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  • Are Pigeoned-toed knock-kneed women really attractive to men?

    What is it that guys like so much about a girl who is pigeon-toed with knock-knees? I mean why do guys always feel the need to mention it? Am I missing something?

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  • How do I tell my neighbor nicely not to park in my driveway anymore?

    A few weeks ago a neighbor said her grandson was in town for the weekend and asked if I would let them park a vehicle in my driveway. I was okay with it and gave my consent. However the other day I came home from work to find the vehicle parked in my driveway once again. They did not ask me about this particular time and just took it upon themselves to park there once more. I work long hours and often come home sometimes in the wee hours of the morning so I don’t often see these neighbors. The car remained parked in my driveway from Friday until Monday afternoon so I thought okay they’ve gone home once more. But this evening when I walked out my door I found they have come back and once more parked in my driveway. I’ve recently begun dating someone and don’t want him to get the wrong impression if he were to show up to find a strange car at my home. What is a nice way to ask them to longer park there?  I mean I gave permission for one weekend not whenever they feel like it

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  • Not attentive enough?

    What do you do if a guy seems to be everything you want in a person but just isn’t attentive? I’ve tried talking to him about it twice already

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  • What is it?

    I don’t understand. I consider myself to be a good woman. I work. I cook. I clean. Own my own home. Pay all my own bills. Im funny. Im honest and faithful. Yet I’m single. I don’t have children. Men hit on me but none of them are looking for a commitment. What is it? I just don’t understand anymore. 

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  • Should I leave this guy alone or give it more time? I’m looking for a relationship and am starting to feel like he wants fwb. Thoughts? Help?

    A guy hit on me about a month ago and I gave him my number (from a distance). Weve texted back and forth since but have only talked on the phone once. We hang out once a week. He lives like an hour away but works in my area. I like him, we get along.  He says he’s single. I’m single. We’ve never been on a date. Sometimes I text and he doesn’t even answer. Other times we text back and forth all day and night. He’s never invited me down to his area. He’s been to my place but we hang out outside. We hug and sometimes he kisses my neck but he has never actually kissed me on the lips. He says let’s take things slow and get to know each other and see if there’s chemistry. I noticed he had a cell phone in his hands he was using and another in his car door. When I asked him about it he said the other phone has WiFi. It didn’t ring or anything so I’m not sure what to think. Last week he didn’t answer my text. I decided I wasn’t going to call or text him and we didn’t talk for like 3 days. Nothing. The next day I sent him a text saying I didn’t think it was gonna work and felt like were looking for different things. He texted back that sometimes he can be distant and is always a phone call or text away and he came and hung out outside my house when he got off work. Then he suggests he spends the night when he gets off work next week and we spend the next day together.  Im not spending the night with someone who I don’t intend on sleeping with at this point. Thoughts? Advice please

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