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  • In what order should I watch the Stargate TV shows and Movies?

    I have seen the original Stargate movie and am currently on Season 7 of Stargate SG-1. My question is - what should I watch after Sg-1 and in what order should I watch the other parts of the franchise? This includes spin off TV shows (Stargate Atlantis etc) AND movies. Please only answer if you have constructive advice to give. Thanks bunches!

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  • Access to Gmail on LG Xenon?

    I have an LG Xenon with At+T service. I know I could probably access gmail via the internet, but I hate using mobile web pages. What I would like to know is how to access gmail via the mobile email option. It lists a bunch of email providers, but gmail is not one of them (even under the 'other options'). Is there a way to access it using mobile email, or is gmail just not an option?

    And please only answer if you are familiar either with this model or other LG's, or know the answer. I am looking for a concrete answer rather than a guess (sorry if I sound rude, but Yahoo Answers can be touch and go sometimes...). Thanks so much and happy holidays! :)

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  • Should I tip on Take Out Orders?

    If I am ordering for me and several friends then I do tip since there are multiple meals... but usually its just me ordering one meal for myself. Should I tip? I usually pay by credit card and feel terrible when I strike out the 'tip' section. I do tip (not a full 15%) at places a really love and go to frequently... but if its somewhere I dont frequent often should I tip?

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  • Did anyone die in the initial collapse of the Chilean mine?

    I am watching the live coverage of their rescue (one miner has already been rescued, thank god). But I was wondering - did any miners pass away in the initial collapse? Thank you for your help!

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  • How do you know when a salmon fillet is done?

    Tonight Im baking a salmon fillet (yum!) but have never actually done this alone before. Im baking it in tin foil at 350 in the oven... only thing im unsure about is how do you know when its done? Ive heard for this method 15 min per inch of thickness works... but is there any more definitive way to figure out when its done? i dont want to overcook it. Thanks everyone!

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  • Can you re-download games on a new computer?

    I currently have a laptop and have the sims 3 installed on it that i purchased via direct download a year ago or so. I am pretty sure I also purchased an option where i could redownload it in the future but I dont quite remember.

    I am considering getting the newest expansion but I plan on purchasing a new computer in a few months. If I buy it as a direct download, and download it on my laptop - can I download it onto my new computer ina few months? Thanks!

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  • How do I get over the guilt of leaving behind a foster kitten/cat?

    I have just graduated college and am moving 900 miles from the area where I have been in school for the last four years. I have two cats of my own that coexist but do not interact with each other much. both are between 2 and 3 years old, indoor only. For the last two years I have fostered kittens (two at a time) for the local shelter and have helped foster and find homes for five kittens/cats.

    The problem is that all of my foster kittens I have only had for a few months each, except the one I currently have named Nala. I have had her for eight months. She is adorable, lovable, and has obviously bonded with me, my cats, and my apartment. As much as I have tried I have been unable to emotionally remove myself from her since I have had her for so long (she was placed with me at only 7 weeks and she is now around 9 months old). I love her, although I have been careful to never quite think of her as 'mine'.

    Keeping her is not an option. As a young 20 something I am unable to fully provide for three cats in a manner which they deserve. I can keep up with the feeding and litter, but in terms of space and the fact that my two cats do not care to be near each other there simply is no way to make it work. If I was older and able to afford a larger apartment or house, I would without question adopt her. However the city I am moving near is far more expensive than the area I am currently in so I will most certainly be downsizing.

    This being the case, how do i ever get over the guilt of abandoning her? When I move in two months, she will permanently move into the shelter which i foster through. Luckily it is a no-kill non-profit so I am confident that she will be taken care of, however she will live in a cage. She has been raised in a spacious apartment where she has been able to go where she pleases, and I do not think that adjustment to life in a cage will be easy.

    How can I get over the sense of abandonment and stop from feeling selfish for leaving her behind? In the end I know I have done a good thing because she is socialized and I am confident that she will one day be adopted into a loving family... but I still get incredibly sad when I think about how I will have to leave her to her fate here in a shelter. Any advice anyone?

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  • Why are you all so angry about adoption?

    I have recently started to frequent this part of the board because I have always had a fascination with adoption, always have known I want to adopt, and am currently entering the adoption services field.

    I have seen many lovely comments, stories, and questions. I was shocked to come across so many opinions against adoption - but I have seen many arguments made that, although i do not agree with, are logical and rational. I respect this viewpoint although it is not my own, and my problem is not with this attitude.

    my problem, and question, is with/about the intense attitude I have seen on here by some not just against adoption, but against adoptive parents, and anyone who buys into the ideals of adoption. How is it that so many people on here seem to harbor such intense hatred for people who choose to believe that adoption, overall (yes I know, some of you have had bad experiences, but that doesnt negate other people's good experiences) is a good thing?

    In the last few weeks I have seen people rip posters apart for inquiring about adoption because they had a bad experience and anyone who buys into the adoption system is 'ignorant'. Even just today I saw a thread where many commenters were berating an individual for not wanting to seek out their bio parents. I was under the impression that this thread was here so we could support each other and answer questions in a non-attacking manner... so why tear each other down? Especially when people are just trying to do the right thing.

    All in all, I guess I am just baffled by the intensity of some of your attitudes towards people who post about wanting to adopt, or who already have. Also please note that this is NOT the majority of the people I see here. The majority seem very supportive of each other and caring. Even those that do not agree with adoption, most of you articulate in a rational manner - but a small portion seem to take it to the extreme.

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  • Why Are Some People Against Domestic Adoption?

    1. I am a supporter of adoption, however I am only asking this because I am truly curious

    2. I ask about domestic (US) only, because I understand many of the systemic issues that come into play with international adoptions. I am asking about people's moral objections to the concept of adopting a child into a family in general, NOT about how our adoption system works

    3. Yes this has been asked before but I was not satisfied with the answers I saw, and this question hasnt been asked recently

    4. Be nice ^.^

    Once again, I am wondering why some people disagree with the idea of a family raising children that are not their own, NOT why people disagree with how our adoption system is run

    Thanks for your input!

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  • Can I eat Wendy's Chili a few days after getting my wisdom teeth out?

    First off, please note this is the THIRD day after surgery, so PLEASE do not respond with stuff about just mushy foods or a copy of info off goggle (sorry ive had some of these responses to my similar questions). I can use google myself and am looking for personal experience or professional knowledge ONLY.

    I had all 4 wisdom teeth taken out Friday morning (now Sunday afternoon). Would it be ok to eat Wendy's Chili at this point in my healing process? My only concern is because it 1) has meat in it and 2) is kind spicy. Obviously I would forgo the extra spice packets.

    Thanks so much for any help you can offer! also, I havent been in much pain and have been able to handle bread etc today.

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  • What can I eat the day after getting my wisdom teeth out?

    I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday morning. It has been about 32 hours. I havent been in pain and have been following the dentists orders.

    I am extremely hungry and can not stand to eat anymore applesauce, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, or anything 100% mushy. I was considering eating a lunchables pizza set (pita bread + sauce + cheese) - is this ok at this stage in my recovery? What else is ok at this point?

    Also, please dont just give me a list of mushy foods. I am educated and informed on what i can eat in regards to the first 24 hours and mushy foods. I am looking for semisolid options and whether or not I can eat a lunchables set. Thank you!

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  • Why do opiates not work on some people?

    I just had my wisdom teeth out yesterday and was prescribed Oxycodone for pain (generic of percocet). This morning I took them for the first time. I did what my dentist said and took one, waited a bit - didnt feel anything - so I took another. I was completely unaffected.

    The only other experience I have had with opiates was a few years ago when i had hydrocodone prescribed for bronchitis. This did not effect me either - even when taking more than the recommended dose.

    I have been told by many people, and now my dentist, that some people are not effected my opiates. How common is this, and why is this? Also, what are some pain medications that are not opiates? i would like to be as informed as possible so if I ever have any pain or procedures done in the future I will know what to request. Thank you for your help! Also, i am only looking for informed answers either from personal experience or experience in the medical field - NOT copies of information found off the internet. I can use google myself :) Thanks!

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  • How Long Should A Drumstick Bag Be?

    I am knitting a drumstick bag for my friend and need to know how long I should make it. I do not know the type or kind of sticks he uses, I am just looking for how long drumsticks are on average. Thank you so much!

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  • What Is The Silliest Yahoo Question You Have Seen?

    Every once in a while I'll come across some strange/funny/sad/weird question that makes me kinda worried for humanity and the concept of intelligence. What is the silliest/weirdest/strangest question you have seen?

    My personal favorite was one I saw a few years ago that asked if they could become a police officer even though they had multiple felonies including one murder charge. Oh, and the one that was a soon-to-be-daddy asking why his pregnant girlfriend wasn't getting her period, and asked if the baby was drinking the blood. Gross and sad.

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  • How Young Is Too Young For Revealing Clothing?

    I'm curious about people's opinions. I am 22 years old and dress what I consider to be average (I'll show my arms or my legs but not both, I try not to be too revealing) but am used to being surrounded by girls in overly revealing clothing.

    However, lately I have noticed more and more children following this trend. When i see a 15/16 year old dressing this way i don't think twice - but I can't help but feel a little queasy when I see 10/11 year olds like this. Am I just being prude (which would be ironic considering my actually a raging liberal)?

    In your opinion, how young is too young? Tons of kid role models today wear revealing clothing regularly (from Miley Cyrus to Britney Spears) - so when does it become alright for them to imitate them? Where do you draw the line?

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  • Do you need to update sign language dictionaries?

    I have 'The pocket dictionary of Signing' from 1992. It is a basic dictionary with pictures for over 600 signs. I am looking to get back into learning sign language - so my question is does it matter that it is from 1992? Does sign language get updated? Should I invest in a newer book?

    Thank you so much! Also, please note I am only looking for responses from qualified individuals who know the answer for sure - please no speculation.

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  • What should be America's priority: Anorexia or Obesity?

    Having once been over weight myself, and eventually struggling with anorexia nervosa, I have begun to think about the the conflicting extremes of obesity and eating disorders. Both of these are hot button issues, and both clearly need to be addressed in our society. Due to the dynamics of the media in the US, only one of these can be focused on at a time. My question is, eating disorders or obesity...which is most damaging to American society as a whole and should be addressed as top priority?

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  • How to stop beauty from being intimidating?

    In no way whatsoever do I mean this to be vain, I honestly need some advice.

    I am an attractive 20 year old college student and I pay for college by modeling. I have never thought of beauty to be anything other than a way to get money for tuiton and a mild annoyance. I prize my mind and my academic studies.... but the problem is that I have a lot of trouble meeting people.

    People always assume I would have tons of guys asking me out and hitting on me, which does indeed happen... but it is extremly rare for a guy to actually pursue me beyond a half-attempt pick up line. I have talked to my male friends about this, as well as some of my exs, and they all say its because my looks can be intimidating. They said that guys may assume i either wouldnt be interested, that im involved, or that they werent good enough. How can I get around this? I dont play up my looks unless im working, and i am down to earth. How can I make other people see that without me having to prove it?

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  • Kitten doesnt like treats?

    I need advice... Im currently training my 8 week old male kitten to use the litter box. Unfortunatly I've had difficulty because he has made a habit of using my bed at night although he uses the box throughout the day and occasionally at night.

    Everything I have read says that the best way to help curb this behavior is to bring him to the box and give hm a treat once he uses it. Problem is, my kitten wont eat treats! Ive tried several different kinds and flavors but he just doesnt like them. I've tried praising him and playing with him after using the box but he doesnt seem to mak the connection of it encouraging the behavior.. How can I reward him when he uses his box?

    Thank you!

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  • Kitten uses litter box but pees on beds?

    I just got my kitten 5 days ago, and he is only 8 weeks old. He will use the litter box almost all the times and has only pooped outside of it once. However every night since ive had him he has peed on my bed. I unfortunatly have a small apartment so his 'safe room' is my room, hence the oppurtunity. My mattress is also on the floor so its impossible to restrict his movement on it. I wasnt too nervoud about all this until today when he went into my roommates room and ped on HER bed.. after I had taken him to the litter box to make sure he didnt have to go.

    I have already scheduled a visit with th vet, I had him tested for bladder infections (which was negative), and I have used the necessary products to remove the marking scent.

    Anyone know what I can do to help my kitten stop peeing on beds? Please do not tell me to praise him after using the box or take him to it etc. because I am already doing all of that.

    Thank you!

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