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29 year old woman, from Houston, TX. Loves: music-indie, punk, post punk, rock, new wave, hardcore, industrial, metal, electro, techno, trip hop, classic rock and other stuff The Simpsons movies-from the very old to the new classic movie stars CD's-650+ humor-at times I can be a smart ass, but not in a mean way! I like to joke meeting people a lot of things Hates: conceit when people who are racist/homophobic asparagus :P bugs-spiders are the worst ppl cutting me off while im driving ppl trying to force their beliefs on others when bad things happen to good ppl war!

  • When I try to get online with my ipod touch it doesn't let me?

    Okay. Before whenever I would get online with my ipod touch (wi-fi) on Safari it went directly to whatever web-page or whatever I was searching. Now whenever I try to get online it goes directly to the comcast online ( web-page, its the comcast welcome page. Is there a different setting I need to try or something I can do to stop it from doing that? I have never messed with the wi-fi network settings before (IP Address, HTTP Proxy, Subnet Mask, Router, etc.) I usually just get online with the first network that pops up and its usually the same network name each time. Is there something different I need to do to get back online the way I did before? Thank you in advance.

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  • The volume won't work on itunes?

    I just downloaded the newest version of itunes a few days ago.

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  • What is a good, new movie for 2-4 year old boys?

    Preferably a movie that is out on DVD already.

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  • Some good driving games for the ipod touch/iphone?

    I also like the games that you are able to use your thumbs to drive instead of the ones that you have to tilt the device to play. I bought Moto Chaser and I have a hard time steering in that game! Maybe it's just me (lol) I've been wanting to try Payback, 2xl Supercross, Fast & the Furious, Crash Bandicoot etc. but some of the games are kind of expensive but I wouldn't mind if its something i'm gonna end up playing more than a few times.

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  • What is a good website to buy used cds cheap?

    I've been using ebay and amazon to buy my used cds for years now, any other good websites to buy used music?

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  • The newest versions of utorrent freeze up my computer?

    I've always used the 1.7 versions of utorrent, but when I try to use the 1.8 version it freezes up the computer until I uninstall it or do a system restore on my comp. Is there anything I can do to fix that?

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  • AOL won't let others check emails on my computer?

    I have one aol account on my computer, and the 'guest' sign in option isn't working. So I figured my friend could get on here and check their aol email by signing out of my aol screen name..right? Wrong. When they try to sign out of my sn to sign back in with another sn, it automatically signs in to my sn so there is no way for them to check their aol email on my computer. I know there is a way to do this but apparently I forgot how :P You'll have to excuse my moronic question.

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  • When I try to download stuff from sendspace?

    My friend sent me some songs to download from sendspace, and when I downloaded them, they only downloaded 30-40 seconds of each song instead of the entire song. I downloaded a few files sent from sendspace before and I got the whole songs. Am I saving as the wrong file type or something? The only options to save are 'mp3 format sound' and 'all files.' Or should I just open and run it instead of saving?

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  • Any online music players to download with passwords?

    I wanted to know if there was any such thing as a downloadable music player (like wmp or winamp) that you can use with a password. I have all of my cds stored on my windows media player, and my brother is constantly changing, deleting, or moving things in it and messing everything up! It would be great to have something like that to store my music that I could just 'lock'.

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  • How to set rss feeds on my page?

    Just as the question says, I don't understand how to get a rss feed from another website started on my 360 page. I read the instructions on the help page and still couldn't get it to work? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  • Do I dress too young for my age?

    I am 26 years old, people almost always respect me when I go out in public, but recently I have been going through a phase where I feel old. Not out of place, bu sometimes I look at younger people who dress similar and I feel weird, though I am just being myself. I don't wear punk or rock tshirts anymore, I got those in the back of the closet :p, but I do wear shirts like emily the strange or stuff like that sometimes, also wear hoodies. I don't wear baggy pants anymore, I don't over accessorize but I do wear a few rings, small choker, and I do wear studded or colored belts. I wear shoes like converse & creepers, and I don't put buttons on my purse or jacket anymore though I have one on there. I don't dye my hair anymore, but I think a dark maroonish color is ok for me. I've never heard anyone tell me I need to dress my age, but I just feel weird sometimes. So I keep my style without overdoing it. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated!

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  • What is with the ridiculous stereotypes?

    Why do so many straight people assume that only women who look butch are gay? There are also some gay men out there that do not look like they are. I am a very feminine woman, and many times people assume I am straight. (lol) I don't mind, its just that people sometimes have their comments like, oh you don't look like a dyke, or something along those lines.

  • Good lgbt-based movies?

    I was thinking of some good movies I saw a while back, like High Art, or one that I like even more is All Over Me, with Leisha Hailey and Mary Timony plays in it :). I like movies about music, or anything really, anything good you can recommend for me?

  • Songs you hate by bands you love?

    Are there songs that you always skip by bands/artists that you like?

    Sonic Youth- Panty Lies, Goo, cover of 'Nic Fit'

    The Clash- Straight To Hell

    Screeching Weasel- Phasers On Kill

    Public Image Ltd.- Rise

    The Replacements- Dose Of Thunder

    The Cure- The Lovecats

    Bad Religion-A Walk

    The Smiths- Vicar In A Tutu

    Prodigy- Fuel My Fire

    Tricky- Talk To Me

    Pretenders- Watching The Clothes

    Fugazi-F/D, Closed Captioned, Runaway Return

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  • Am I the only nut who avoids the first slice of bread in a loaf?

    as if it were the plague? When I first open a new loaf of bread, I take the first one out, get the next two slices out, and put the first one back. I guess it is because it is either stale, or it is really small compared to the next slice of bread. By the time I get to the bottom of the loaf, I end up having to eat it anyway, and by then it is much more stale than before! Anyone else do this?

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  • How did I chat with my friend if I don't have a microphone?

    I can't figure out what settings to set it on permanently to be able to do this next time. Since I don't have a mic, what part of the computer should I be aiming my voice to? I know this sounds like a stupid question, but any help would be great, thanks!

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  • What is the name for the 'bots' that annoyingly appear in chat rooms?

    I call them bots, I don't know about the rest of you out there. I would like to know what the official name for these things/advertisements are called. But they are extremely annoying, when I am trying to have conversation with people, they keep popping up the whole time. Blocking them really does no good, and if I forget to for a few minutes, I get overwhelmed by them! Am I the only one out there annoyed by this?

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  • Why is it virtually impossible to find bi/les friends online who are...?

    into punk rock, indie music, 70's, 80's music, all kinds really, or writing, classic movies, different stuff like me? I'm a nice person, easygoing, easy to talk to, non judgemental, like to joke around a lot, but be serious and be a good listener too. I have lots of nice guy friends, but for some reason the lesbian/bi women hate me? Hmm, any advice or insight would be nice and appreciated, preferably by people who are gay, bi, or non-judgemental of us, thanks!

    PS: I like getting IMs from anyone cool or nice, even ppl who are different than me, women, men, whoever really, I have all different kinds of friends.

  • Who is your favorite depressive Simpsons character?

    There are so many characters to choose from, like Moe, comic book guy, Kirk VanHouten, Willie, Barney Gumble,Lionel Hutz, Agnes (Skinners mom) Skinner, Sidewhow Bob, Krusty, Sea Captain, Miss Crabapple, grandpa Simpson, Smithers, Mr Burns, Patty & Selma (Patty is the one who is gay), Nelson, Frank Grimes (guy that was electrocuted at power plant), Jasper (grandpa Simpsons' bearded friend) Milhouse, etc. Can you tell I watch this show a lot? So who is your pick? I guess I'm going to go with comic book guy, because when he talks he only ever speaks in comic book language, funny!

    'I guess its suicide again for me'-Moe (his annual x-mas tradition is to try to commit suicide!)

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