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The Mystic One

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Hi! I am a Wiccan/Christian, which basically means that I adhere to the 'old' ways or beliefs. I think Christ was a Pagan and tried to show the people that through Love (the purest and most powerful energy there is, which is part of the Spirit), there is nothing we could not achieve. It is not easy, though. It is a very long road, but practicing a Christ-like life is better than having no real guideline at all. I also read Tarot cards, and havew been doing so over 30 years. I have a perfect cat named Duffy and a 'spirit' cat named Phudd. I am an accomplished Wizard, and I belong to a small group of Withces and Wizards here in the Adirondacks. I have spent many years studying or contemplating religion and always get more questions than anwers. We -my 'circle and I- try to live a green life, staying true to Mother Earth, the Goddess, and accept Jesus our Celsestial father, or God. See you in the question zone! Thanks for listening. have a great day! Peace & Blessed Be Unto You! T.