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  • What kind of ball python is this?

    I might be adopting this adult female from my friend and haven't got the eye for different morphs yet. Anyone have any clue?

    4 AnswersReptiles9 years ago
  • What kind of cat is this?

    I just got a 6 month old cat and I can't figure out what he is. He doesn't seem to be a normal American Shorthair because of his markings. He's incredibly affectionate and followed me everywhere from day one. While he may like just about everyone, when given a choice of people he will always stick with me. He seems to be pretty intelligent as well. Here are some photos of him. and


    9 AnswersCats9 years ago
  • If I got an order confirmation from AT&T does that mean they approved me?

    Last night I ordered a phone/new contract from them online and was told that, provided I passed their credit check, my order would ship right away. If I didn't they'd send me an email saying that I'd need to pay a deposit. I got a confirmation email so does that mean I'm fine? I don't have very good credit so I'm not certain if the check takes a day or two. Anyone who works with them know?

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans9 years ago
  • Is a fade an acceptable hair cut for females in the army?

    I was wondering if a cut (not style or color) like this would be acceptable in the Army for females.

    1 AnswerMilitary10 years ago
  • Where are brand new Active Duty Army MP's being deployed after training?

    When I was in Ft Leonard Wood, I knew some MP's that told me they were all being sent to Korea straight out of OSUT. Does anyone know where new MP's are being deployed to right now?

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  • What rank would I be able to re-enlist in the Army as if I have gone through, but not passed BCT in the past?

    I went through Basic Combat Training last year, but was discharged under honorable conditions after not passing the final PT test in basic due to extenuating circumstances. I had previously enlisted as a PVT, but left as a PV2 since I had ranked up during that time. My question is, would I go back in as a PV2, or, as I have heard, would I be able to go in as a PFC?

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  • Do you need to be able to connect to the internet to play Left 4 Dead 2 (pc)?

    I just bought L4D2 for my pc, and so far it seems that I can only play while connected to the internet. Am I missing something, or is there no option to play single-player offline? If not, that seems like kindof a huge ripoff. I mean, whatever happened to just putting a disk in and PLAYING a game? -__-

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    I live in southwest Florida and I saw this thing crawling around my house. It was almosssst as big as the picture shows. What kind of spider is it?

    4 AnswersZoology1 decade ago
  • Problems with a Dell Inspiron 9300. Knowledgable technicians only.?

    I have a dell inspiron 9300 laptop and I think i've done a system restore on it about 3 or 4 times in the past 2 years. Lately it has been acting up.

    More specifically it will not boot up past the screen with the blue bar at the top and it displays "Loading PBR 2... done". I just did a system restore on it about 24 hours ago, and it still has problems. I ran a diagnostic on it and it says that there isnt anything wrong. However, once it finished, it displayed "Loading PBR 1... failed".

    I can't seem to boot up AT ALL now. It just freezes on this PBR screen. Is there anyone that could possibly talk me through fixing this problem?

    4 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago
  • Is there any way that my family can live with me on base [or off] in the US Army?

    My family is currently going through some very hard times because of the job and housing crisis. Im 20 years old and will be going into the army in a month. Is there any way that I can either a.] have them live with me on base in one of the family housing units, or b.] get the BAH [housing allowance] right away so that they can live with me?

    Either option is fine with me IF it is possible. But as I said there are some very dire circumstances.

    I know that spouses and children are allowed, but im talking about my mother and probably my little sister. Can anyone help me find out whether or not this is possible?

    14 AnswersMilitary1 decade ago
  • How do you say this in serbian?

    "I am a thief and I am here to steal your heart."

    I like this serbian guy and just wanted to make him laugh by saying that to him.

    Also, if anyone could provide me with other cute phrases to say to him, that'd be cool too.

    1 AnswerLanguages1 decade ago
  • Looking for info about the army MOS 25m?

    My first option was to be an army Linguist, but then I found out about the Multimedia Illustrator MOS. I've always been very artistic, so I figured that this may be a better option.

    Anywho, I was wondering if anyone could tell me the details of the job, what post locations I could possibly choose from when it comes time for me to be assigned, etc.

    I know that the AIT is in Ft Meade, MD. Is there any possibility of being assigned there after AIT?

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

    3 AnswersMilitary1 decade ago
  • Could I have diabetes?

    I know that I suffer from frequent hypoglycemia. once, I didnt eat during the course of 24 hours [at the time I was on a medication that made me not want to eat] and I ended up fainting. I usually shake, when my blood sugar is low. And I lose control of my eye muscles... which makes them shakey. I also suffer from many other low blood-sugar related symptoms.

    I can't go to a doctor to be diagnosed because I dont have health insurance.

    I know Diabetes runs in my family, is it possible that I may be?

    Im just wondering.

    11 AnswersDiabetes1 decade ago
  • As a Japanese cryptologic linguist, what are my chances of getting assigned to Fort Lewis, WA?

    I'm going into the army to be a cryptologic linguist, specializing in japanese. I really would like to be assigned to Fort Lewis, in washington state.

    Either that or I'd try for one of the three posts in Maryland.

    Can anyone maybe give me an idea of how possible it may be to have an assignment at each base?

    8 AnswersMilitary1 decade ago
  • Looking for an Army Linguist to contact?

    Im going to be joining the Army soon, and I want to go in as a linguist. But I don't know what to listen to when I talk to my recruiter, because I know it'd be best to talk to someone who has my future MOS.

    Is there anyone out there who would be willing to answer some of my questions?

    1 AnswerMilitary1 decade ago

    "Spiel mit mir fuer immer. "

    a friend of a friend sent this to her in a message.

    o_o ?

    2 AnswersLanguages1 decade ago

    I have the sidekick unlimited data plan and just needed to know whether or not that covered international text messages. If not, how much does it cost to send and receive texts from Canada?

    Please and thank you. :]

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans1 decade ago

    Part 1 of question-

    Basically ever since I got my sidekick 3 I've been having problems with it lagging, freezing up, and generally acting weird.

    The thing is that I purchased it from an independant dealer [].

    Would tmobile cover replacing my device?

    If not, is there any way that I can't resolve these issues?

    Part 2-

    I have also had a lot of trouble with my aim application. Tons of lagging in my message sending, IMs get shuffled around, and sometimes not sent at all. Now I know this is becoming pretty common amongst sk users, and I just wanted to know if there were any fixes headed in our direction.

    Any help is much appreciated.


    1 AnswerPDAs & Handhelds1 decade ago
  • When I get angry I shake and shiver as if Im cold...?

    There are certain instances when I get angry, my entire body will shake as if im outside in 10 degree weather. The room could be 70 degrees and I still shiver. My teeth chatter and I cant seem to stop. All the while. My face is flushed and I even feel a mixture of being cold and hot at the same time. My heart beats very fast and I feel on the verge of an anxiety attack. But nothing happens. I just shake and shiver for minutes until I calm down.

    Does anyone have an idea as to what may be going on? It's a pretty confusing thing to sit through.

    2 AnswersOther - Diseases1 decade ago
  • PAINFUL [and sometimes itchy] RED BUMPS ALL OVER BODY!?

    Over the past 24-48 hours there have been small clusters of these painful red bumps all over my body. I first noticed them on my forearms [the side that would touch a desk when Im in class]. Later I started to wonder to myself how I had gotten all these bruises on my legs and butt.... Because it felt as if they were bruises all over. When I went into the bathroom to inspect them, I realised that they were not bruises, but the same red painful bumps on my forearms [though these were significantly more painful to the touch].

    All of the places that I've found these bumps on are:




    both thighs



    They also itch depending on where they are. [the more painful, the less they itch]

    Can someone tell me what this could be?

    I can't make it to a doctor because it would end up costing my aunt [she's my caretaker] hundreds of dollars that she doesnt really have.

    Thanks in advance.

    6 AnswersSkin Conditions1 decade ago