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  • Why does my shoulder hurt so much from throwing a softball?

    I used to play baseball for about ten years as a youth. I stopped when I was 16. Now, I'm 26 and have decided to join a softball league. I have played virtually no baseball/softball in between. I bought a glove and started to play catch the other day. I noticed my arm/ shoulder getting a little bit sore. I figured this was normal due to throwing not being a natural motion, and having not worked those muscles for years. So I gave it a few days rest. When I started to warm up for the first game yesterday, I noticed a pretty significant pain in my shoulder, and again, attributed it to not using those muscles much. As the game went on, I made a couple throws from my position (left field) to home plate. On each of these hard throws, I felt very significant pain when reaching my arm back, and again on release. A couple of times, after release, my entire arm tingled in a sort of numbness, right down to my fingers for about a minute. By the end of the game, when we were taking batting practice, I was fielding balls at 3rd, and could NOT even throw the ball back to the pitcher due to the pain. Today, (the next day) The soreness is still present. any activity where I must reach above my shoulder height, or behind my back, brings a good amount of pain. Things like threading my belt through the back belt loops, or lifting my arm up to point at something, brings probably a 5 out of 10 pain. Not nearly as bad as during the game, but still significant. The pain seems to be "inside" my shoulder/arm. If I was standing sideways with my arms straight down, and you were looking at my profile, it seems to be straight on, middle of the arm right at, or an inch below where the shoulder "curves " and becomes the arm. there isn't any pain when sitting still, gripping anything, typing etc. No pain until I attempts to reach back, behind me, or reach up, over me. Is this just soreness from having an out of shape arm? I am a firefighter by trade, and although I work under adrenaline much of the time, I have never notices pain when swinging an axe over my head etc. Any help would be appreciated.

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