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  • Where do Indie labels get funding to sell records?

    I have to answer this for a music homework

    Homework Help4 months ago
  • I had three dogs and I lost one. How should I deal with grief of pet loss in front of the other two dogs?

    I had three dogs. I lost one, and I have two dogs left. When I just buried her, the two dogs went sniffing for the dirt on my shirt. They also might have known that their friend died. When I cried, my two dogs surrounded me. I can feel that they're in pain too. mood has been up and down since my dog died, and I don't want to traumatize the other dogs. How should I cope with the grief when the other dogs are around?

    4 AnswersDogs2 years ago
  • How do I cut ties with a narcissistic dorm mate?

    She has a very dominant personality. She demands to be listened to, but never listens in return. She demanded me to give a birthday gift to her, but did not give me anything on my birthday. She asked me to lend her $5 and told me that she didn't want to return the money because I owed her $7 in advance, and made me pay $2 when I realized that I never owed her that money. She forced me to play table tennis with her, and got angry at me when I didn't know how to play. When she is with other people, she talks bad about me in 3rd person IN FRONT of me, laughing at the things that I say or do and reminding me of my flaws all the time.

    I try my best to ignore her when she is in the shared kitchen of my dorm. I don't know how to dump her as a friend. I thought that writing a letter would be a good idea but she might use it against me. She's only 19 and I'm 24,but I am sincerely afraid of her. What should I do?

    I live with her in a dorm, that's what makes it hard.

    Friends2 years ago
  • How should I forgive myself?

    I ve been a victim of sexual harassment many times. I usually let the abuser kiss me, grope me or say rude things to me simply because I was too afraid to speak up.

    There were times where I would report them to the authorities and my cases were not resolved. There were times where I carried pepper spray and threw it in their faces, but I only ended up being chased after and nobody did anything to rescue me. There were times I even fought back using my self-defense skills and the abuser kept doing what he did because he found my fighting back..."sexy"

    There were plenty of times where standing up for myself is not an option and I let the abuser get away. I feel powerless and vulnerable. How should I forgive myself for letting that happen to me?

    PS: And how should I not let it happen again? I m very susceptible to sexual harassment.

    7 AnswersMental Health2 years ago
  • Why does my dog lick the tears off of my face whenever I cry?

    She would wag her tail, and climb up to reach my face. Then she would lick my tears and catch every droplet tumbling down as best as she can.

    8 AnswersDogs2 years ago
  • Bukan bermaksud menghina, tetapi kenapa kebanyakan karyawan SPG tidak ramah kepada klien mereka?

    Hari ini aku beruntung sekali, karena seharian penuh saat berbelanja atau beli makanan semua karyawan melayani aku dengan baik. Tetapi kebanyakan waktu, mereka sama sekali tidak seperti itu.

    Contohnya waktu aku mau isi pulsa, mbak disana marahin aku, katanya aku gendut dan harus menghilangkan berat badan. Kedua, INI saat bulan puasa, aku minta makan yang tidak pakai cabe, tapi cabenya ditaruh begitu saja. Saat aku tanya koki, sang koki bilang mbak nya lupa nulis permintaanku. Giliran aku tanya mbak nya itu, dia defensif banget dan maksa aku bilang terimakasih. Padahal di bulan puasa kan gak boleh marah. Terakhir kali, aku juga pernah dimaki-maki oleh tukang salon, katanya logat Cinta Laura aku lebay dan aku gak boleh berpura-pura jadi orang asing. Padahal aku emang blasteran.

    Terus kenapa aku yang disalahkan? Menurutku, karyawan-karyawan ini sama sekali tidak tahu sopan santun. Kalaupun mereka tidak mampu atau miskin, mestinya mereka ramah dong karena sedang mencari uang?

    Tolong jelaskan aku, karena aku tidak mengerti. Ini bukan cara yang strategis untuk mencari nafkah. Bahkan aku tahu di ajaran Islam atau adat istiadat Indonesia, tidak ada yang mengajarkan itu..

    Terima kasih.

    2 AnswersEtiket4 years ago
  • Why do Scandinavians in Australia get treated better than Asians?

    It s not fair.

    I am Japanese-Chinese-Indonesian, and when I applied for high school in Australia, people were not very nice. Not only they could not tell where I came from, when I arrived to Australia the first DAY and still jetlag, the Math teacher YELLED at me for not knowing where the library is. I did not even get to tour around yet.

    Whereas this girl from Finland got treated so much better. The teacher welcomed her as a new student and everyone clapped. When I arrived to class the first time and not even late, the teacher did not do the same and got upset when I didn t get one English sentence right. The students spoke to the Finnish girl and asked her where she is from, in my case when I tried to mingle the students ignored me and went on with whatever they were saying. And one of them made fun of me, asking to meet up with me and STOOD ME UP. When I saw her again, she told me I was stupid because she said it was obviously a joke. Why would she want to meet me? Yeah, that.

    I also got spat at by some classmate riding a car and be told to get out of the country.

    The Finnish girl s English was not far as good as mine and she speaks with an accent. People say I speak like an American yet they forgave her errors more.

    A girl cried in the hall, I offered a hug and she shoved me until I fell down. Yet when the Finnish girl offered the hug exactly the same way, the girl accepted it!



    3 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups4 years ago
  • What plant is poisonous for caterpillars? Is poison ivy one of them?

    I'm trying to write a story about a caterpillar eating the wrong leaf therefore getting intoxicated. Please help!

    3 AnswersGarden & Landscape5 years ago
  • What is the best vocal range for singers?

    I am not very confident with my voice. I can only sing up to 3 octaves.

    My vocal range begins with E3 and ends in E6

    My highest belting is C#5 - D5

    And head voice is D#5 - E6

    My type of voice is mezzo soprano

    Is that normal for Asian singers or is it too low?

    1 AnswerSinging6 years ago
  • Songwriting about LGBT.. Please help!?

    I would like to say that I'm a one of a kind bisexual who loves songwriting and playing music in an insomniac and somewhat insane manner. I need a trustworthy friend who is an expert/typically good in songwriting to help me out with a song I have written. This person should be good enough not to plagiarize or copy my song, and should be there to help develop it and improve it instead.

    Please send me your contact details (an e-mail address, maybe?) to help me out on my musical project. Right now I can't promise to pay with money, but if you are worth it, name your price. But I prefer somebody who is sincere enough not expecting payments or plagiarizing it.

    This song is about bisexuality. Thank you so much for your help in advance!

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    Why is my skype not working?

    This is what it says regardless of the username and password I put!

    1 AnswerOther - Internet6 years ago
  • Is it okay to lick vagina area after it's just been waxed?

    I just waxed my pubic hair and it still feels very sore and painful. The problem is, my boyfriend wants to have sex with me and he's thinking of licking the parts that had just been waxed. Do I have to wait 24 hours for it to heal first or should I let him have a go at it?

    7 AnswersOther - Skin & Body6 years ago
  • what are the two main effects of the industrial revolution?

    What did it do that affects our world today?

    1 AnswerHistory6 years ago
  • what are the main two characteristics of the tudor age?

    I mean... What were they like in terms of the way they treated the people and the law for divorce?

    1 AnswerHistory6 years ago