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  • How much snow does San Jose get?

    Me and my g/f currently live in San Diego and will be driving up north to San Jose. We wanted to know how much snow San Jose has been getting this winter cause we'd like to do some skiing or snowboarding. I have a 4wd SUV so I don't think I'll need chains, but what would you recommend? We'll be heading there this weekend!

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  • Am I being too possessive?

    I've been with my girlfriend for a little over a month. We're both 28. Currently I work full time while she goes to school part time. We each live at our own separate places as well. So anyways, the past few weeks she has seemed more distant. Many times I won't hear back from her if I text her, or the conversation will just end abruptly. If I call, i'll hardly ever get a hold of her. She says she's been studying for her final projects for class and her final exams which are now this week. I saw her only once in the last week and a half. Today I was chatting with her and mention about taking her out to dinner after her last final this weds. Unfortunately she says she has one more final at night, so I said we can do it Thursday, but she says she has plans to spend time with friends she hasn't seen in weeks. At that point I just said ok, and maybe some other day (in my mind I threw the idea out the window). She said I normally take her out on Friday's which is true at times. When we were first together, she would often text me on her own, or we'd communicate throughout the day because she said she likes to stay close and in touch in her relationships. Now it just seems like she's doing opposite. I don't know, I feel at times I get frustrated and maybe just should move on, or am I in the wrong and just hang in there? To me even if I was as busy as she says she is, I could find a little time to communicate and just let her know I'm still alive and in touch with her.

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  • Why does my Samsung 37" 720p accept say it can display 1080p?

    I just bought a new Samsung LN37A450 LCD 720p HDTV. The tv has a max res of 720p, but when i connected my PS3 and did the auto display setup, it says 1080p and asks me if I can see the picture and want to accept these settings. i said YES, and tried to playing a blu-ray movie. During the movie, i clicked the INFO button on the TV to see what resolution it's displaying, and it says 1920x1080p. Is it really doing this, or is it just down scaling the image to 720p? Should I leave my PS3 on the 1080p setting, or set it to 720p?

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  • Extra money from home loan to purchase vehicle.?

    I am looking into going in half with my sister to purchase a home which we will rent out. Currently, I am also looking into buying a new vehicle. What I was thinking of doing, is adding the money I currently have for the down payment of the vehicle to my share of the down payment to the house, and taking out a home loan with an extra 30K to purchase the vehicle. I read online that home loan APR's are lower than vehicle as well. Thing is, is it possible to get the 30K in cash so I can purchase my vehicle, and if so, how? I am also open to other ideas any of you may have in mind which would be better for my situation. I would like to purchase the vehicle sometime this summer, and the house as well since my CD will come due. (house first, then car). Thanks guys!

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  • Is it worth pursuing or asking this girl to be my girlfriend?

    I have been seeing this girl for the past 3 months. We see each other once every 2 weeks because of our work schedules and we live a hour apart. Recently, I have been thinking about asking her to be my g/f, but not 100% sure. Since the last time we spent together, she told me she had a great time and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Couple days later she text me saying she "actually misses me" and wonders when she'll see me again. She'll even ask me if I'm going to spend time with other girls while i'm away for vacation, like she's worried I'll find someone else. This seems great and all to me, and made me feel she really likes me, but I still feel she's a big flirt with other guys and I know she spends time with other guys who like her as well. I'm sorta torn about asking her to make things official if she even wants to, or just let it go and move on.... but possibly just keeping in touch with her as a friend at the most. What should I do?

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  • Should I tell my friend I like her?

    I've been friends with her for a little over 2 years now. She broke up with her last b/f in August, and since then we've just remained close friends because I haven't said anything, and if she feels the same, she hasn't either. She says being single is good, so I've been hesistant to ask. I've had many people, her friends and mine ask if we were b/f g/f, and after i tell them no, they say why not? This was another reason I was thinking of asking her as well. I know if I don't ask I'll never know, but if I do, I am hoping for the right time which I'm not sure is now or not. If anyone has any questions to help make a better answer, feel free to ask! Thanks guys!

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  • I would like to ask out a close friend?

    I have known this girl for over a year now, and at the time didn't think much of it. Now after all this time, my feelings have changed and grown for her. I would love to ask her out since we both get along so well and just everything seems to click. Thing is, I am not completely sure how she feels. I know some people will say "ask her out to something". I have an she'll usually alway accept, weather it's to go clubbing with me and friends, or to go to some event i'm going to check out, she's pretty much always down to go. Not sure if she's doing it cause she likes me, or just being my friend. She mentioned to me last week that she cried when I wanted to spend time with a guy friend of mine and not her, usually when I spend time with her. I didn't believe her, but she swore to it. I kinda took it as a possible thought she might like me. So, I pretty much just don't want to ruin what we have and know her feelings without creating any akward times for us. Thanks!

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