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  • I got Ripped Off!!!!!?

    After agonizing days over a cell phone number that has been calling, I actually was stupid enough to pay $14.95 to Intelius to get the name of the caller. You know what I got? The name of the phone company - US Cellular......I don't know whether to laugh ... or... cry!!!

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  • wireless for laptop?

    My daughter received a laptop for graduation and we don't know how to set up and use a wireless connection. Do I need to buy something for the house?

    We use cable for our desktops.

    Thank you!!

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  • daughter is a waitress?

    My daughter is a waitress and her employer has not counted tips. She will receive a small w-2 I'm sure for the small amount she receives in addition to tips, about $2.14/hr I think. She's 17. Does she file with me or on her own?

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  • being cold is painful?

    I'm sure only a few people can relate to this. However, I am hoping that someone can give me some advice? Whenever I get cold, my entire body hurts. Like a cold deep within my body that is hard to explain. Every bone hurts, every muscle hurts. I can barely move my fingers. It's like feeling like I have the know, when everything including your hair hurts? Does anyone know how to relieve this? Our office building is cold at times. I've been wearing sweaters, coats, gloves....and I am getting tired of people making fun of me. AND if one more person tells me to "gain some weight, get some fat on you....." I'll scream!! Seriously - is there anything I can do to help this condition?

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  • I'm looking for a new 2006 Toyota Matrix?

    and I am only finding 2007's. Is there a website that shows all dealers that may have one by searching for a particular vehicle? I'm in the Tulsa Okla area

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  • Anyone know of any ariticles or proof that a freezing office environment is not productive?

    Our office is so cold....I am wearing two jackets and a coat over my clothes. And - still I can't work because my fingers are numb. No one will listen to those of us in this work area and we are all miserable. I would like to prove to management some studies have been done that a freezing cold work area decreases productivity.

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  • call centers in other countries such as India?

    Anyone besides me tired of trying to call a place of business only to find that you have been re-routed to India? And - even if they have the information you need, they can't communicate effectively enough to help! The other part of this....not to offend anyone....but if I call any place of business, I would like an English speaking person to answer. Some intelligence would be a bonus, too!

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  • Value or Informmtion of an antique clock?

    Someone has given me a Seth Thomas 8-day clock and I'm wondering it's value. It's a mantel clock, he said it's in between 1920-1930. Inside the back panel it gives instructions to operate and has the following: Quarter Hour Strike Movement No. 89-L

    It's beautiful and I love the chime sounds!

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  • My computer isn't refreshing.?

    What I mean is, when I go to Explorer, or even to a website, it remains unchanged since the last time I viewed that page. For instance, I use Yahoo as my home page. If I don't go to the home page for a few days, I see it never updated. So, for instance, news is very old. Another example, with ASK (here), it's the same. When I first signed in, I saw what was posted the last time I was at this site. SO I have to actually hit the refresh button. Why is that, and how do I fix that?

    Crazy, huh?!?


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  • people in parking lots?

    Did you ever notice when driving through a parking lot - people will absolutely refuse to move out of the way of a car????? People act like they are unaware of CARS behind them?!?!?! Just strolling along like they are the only humans on the planet..

    It's my biggest pet peeve of all.....

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  • I have heard of education funding due to a grandfather being injured/killed in a war?

    More common, I hear of children being financed through the VA. But - how do you go about getting funding for a grandchild? A hospice nurse who cared for my father before death told me to look into it for my child. That is how she was funded for her nursing school. Where would I start looking? I have been unable to even contact the VA for months - no real people to talk to!

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  • Is there a way to get out of a 4-yr auto lease about 5 months early?

    I have inherited a car, and have no use for the vehicle I have leased. I have about 5 months more until the lease will end. Any ideas?

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  • Louisiana Swamp Tour?

    Interested in going on a Swamp Tour in Louisiana. Where should we go? Which one is best? (We live in North East Oklahoma)

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  • Online Scrabble?

    Looking for an online scrabble game that's multi-player???

    I used to go to but it was taken out a couple years ago

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  • yahoom-1.exe-bad image / is what I get after installing yahoo

    could not use IM, so I reinstalled it - now, I can't open it AT ALL :(

    idle/dll is not a valid windows image....

    What does THIS mean????? And how do I fix it?

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