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Hi I'm Mycan Moneek, I'm 25,I'm a English major and I'm looking to meet new people. My hobbies are reading,dancing and writing. I'm single and I love music and fashion!!!

  • What Did I Do?

    I met this guy about two months ago and we decide to be together shortly after.We lived quit a distance from each other but because he lived alone, I always ended up going over to his place. Everything changed all of a sudden, he became less interesting and I wasn't feeling that. I don't know where his head was cause he never would tell me. Any way I went over one day and we got in an arguement and he hasn't called me since. I sent him a email the day after and he hasn't responded. It makes me think he never liked me in the first place. What type of guy would end a relationship over a small disagreement? Plus I apologized afterwards!

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  • Hey Ladies What do you think???

    Hey ladies What's the perfect guy in your book? And what do you think most guys are lacking?

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  • Please Help me find strength!!!!!!!!!?

    I recently just called it quits with an ex-boyfriend. For the last couple of years I've been dumb enough to sit and wait for him to actually get on my level,well to late I'm officially gone. And what I need help doing is staying gone and excepting that it's suppose to be that way. "I know everyone might say I should go out with my friends or remember what made me leave him alone in the first place". But thats all temporary. The hard part was getting over him now I need to figure out how to stay over him, I need a push, a reason to love again, a reason to not wait for his call or wonder about him.No my self esteem isn't low and yes I do love myself , it's just hard to deal with it being over because my hopes have been up for so long, but it's something I had to do for me. What on earth can I do within myself or outside of myself to make him history in my mind, in reality and in my fantasys???

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  • How Do you Mean What You Say???

    Okay I recently decided I was gonna stop talking to this guy I had no business talking to in the first place,but I fear going back because I didn't let myself get over him first, I just all of a sudden got the courage to avoid him,how do I keep my word and not go back on the situation,because it's hard not to when you care about the person???

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  • I'm Too Fat ??

    Does anybody out there know of a good diet or eating plan, I need to lose some weight?

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  • Whats Wrong With me? Why can't I be a b*tch?

    Every since my first boyfriend I've been let down. Guys always end up hurting me, and I for some reason I don't want to hurt them. So I give them chance after chance just because they ask.(I mean,I do still have to have feelings for them to say yes.) But why can't I just be selfish and look out for me. I know some of you may think I'm stupid but I'm not If I could be a b*tch I would!!!( please try to understand my situation and give me your best advice).

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  • Someone Please Help Me Figure Him Out!!!?

    Okay there is this guy I've been dateing on and off since I was 16 years old, I'm 25 now and once again he saw me at a party and ask me do I want to try to work things out again. I'm lost because back in the day when we were talking he would never ask me to be his girlfriend, but everytime we stop talking I would here that he goes with some other girl.Why the hell does he approach me and then shy away from a relationship with me, it's been 9 years and he's still on the same thing what would you guys do!!!

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  • Ladies What Should I do,why am I fighting myself for this guy???

    Okay I use to date this guy but we broke up after about two months because of his temper. Well we got back together only to be homie lover friends and over 3 years I have gained feelings for him. He recently told me he has a TWO YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!! and the WIFE he was suppose to get a prenup with 3 years ago, he is still married to. I know it sounds like a bit much but he just told me he LOVES me about a month ago(do you know how long I've been waiting to here that) he lives out of state and only calls when he's in town, so how can he love me and what is keeping him from calling me >he says he lives alone! Why am I fighting myself,why can't I let him go???

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  • how do you keep your man from leaving?

    Woman have such a big responsibility when it comes to a man, well what does it take for both sides to be happy?

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  • wesley jonathan?

    Does Wesley Jonathan have a record deal, and is he looking for a female artist to join him on a track?

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  • wesley jonathan?

    does wesley jonathan have a special someone?

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