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  • Computer screen turns off and on? Ghost?

    my computer screen usually turns off after like 20 or so minutes when u don't touch the keyboard or mouse. so when u touch either the keyboard or mouse, the screen turns back on. i have reason 2 believe that it's my mom (who died nearly 10 years ago) that's doing it. she committed suicide and i think she's just there trying to let me know that she's still around.

    is it automatically doing that or is it her?

    another thing is 2day.. when i left 2 go pick my dad up from work at around 4:30ish 4:40... we checked the alarm clock b4 we left and that was about the time. and when we got back the clock said it was 7 something but it was really 6 something... did she use her energy 2 press the hour button 2 let us know she was there?

    other things have happened 2... like hearing noises... sudden chills... the feeling of being watched (i've felt that 4 years)... footsteps creepin up... and remotes skipping scenes and **** without any1 touching it. this is weird. idk what 2 think sometimes. am i just going insane?

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  • Do I suck at creating music?

    Youtube thumbnail

    this is me playing guitar and drums at DIFFERENT times.

    ok, minus the fact that this took me not that long to come up with at all and it's a little repetitive.

    this is what i wanna do with my life so tell me if i should quit or not.

    thanks 4 any feedback..

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  • Any1 else think Hollywood Undead is terrible?

    i discovered the band on youtube on some random video (idr)..... and i heard a song and immediately i thought it was a "Crazy Train" (Ozzy Osbourne) cover.... well, it wasn't.... it was a huge rip-off and that song is just terrible..... Why would you steal a melody from a dead guy? show some respect and originality.

    R.I.P. Randy Rhoads


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  • Type of diet you should have?

    12 letter word or phrase that starts with "w". 10th letter is a "c".

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  • What is a complex carbohydrate?

    or another word for complex carbohydrate.

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  • Favorite Album from the 90s? 80s? 70s?

    4 me.....

    90s: Nirvana - Nevermind

    80s: Metallica - Master Of Puppets

    70s: KISS - Destroyer

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  • Favorite Post-Grunge band?

    12 of the most popular Post-Grunge bands....

    tell me which 1s your favorite and y....



    Foo Fighters






    Three Days Grace

    Breaking Benjamin


    Puddle of Mudd

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  • question about suicide...... ?

    if i killed myself, do you think it would be on the local news?

    and would a lot of ppl know about it or just a few friends.....?

    i live in a small town (under 13,000 ppl) in illinois.

    and i'm 16....

    and i ******* hate my life..

    i'm not emo either..

    i just ****** hate myself.

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  • Big 4 Thrash Metal Bands?

    so we all know the big 4 of thrash consists of....





    but how would u rank them from best 2 worst?

    and if u cud change the "big 4", who would u include? and y?

    i'd rank 'em...

    1) Metallica

    2) Megadeth

    3) Slayer

    4) Anthrax

    and change it 2.....





    with shout outs 2 Annihilator and Testament

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  • What's YOUR top 10 favorite Rock/Metal Bands?

    mine would b...

    1) KISS

    2) Metallica

    3) Mötley Crüe

    4) AC/DC

    5) Nirvana

    6) Def Leppard

    7) Van Halen

    8) Alice In Chains

    9) Poison

    10) Megadeth

    so mostly Hard Rock with some Glam/Pop Metal, some Thrash Metal and even some Grunge. Classic Rock would b more of a genre describing when it came out...

    so like i just listed as these bands' sub-genres... try 2 do that with ur top 10 as well if u want..

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  • David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, or Gary Cherone?

    what's ur favorite Van Halen lead singer throughout the years....? and tell me y?

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  • AC/DC or Mötley Crüe?

    Who do you like better?

    AC/DC? a hard n heavy blues rock band....

    or the Crüe? an 80s Glam Metal/Hard Rock band....

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  • What's your favorite Rock/Punk/Metal sub-genre?

    examples... like...

    Hard Rock

    Thrash Metal

    Glam/Hair Metal

    Glam Rock

    Power Metal



    Progressive Rock/Metal

    Speed Metal

    Pop Punk

    Blues Rock

    Black Metal





    Rap Metal

    Nu Metal

    Pop Punk

    New Wave Of British Heavy Metal

    Folk Rock

    Death Metal

    Melodic Death Metal

    Industrial Metal

    Sludge Metal


    avoid Classic Rock which is only based on when it was released...

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  • Looking 4 some good Thrash Metal bands...?

    recommend me some good old AND new thrash metal bands.....

    don't put the obvious ones like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax....

    i'm tryin' 2 find some underground thrash....

    ik a lot of these kind of bands but i need 2 find some more... ha


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