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  • Who is your favorite woman rocker?

    I am trying to come up with some slammin' tunes for housework, and lounging.

    25 AnswersRock and Pop1 decade ago
  • How would I go about getting a lawyer for my injured brother?

    In Nome, Alaska one year ago, my brother was driving an ATV and was injured. He drove down a well known access road to the beach. The custodian for the property had recently put up a chain hooked to two beach logs to stop access on the property. The chain was NOT well marked. There were no 'No Trespassing' signs. My brother drove over the chain, it lobbed one log out of the ground, the log flew 20 feet and crashed my brothers skull. He was medivaced to Anchorage, was in Intensive Care for a while then had to go to rehab also. He is not the same person. It was a miracle he survived with the injuries he sustained. I am hoping the owner of the property is accountable for gross negligence or something along those lines. Does anyone know the procedure to start a case or get lawyer? Also, my brother is low-income, so if I could find a pro-bono until settlement lawyer would be ideal.

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • Whats the cheapest legal site to download music from?

    Just trying to find the most value for music.

    9 AnswersMusic1 decade ago
  • Where can I find someone to buy the Sea Glass I've found?

    I have some Sea Glass from the coast of the Bering Sea. I have found these pieces myself. I even have the bottom of a clorox bottle that has the logo on it. I don't really know what's rare or not, so if anyone knows of a Sea Glass expert, or just interested themsleves let me know. Thanks.

    7 AnswersOther - Home & Garden1 decade ago