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  • Any good sites for PC upgrade noobs?

    The only upgrades I've ever done to PCs are the few times I've installed/replaced RAM, and once I had installed a videocard to a rig that only had integrated graphics. (Does this make me entry-level or "light" when it comes to modding, I don't know.)

    I was hoping to findout what videocards I could get for my fairly-new PC, but just looking through all of these specs (and jargon) makes my eyes go wonky.

    A friend of mine--a network admin for a local branch of banks, even!--had steered me wrong with my last computer, and I ended up tossing a hundred dollars out the window on a card I couldn't use or return, so now I'm pretty wary of trying to figure it out on my own.

    In the past I've seen some decent forums, but really I just want to findout what's COMPATIBLE with my system, not so much as "what's the best for playing these games at this resolution and..." I'm a big boy and I can do research on my own just fine thanks, I'm really just hoping to find a site where I can plug-in MoBo, voltage, adapter specs and be presented with a list of "possibles".

    From what I read I may even need to upgrade my power source as well as just finding a different card, hooray? Although I'm quite sure I don't need to step up quite that far with my videocard needs, so that might be a problem I'll confront further down the road--IF I can avoid it.

    Best links/communities and detailed answers gets the 10pts.

    The pc is here, in case you're curious:

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  • Wind-up toy/game from the early-90s?

    I'm no dummy when it comes to googling but I've been searching my best for this toy I had as a child from either the very-late 80's or early-90's.

    It was one in a series that were all based on pretty much the same shaped diorama (which was circular), this particular one had a medieval knight with a lance (or sword?) and you wound-up the toy that sent a series of bats hovering above him in a circle, each holding a metal ring that fit over the knight's weapon; the challenge (as juvenile as it was for a little wind-up toy) was that you had to tilt the knight upwards towards the bats as they came around at just the right moment to "catch" the ring each bat was holding. I was pretty sure it was from a major toy company at the time, like Hasbro or Mattel but I can't say for certain. I had gotten it at a major retailer.

    It's driving me "batty" that I can't find any sort of list or image of this little doodad, I mean, it's the internet, right!? Haha.

    10 points to the best answerer with some form of a valid link, and not just suggestions like "grw up d00d," that wastes everyone's time. Thx!

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  • Old Microsoft Game, from 95 Plus!...?

    On my first PC, a Packard Bell 486 [barely] running Win95, I had discovered a bunch of Microsoft games far better than the standard Minesweeper and Solitaire pack-ins, but for whatever reason they weren't installed at the factory level. My backup Windows disc simply had a PLUS! 95 logo on it, so I always assumed that is what these were from but after scouring the net for reviews and descriptions of the specific details of Plus!, I barely found a mention of new games not packed-in with Win95 itself. I'm hoping someone out there can help.

    All I specifically remember was the classic Snake game (an ever-growing snake shape trying to munch dots/numbers/whichever without running into walls/yourself/obstacles) with graphics as opposed to the DOS game Nibbles. Another game I can barely remember was where you were a mouse, controlled again by arrow keys, after pieces of cheese on a grid(?) but each move you made had made the bad guy move closer to you as well. There were other games on there but I don't remember them.

    A little help with a definitive answer, or a link, or even where I could find these as downloads would be fantastic.

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