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  • Does anyone know a website that has an english searchable map of Israel which also gives driving directions?

    I'm looking for a search-able street map of Israel.

    The map needs to be in English.

    Preferably also gives driving directions (also in english).


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  • Has anyone ever used the product CEDARSHIELD DECK?

    Here is a link to the page:

    I am thinking about using this, but I would like to know if anyone else has used it and if they liked it and if it worked for them.


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  • Why is my kitten suddenly mean (could she be in heat)?

    My 5 mos old kitten has always been very sweet & cuddly to me & my husband, very playful & cute. She also usually sleeps with us. At times she can be bit aggressive towards strangers, hissing at first, but ususally gets over it quicky, even then, it's only a little hissing. She had a Rabies shot yesterday & distemper booster. Yesterday afternoon & evening she was herself. We even had someone over & she was nice to them. Last night she didn't sleep with us, but it isn't so unusual so we didn't think much of it. This morning she was cuddly, sitting in my husband's lap most of the time & purring. All of a sudden she got all mean towards us. She hissed & growled & swipped at me when I tired to picker her up. She did the same to my husband. She hides when we try to pet her & growls at us when we get near. I have heard that kittens can go into heat as young as 4 mos. but this doesn't seem like typical heat behavior (don't they usually get more affectionate?) We also have a fixed adult male.

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  • Will my cat's fur grow back after being worn off by the collar?

    My 9 year old cat generally never wears a collar. But since our house is on the market and there have been a number of brokers coming and going, I put a collar on him just to be on the safe side in case one of the Broker's accidentally let him out. Now that I've taken the collar off after about a month, I've noticed that his fur has all fallen off under where the collar was and he has a bald ring around his neck :( Can anyone tell me if this will grow back or have I permanently disfigured my handsome cat?

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  • Where can I buy a glass crystal floor vase - relatively inexpensive?

    I was at a friends house and playing with their dog when he jumped into a glass floor vase that they had, smashing it. I'd like to buy them a replacement, but I can't seem to find anything simlar to buy. The vase was glass but looked crystal. My friends said they got it at a wedding - it was a centerpiece and they were giving them away at the end of the night. I'd like to buy them a replacement, but I can't seem to find a crystal looking glass vase for a reasonable price. Since I know this was a wedding centerpiece and they had one on each table, I know they couldn't have been too expensive... Anyone know where I could find something like this to buy?


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  • How do I keep my tank from overheating in the summer?

    I have a stable 30 gallon tank that has been going for a few years now.

    In it I have a half a dozen live plants, 7 neon tetras, 3 flame tetras, a molly, two swords, two ADFs, a pleco, a chinese algea eater, a khuli loach, and a gold dojo (weather) loach

    But ever summer I seem to have the same problem. Since I don't have AC, when a heat wave hits, my house gets very hot. The problem is it gets too hot for the tank (mid to upper 80s and sometimes even in the 90s). Then at night it cools down to the mid 70s to low 80s. The extreme heat plus the temperature fluctuations are not good for the tank. (I have my tank heater set to kick in if the temp drops below 70.) I have tried adding ice cubes and cold water, but that only works if I'm home all day and can add them in small doses. Does anyone have any ideas how I can keep my fish safe during the summer and when I'm generally away from home all day?

    Thanks for any help or advice

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  • I'm looking for a song from Batman Animated Series episode with Harley Quinn and Joker?

    There was an episode of the animated Batman TV show that had the Joker and Harley Quinn galavanting through the city of Gotham blowing it up (sort of a montage) and there was song playing in the background. I think the song was some sort of folky love song. I also think this was the origins of Harley Quinn episode - but I'm not 100% sure. I need to know the name and singer/song writer for this song. Does anyone know it?

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  • How do you remove a wax pigment stain from a painted surface?

    I have a red sented candle which overflowed on my mantle and left a red streak. I tried cleaning it with everything I can think of from abrasive cleaners (like the Mr. Clean eraser) and also tried bleach - nothing seems to work. Does anyone know of a way to remove this red stain from my mantle?

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  • How do you get intelligent answers on this site?

    I posted a question several days ago and got a few answers within a few minutes of posting it, and nothing since. How do you keep a question from being lost among the thousands of other questions being posted on this site long enough to get a good sampling of intelligent answers?

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  • A man walks downs the street and comes across two identical looking beautiful young women...?

    So he decides to strike up a conversation. While speaking with them he learns that they have the same mother and the same father (both biological parents). He also discovers that they were both born on the same day of the same year.

    However, they are not twins.

    How can this be?

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  • Does the anonymity of the Internet showcase the inherent racism, bigotry, and religious intolerance in society

    In other words, do you believe that the amount of intolerance shown in on-line forums is an accurate representation and illustrative of the intolerance and hatred existing in our society, or does it merely draw out and give voice to a vocal minority?

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  • After participating in Yahoo! Answers, does anyone still believe...?

    the old adage that "there is no such thing as a stupid question?"

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