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§~You can't judge me!~§

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HI!!! How are you??? I'm G-R-E-A-T! Sry, I just ate a LOT of chocolate! I'm gay, and in a relationship with my baby! I love him, he is my baby, and is ranting right now, but its ok, cuz he knows i love him! <3 Sry, the chocolate is kicking in again! I'm looking for gay friends! If you are, email me!!! I'm am told that I am an extremely fun person and I'm a really good friend!!!I am very nice and fun to talk to once you get to know me and get past my wierdness. ~lol~ "92% of teens would be dead if Abercrombie & Fitch said it wasn't cool to breathe. Put this in your profile if you are the 8% who would be laughing" "Labels are for soup cans, not people." (\__/) (+'.'+) Copy and paste this bunny ('')_('') into your profile to help him gain world dominatio

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