a lot so I didn t notice any symptoms other than back pain. I did go to the doctors two days ago and they said I have white blood cells in my pee and are gonna do urine culture. I Toke a ONE dose antibiotic called monurol 2 nights ago and I still have back pain on one side now that is pretty bad on and off and I keep peeing. No fever.I m nervous about the possibility of this turning into a kidney infection.

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  • Do I have a BLOOD CLOT in my calf? OR A DVT?

    I'm 21 and I've been having pain in my knee for 2 months after hiking one day. Today I was just touching my calf and notice when I press on its tender almost as if its BRUISED? When I walk I can notice now that I payed attention that my calf is tender and feels bruised. This only was brought to my attention today. I have no cramping or warmth in my leg or calf or any marks . Just the bruising feeling in my calf. I am on birth control ( Lo Loestrin Fe) which is low hormone and do not smoke and am not on bed rest and have not traveled recently. Should I be CONCERNED that this IS A BLOOD CLOT? or a DVT. I can raise my leg with no pain but the random tenderness is getting me worried because I have not done any expertise or anything to cause this soreness.

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  • Do I have Bacterial Meningitis? Rash? Need medical advice?

    Its almost 4 am I can t sleep. I was getting ready for bed when I saw something on my thigh and thought it was food. I saw bruise looking things so I toe a closer look and I basically see red/ purple pink dots all together clustered and some dispersed. Is this meningitis rash? I haven t felt ill at all today this is my first sign,Earlier today I got a massage and she rubbed that area but I felt no pain I also scratched my body not sure if that was the area. I HAVE A HUFE FEAR OF MENINGITIS and this is not helping. I m hoping its just small pin prick pupura bruises. isn t a rash last symptom of meningitis? Wouldn t I have to be ill first which I haven t been? SP CONFUSED AND SCARED

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  • Should I worrry about contracting Meningitis? How common is meningitis b?

    I’ve been avoiding kissing my boyfriend for 8 months. I have this fear of meningitis that won’t go away, since meningitis B is common in our age group (18-23) years, and up to 5-25 percent of people carry it asymptomatically, I’m constantly worried. I’m too scared of getting the vaccine but if I don’t get sick with with it in the next couple days I will get it immeidatly. Neither I nor my boyfriend live in a dorm but his sister does and she parties a lot and he shared a drink with her and food with her two months ago. He pecked me yesterday and since i already Was ill with a stomach bug and had a respitory illness right before that, I’m legit counting down the days thinking I’m gonna wake up with bacterial meningitis because he might be carrying it without symptoms since that’s how most people get it. I know this is a fear, but talking to people helps me.

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  • I have Haemophilus influenzae?

    More than a week ago I started having upper repository tract symptoms such as sore throat and than a cough that lasted a few days. My boyfriends little cousin was coughing and I was hanging out with her and I assumed thats where I picked it up. After a Nasal Lab test it came out positive for Haemophilis influenza but neither the doctors or lab could confirm if it was HIB or the b strain that is dangerous. Since my respiratory symptoms have been gone for over a week now my doctors assure me I don't need an antibiotic but if I'm carrying a bacteria isn't that dangerous for my health? I've read this bacteria can cause meningitis and invasive blood disorders. I'm sure i was vaccinated as a baby but I'm 21 now. I'm not sure why doctors are so non chalant about this. IT IS A BACTERIA and it CAN cause problems. Like am I supposed to wait until something horrible happens. I't doesn't help that suddenly a couple days ago I started getting diaherra and now burning in my stomach and nausea and stomach pains and I went from already thin to very thin. Could be food poisoning or I could be slowly dying from bacteremia( blood poisoning)does any one know more about this disease? I don't want to wake up with meningitis suddenly or get blood poisoning

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  • Will my birth control cause blood clots?

    Hi I m 21. Have been on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo for almost 5 months, I have to switch to Lo loestrin Fe and the switch is making me fear blood clots all over again.

    I checked my blood and have no blood clotting genes or factors and I do not smoke.

    What is my actual risk of developing a blood clot from Birth control?

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  • Cervical Biopsy? Pain after sex?

    Is sex painful after Colposcopy with Biopsy? I am nervous. Waited for results of biopsy as well.

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  • COLPOSCOPY? Cervical biopsy HOW long until I CAN HAVE SEX?

    I had a Colposcopy done with a biopsy and its been 6 days, my doctor said wait 5 days until intercourse but online there are conflicting time frames. Some say 3 days some say week and some say 2 weeks. I Was gonna have sex tomorrow. Which would have made it a full week. Spotting and cramping have been very minimal after Biopsy but I have very minor discharge still and very light spotting.

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  • CERVICAL COLPOSCOPY? HpV And Abnormal Cells?

    Hi I m 21 and had an abnormal pap with HSIL but no HPV so I retested a week or 2 after frantic and confused since I had my vaccines and have had 3 partners then HPV showed up but it was LSIL low grade cells this time . So I had to do a colposcopy. My doc said one part lit up only at 3:00 on my cervix and she does not think it is cancer or anything very serious? Can a doctor dee cancer or get a pretty good idea of severity just from Colpo? She did not seemed Concerned at all but im very afraid of Cervical Cancer. Also have no symptoms no pain bleeding nothing.

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  • Bacterial Meningitis? Help?

    Hi, So I have this ongoing fear about Meningitis. I Wanted to get the vaccine but my fear was getting better since I legit told my boyfriend I don't want to kiss at all for now and since my immune system has been a little weird I didn't know how I felt about the vaccine. My Bf kissed me the other day and the reason why I'm freaked out he shared a drink with his sister infront of me a couple months ago, she lives in a Dorm and drinks and parties a lot, she has gotten the vaccine and so has he I'm sure, but I haven't and I'm terrified once again that I have it now since people can carry it for months and just be carriers but still pass it to others. Its been 2 days technically and so far no symptoms but I'm actually counting down the days waiting to wake up with severe headache and stiff neck. There is a 3-7 day incubation period. I'm scared all the videos of people with amputations have terrified me, And I keep tossing and turning in my sleep,Because I think I might develop it,I'm super freaked out

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